Saturday, June 26, 2010

Organizing the Spare Room

I have been lucky to have two days off in the weekend when everyone is busy working in the store. Yay me! A weekend with the kids and hubby. I slept late and woke up late no worries. I'm just lucky my husband is not demanding. I decided to have a summer cleaning of the spare bedroom. My kids shared one room since they really don't like to sleep all by themselves. They share a bunkbed which I think needs to be replaced a year from now. When she's ready to sleep all by herself one room is in waiting for her. For now we store all our extra belongings in there. Getting stuff in and out has made that room a complete mess. After dinner tonight I started cleaning the place. I am so lucky the kids helped me with it. I decided to open the tubs so I can segregate the clothes that are no longer of use to us, everyone's clothes. My kids helped me decide which clothes they want to throw away. I was able to collect one big black trash bag of clothes, unbelievable! I vacummed, the kids picked up the books and papers. The little boy keep going and down the stairs to get some thrash bags. He is always my best helper. I finally was able to organize the room. Now the kids have a playroom. They seem to love the place since it's already livable once again. Before I hit the sack let me greet you a happy weekend guys!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Day of Kids' Vacation

Something funny is going on here. It's been a while since I updated my blog that i almost forgot on how to write a new post. I kept on thinking and looking around to see how to start. Ahh, finally I was able to find my way.;-)

Anyways, today is my children's first day of their long vacation. I woke up early and prepared them breakfast. They have already been going to the pool for the last couple of days since they only have had half days. Yesterday it was so ridiculously hot and they wanted to go swimming but I don't want them to go swimming so they decided to turn the garden sprinkler and had fun. Simple joy of kids what more could you ask for.;-) I don't have so much activities lined up for them but their teacher did gave them something to answer like once in a while so they won't forget everything about school. I do have a plan of having Heaven's birthday party at Sahara Sam's next month so we have a long way to go.;-) Ain't that cool.

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