Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!!!

I just heard some noise outside to welcome the new year. The kids are still awake and are excited to see some firecrackers. They can only hear it and not see it unlike what we have back in the Philippines. Oh well, I am so glad to be still l awake and welcome the new year. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And The Countdown Begins...

Looks like it's gonna be snowy on new year's day. Oh well, like it or no another year is about to begin. Let's celebrate it and embrace it with a big bang! Hope you enjoy your holiday friends. Happy New Year!;-)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Treadclimber Is Here!

After canvassing fr some treadmills and other exercise equipment I finally decided to get a treadclimber and try it. I have heard a lot of good reviews about it. Hubby ordered it sooner than I thought. I'm so glad our treadclimber is here. It came right on time for Christmas so I consider that as one of my Christmas gift. Lol. The funny thing about is it is a little it hard to assemble so up until now I have not started using it.. Hubby is trying hard to put it up together but he gave up and told me he will just call somebody to assemble it. It will cost us 300 bucks for the assembly but we need to have it assembled or we will just be buying it in vain. I miss doing my exercise since it's winter and too cold to walk outside.
Thank you so much hubby for the treadclimber!;-)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toy Shopping

Although it was a little cold and rainy today I went to work for a couple of hours. I did not know I was the first cashier to go on duty. I am glad that hubby dropped and picked me up from work so I don't have to feel dreadful about driving in the rain. After my work we drove to toys r us to get some toys for the kids. I noticed a lot of people buying some toys. Hmmm, looks like a Christmas rush to me.;-) I got James a big imaginetext dinosaur that was on sale. It used to be a hundred plus and are on sale for 88 bucks. On sale? Why not?;-) I also got him a small dino that wil move if you touch it. He would surely love the stuff we bought him. He is into collecting dinos these day I notice. He told me that we can actually get anything for him for Christmas. I think he understands better that it's all up to dad so he is not demanding anything. We also got Heaven a baby alive toy. The kids are so lucky these days. Most of their toys are interactive unlike the days when I was growing up, I have to create something to play with. I will be busy wrapping the gifts for them tomorrow while they are in school. Hubby is so nice to spoil the kids by getting them some expensive toys once in a while.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

I have been so much busy this past week. I work even in the weekends. Thank goodness I will be having my day off tomorrow. I will be on day off on Friday too but then I will have to cover my friend's work. We went to the mall to get another set of eyeglasses today while Heaven is having a playdate with her classmate. I told hubby I want to go to Lenscrafter because they have 50% off on their glasses. It was clearance sale on the glasses that were centuries old and out of style. Oh well we were already there so Lenscrafter it is. Your wish is my command. It was a little bit pricey but I was happy of the service and the eyeglasses that I ordered. I could even have taken them home today but decided that we will just pick it up tomorrow. Well, let's just call it hubby's christmas gift for me.;-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thank You Top Entrecard Droppers

I hope this isn't too late. Before I forget I would like to say thank you to all my entrecard friends for the visit. The following are my top entrecard droppers:
1. Naoko of Cooking Japanese Style
2. Stace of All Stace All The Time
3. Lulu of Bitz and Pieces of My Life
4. Mother By Design
5. Demcy of My Life's Perception and Inspiration
6. Success 4 Healthy Life
7. Yeo Kee of Bible Examples
8. Chuchie of Chuchie's Hideaway
9. Texas Sweetie of Prose and Relevance
10. Beth of Everything Under the Sun

Thank you so much for the frequent visits.;-)

Sleep Deprived

I like to sleep a lot and wake up a little bit late. Hubby is our official alarm clock. He wakes us all up from Maryland. It sounds funny that he's far away to be our clock but true. An out of town cock-a-doodle -doo.;-) Sometimes he has his snooze. I tell him that I will go back to sleep and to just wake me up a bit later. I think the cough and cold meds make me sleep better. Sometimes I take tylenol pm but even if I like to sleep I can wake up easily with the sound going around me like the rain dropping or the wind gust. It has been raining buckets since yesterday and amazingly the wind gust woke me up at 3 in the morning. I waited for my sleep to go back to no avail so I called up my alarm clock. He placed the phone down thinking it was from the front desk. I called up again and he asked me why I am up so early. Gosh. I hate to be sleepless because it might affect my work and most especially my mood.

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Laptop is Doing Better

Thank goodness to mozilla firefox my laptop is doing a lot better now. I hated using my computer before because it's amazingly slow. Yes, it's ironic to be newer than what hubby has yet it's slower. It takes me forever to drop my entrecard in my laptop. I usually ended up using hubby's old laptop. Hubby's computer is slowing because of age but it works faster when I drop the entrecards. I noticed that hubby's computer has a mozilla firefox while I have explorer. I made plans a long time ago to download mozilla firefox in my own laptop but often times I forget. Last night I finally can't take it anymore so I decided to download mozilla firefox and I am so happy with the results. I can now drop my entrecards fast and the computer worked better for me. Yeehaa! I can now drop surf the net and do my chores at home.
How about you are you using internet explorer or mozilla firefox?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday

I was so glad hubby was home for the thanksgiving. We planned to see her sister but he was too tired to do that since he just came home from Maryland. He baked the turkey for us. I sauteed the vegetables. We had an apple pie for dessert. It was simple but it was good.
I went to work on Black Friday. I was not fond of getting something on Black Friday but since I was at work I seized the opportunity. At first I was confused on what to get since the line was ridiculously long. I went around and grabbed some items for the kids. I grabbed sweaters for 10 bucks each. At the checkout I ended up purchasing $400 worth of I dunno what. I called hubby to bring the stuff home and he was surprised of the amount I spent. I looked into what I bought and was shocked I grabbed an hundred dollar worth of lego which I thought was on sale for 25 bucks. The scooter which I thought was 17 bucks was marked 80 bucks. Holy molly! I was so pissed off and returned those stuff. James is actually not fond of Legos and it was way too overpriced. I wanted to get the 10x zoom camera worth 129 bucks but completely forgot about it. Oh well, I was able to buy a musical keyboard worth 50 bucks. The kids were so delighted about it.
What did you get last Black Friday?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Girly Comments & Graphics
I am thankful for friends and most of all for my loving family. Each day is a gift that I am always thankful for. What are you thankful for? Happy thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tis the Season...

I am starting to shop for some gifts for my kids and for some of their friends. Yay...;-) I am hiding them in my trunk. When the kids will be out for school I will be wrapping them. They will be in the house for the weekend so I guess I got to hide these stuff in the garage. Hehe... I'm sure they will really be happy no matter how simple my gifts are. At any rate the essence of the season is giving no matter wha's in it,right?'-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Online Shopping...

I am learning to shop online. I tried since they have free shipping and it worked great with me. They have coupons so you don't have to find one, they will simply find it for you. I am also shopping some shoes from since they have bogo sales. Their prices are not bad either. I already received my alice and a waiting for my shoes. Man, I'm so excited.;-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When Kids Get Sick

The flu season has set in and my family wasn't spared with it. At first stepson got hit with it and then my daughter. I felt sick but I tried to pretend that I a not or else who would look after my kids when hubby is out of town for most of the time. It makes me feel bad when kids get sick and wished I was the one who has it instead of them. Last night Heaven got some swelling because she is allergic of something. I have a sneaking suspicion its because of the eggplant I made for dinner last Sunday. After a week of absence from school last week Heaven skipped school again today because of two reasons: first, she was sleepless last night scratching here and there and second, I have to rush her to the doctor to make sure she's okay. I think she has really very weak resistance but thank God she is doing a little bit fine now. I hope she will be able to go to school today.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Work, work,work....

Hubby came home for the weekend. The store called up requesting me to work yesterday. Many times i have turned them down so yesterday I just said yes. I also worked today. it was busy and crazy. I thought a bus just dropped a lot of people right in front of the store. My hands ached of working because lately I have been washing them too much and they have dried up and bled. Ouch.. I will be working from noon til night tomorrow. I hope it will be a lovely day.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What If...

After the minor accident I am grateful that I am still alive yet in the middle of my work I can't help myself but shiver. It is like a late reaction to what happened. It feels weird and I hate it when I am shaking because after all I am really okay. I just wondered what if someone died in that accident? Do we really feel this way after an accident?
My children are my angels. I always do my best to drive carefully when they are with me. I hope I can get over the post trauma. Have a good weekend guys!

Presence of Mind

When I got home from work last night I was happy because finally I can sit down and rest but I was wrong because my good stepson is asking for some soda and he needs it badly. I don't know why but he can't live without it so I have to drag him and the other two kids to Target since no one will be left with the kids. On the way home we stopped by a red light and someone right behind us bump our car. I am glad it was a minor scratch and no one amongst us was hurt. The woman stepped down her car and asked if no one was hurt. I parked at the shoulder and talked to her. I was a little bit scared so I called my hubby and Caleb called the cop. I did not get her info other than the plate number of the car. She started to cry and she said she was sorry because she's been through a lot since her hubby recently died. The cops came and let us write down about the incident and took our driver's license. The cop said something like the incident don't need to be blottered since there was only a minor damage. I just nodded since I really don't know what to do I felt like I'm in shock. He gave us back our driver's license and we sped away. When we came home I called up hubby who is in MD and he told me we still need to fix the car since the bank still owns it and we are still paying it. I told him he should decide about it when he will be home.

When you are down the road driving focus and presence of mind is really very important or else you will find yourself in trouble. It is always a risk to drive with a heavy heart and a troubled mind. It can cause your life or someone else's.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanks To My Top Entrecard Droppers

My daughter and I have been sick this past few days. I am supposed to go to work today but called it off since I am not really feeling well and I have to be here with my daughter. At any rate I would like to thank my top entrecard droppers for the month of October. I am doing my best to return the favor. Thank you so much.
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Spooky Halloween!

Yesterday I went to my children's school to witness their halloween parade. I ended up helping my 2nd graders class instead of just watching them outside. I helped my third grader dress up her cheer leader costume. The kids really had a blast.
Today is my children's first time to go trick or treating. I know some people are tired of this day but kids never get tired of it. We have a neighbor who plays with them all the time. Her dad assisted them around the neighborhood which was really nice. I also prepared a basket of treats for the kids who might stumble to our front yard. When the kids got home their pumpkin was already full. We have a small neighborhood but sure they had fun going around. I hope you are having a great Halloween. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who's To Blame

I am a simple person and simple things make me happy. Watching tv after a day's work is one of the things I do but today is different. I have no tv because the comcast technician came last night to fix my phone and internet line only to screw up my tv. I was happy that he fixed my internet and phone but sigh... Why in the world did he disconnect my tv lines just to put back the phone and internet line. I am not a technician so don't blame me if I can't explain why. Maybe you comcast people can because if you can't we'd rather let anything related to comcast be thrown out of the house.
Looks like I can't be happy to have these 3 things all at once. The house is quiet. My kids can't watch tv too. Poor guys.
I'm not blaming I am just upset because without tv I felt like I lived in the mountains or shall I say on the cave man's age?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Changing Our TV Network

After five times of changing our comcast dvr we finally decided to change it to dish network. We have had too much disappointments with it. What's the use of the dvr if it won't record? When we got another one the screen became black and white? Do you think five times is impatient enough?
Aside from being able to get another reliable dvr I'm so happy because hubby decided to also install filipino channels just for me.;-) Hubby said now I will feel at home away from home. I enjoyed watching the filipino channels but the funny thing about it is my kids don't seem to understand tagalog since we use another dialect which is cebuano. But well at least they can still speak cebuano dialect. I just want to stay connected with what's going on in the Philippines. Our comcast phoneline and internet were disconnected when we have the dish connected. I don't know how it happened but we are scheduled to have the phoneline and internet connected back today. We are still using the comcast internet and phoneline but if ever they will not show on the scheduled date we might as well have to get verizon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Conflict Sched

Every time I am schedulded to work in the retail store the subfinder also looks for me to work in the school. The phone rang 5 times last night calling me to work for school. Oh my oh dear where are all the teachers? It sounds a bit confusing and I feel guilty of choosing the store than the school. I feel bored when I am in school. I have met a lot of friends in the store and I am glad I am a part of it. But today something weird happened. I was at the store and I felt bored to death on standing there for 8 hours. I will have to request my supervisor in the store to let me work after school hour, in that way my time will not be in conflict. I hope she will be fine with this request.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cleaning Time

I was called to substitute but turned down work. The house had been really messed up and I needed the time out just to be able to clean it up. No one can substitute "me" for this cleaning business since hubby is out of town for work. Oh well even when hubby is home he doesn't do the house chores since I run more with cooking and cleaning. I went to Walmart to buy some cleaning stuff like swiffer duster, lysol wipes and hand gloves. I also bought a cheap area carpet rug for the living room. It's maroon and it seemed to match well there. I like its plain and simple color. So far I have cleaned the living room and the bathroom in the bedroom. Tomorrow I need to clean the family room. I hope I can do this since I will have to go to work at the store. When the kids arrived they were impressed of what I have done with the living room. I hope they don't have plans of messing it up again. I am washing some clothes and dropping ec's. Life is multi-tasking. Lol. In a little while I will be folding clothes. Life oh life of a mother. See you in a bit....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pink Roses

I bought a dozen of lovely pink roses for myself today. Flowers can lift my mood oh well especially the roses. After work I went to the produce store to get some beautiful flowers. I don't know why but I just felt like cheering myself up. Shall I choose yellow or pink? Last week I bought a dozen red roses. I even gave one of the teachers a vase of flowers. My red roses have withered today that's why I decided to buy some new and fresh ones. The pink ones did lighten up my mood. It made me happy as I arranged them and looked at them. I cut their stems in a diagonal way so they can absorb more water from the vase. They said it can prolong it's life a little bit longer this way. I will place some of my roses in another vase for the bedroom and the dining room. So what flowers do you prefer?
It's a beautiful Sunday. The rain has finally subsided. Tomorrow will be a bit cloudy but not rainy. Hope your Sunday is great too!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Been Raining Cats and Dogs!

Brrr it's in the 40's and had been raining unceasingly since yesterday. It is even expected to rain more for the next two days. Bummer;-( At any rate I am glad because I got my paycheck today. It's not big but still it's something to look forward to for me. We have created a separate account for my earnings. At least it is something to look forward to. I'm saving my earnings so we can go take a vacation in the Philippines. We are invited for Christine's birthday party but I will have work tomorrow afternoon til night so definitely we can't attend the party. Oh well, that's life. Have a nice weekend guys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Source of Inspiration

When I was a little girl I have always adored my first grade teacher. I would listen very well with every thing she taught us. I love her so much that I vowed that when I grow up I want to be a teacher too. She has given me so much inspiration. I saw her love and dedication in teaching the young generation. She has always believe in my leadership skills. It had given me confidence when she would always let me lead the class when we read and write. She once invited me to eat dinner with her family which was really awkward and unusual for me. She was really a nice person and she must be proud that I am one of her best student. I studied hard as I moved from one grade to the next until I was able to reach my dream. One day I took the teacher's board examination and passed the test. I was able to teach in my grade school Alma mater. Who would have thought that could happen? My first grade teacher has retired when I started teaching there. I felt kind of sad. I missed her. She would have been proud of me knowing what I have achieved so far. Once I was a student, then I became a teacher in the same school. I would really love to see her once again to thank her for inspiring me. MyLife is a lot better because of her. She had pushed me to do better every time. She had never ceased to influence me as a person. I lost in touch with her when I moved to high school and then to college. I also went and taught in the private schools before I went back to teach in my Alma Mater. I wish I could be able to communicate with her one more time. I am searching for her name and her whereabouts. America's number one people search engine called My has helped me locate her. I am so grateful to have found her name. I can't wait to let her know of the recent details of my life.

Thank you Mrs. Fuentes for being my great source of inspiration!


Friday, October 9, 2009


Stepson waited for me to come home to iron his navy rotc uniform. I jokingly asked him why he doesn't know how to iron. Right away I ironed his clothes when I came home. It was white and felt like a sack cloth. Then a patch of brown appeared. Oh my, oh dear! I thought I am good at ironing clothes but I was wrong. I felt nervous about it. What am I gonna do? He will be using it on Friday that is today for his field trip. I used a bleached pen to no avail. I washed it once it didn't work then I washed it twice it was still awful. I called hubby and told him about it. He said the cloth might be made of polyester and needed low heat. After washing it twice it was already midnight but I still was ironing it. I throw some baby powder to hide the light brown trace and I was laughing at myself for being tricky. This morning when stepson wore it he was yacking about it but still went to the field trip. At least I did not leave the shape of the hot iron but really almost did. How about you are you good with pressing clothes? I admit it I'm not.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Win A Dream Kitchen Makeover!

I love to cook so the kitchen is my space in the house. I prepare meals that my family is always delighted to eat. I am so glad hubby is loving it too. It was never hard for him to adjust eating Filipino foods. Every single dish was always something new to him. I find it true that "the way to a man's heart is through is stomach." Do you think so? Baking is one new thing I have learned recently. He taught me how to bake.

How would you love to win a dream kitchen makeover worth $32 000 and 12 frigidaire fridges? In celebration of the launching of a new delectable site called the Maple Leaf Market, they are giving away these great stuff for free!
I wish I will win this but too bad I live in the US and not in Canada. This contest is good for the Canadian residents only. Canadian residents, enter for a good chance to win. Simply pick up the PIN from a especially marked packages of Casa Di Mama Pizza.
If I will win the contest I will for sure buy all the kitchen gadgets necessary to make my cooking and baking easy. I will also update my kitchen by making a breakfast nook, update my pantry, redesign and reorganize the cupboards with moving drawers and lazy Susie design.
The contest will end on January 4, 2010 so hurry now. For more information check out the contest by clicking this link


Thank God It's Gonna Be Friday!

I worked hard today in the retail store. Today is exactly my first month of working there and I work for 8 hours. I think I love it there. The pay is not that much but I am seeing all kinds of people since I am at the cashier counter. I also met one teacher assistant who told me they highlighted my name in their substitute list. It sounds good news to me. I am working hard because I enjoy doing things. I have been bored to tears for the last two years of sitting down.;-) But tomorrow I will be waiting for work in the school so I am enjoying dong some farm work in my facebook application.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Save Money By Breasfeeding Your Baby

A baby brought to the world is always a joy to the family. The laugh, the giggles makes us less tired coming home from work. I know that from experience since I have had two of my own. In this troubled economic times we need to be wise with every thing we decide to do. The price of commodities is sky rocketing but who says you can't have a baby? A wise decision to breastfeed the baby is the best option since it is free and can save you $2,000 annually on formula costs. Not only that it is also healthier and is considered to be the best nutritional option. It has nutrients that cannot be found in infant formulas that helps the child grow stronger and faster. As the baby grows a little bit older we start introducing them to baby formula. We can still save by choosing the store brand which is a lot cheaper than branded ones because according to pediatrician Dr. Barbara Levine, " Both store brands and the more expensive ones passed the FDA nutritional requirements. The quality and safety of how they both are manufactured is inspected the same way." Test out the baby formula savings calculator and see for yourself how much you can really save by visiting this link


Maraming Salamat Po

It means thank you in filipino.;-)I just came home from work, am a little bit tired but I am glad to be home. Before I forget I would like to thank my entrecard droppers for constantly visiting my blog. You guys rock!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Cooking School at Hilton Branson Convention Center

Do you love to entertain your family and friends at home? Do you want to impress them with something different? Are you looking for new ways to delight their sense of taste? These are some of the questions that I would look forward to say yes I do. I love to cook don't get me wrong but my cooking ability is limited to simple everyday meals. Aside from being new to our place, this is one of the reason I felt shy that my friends will come over for a gathering. It makes me nervous to think on what I will prepare for them. I have never cooked for more than five people before. I felt that I really need to improve my cooking skills. I am looking forward to attending a cooking school at Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel in Missouri. It will be on October 16 and 17, that is on a weekend so there will be no class for my kids. I can arrange to let my older can watch them in the weekend.
I have learned that the guests will be welcomed with some wine tasting upon arrival. It sounds cool, for sure hubby would love that. I am looking forward to watching the cooking demonstration of the hotel chef Nathan Read. He will demonstrate how to make appetizers and will feature the main course meals. I always love to learn new things especially when it comes to cooking so I guess I will never let this opportunity pass. This will be a good treat to myself. You can call it some kind of pampering. I look forward to enjoying this day. The two-day package that is good for two is $398 plus tax for both nights. Pretty much I'm sure this is a really good deal. Would you like to come along with us? Everyone is invited!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Haircut Issue

When stepson came home he asked me that he needs a haircut. He has a very long hair so I took stepson to the parlor today for the haircut requirement of the navy rotc thing. He called up his mom and yacked about it on the phone while he was in the car that no parent of his will sign him out of rotc so he can do nothing about it. In the first place he sign it himself on his own will and nobody pushed him to do such a thing. His dad asked him if he needs to sign anything just bring anything and sign it. I know he wants to prove to his dad that he can do it himself so went around it by asking me to sign it but I didn't. Sometimes he thinks I'm all yes to him. Now he has short hair and he looks human again. Lol. He sent a pic to his girlfriend to show off his new haircut and she said she looked good with it. His heart bloated. We also went to the dry cleaner to have his pants hemmed up and his patch stick to a shirt. Luckily it was just next to the parlor. Look what I am doing, I am all support yet he thinks we are asshole parents. Sigh...Teens freaks me out. It made me feel so old. Hahaha...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Sister's Motorbike

My sister Sunday has a Kawasaki motorcycle. I think she really loves motorbikes that she decided to buy another one. She lives in Manila and went to Cebu to see my mom on her birthday. Now she is telling me how much she missed Cebu that she decided to stay there a little longer. She wanted to bring one of her motorcycles to Cebu so she can easily cruise around. She likes to customize it according to her taste so I am helping her look for motorcycle parts that would suit her taste. I was lucky to find Cruiser Customizing online. They have various motorcycle parts which is up to 60% off. I think that is really a good deal. No one can beat that. I would buy some of the part and a jacket too. I can't wait to go home and cruise with her.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I had a long chat with my sister last night about my mom's birthday party. Mama truly was surprised about it. I gave her a rocking chair and she was really happy about it. She did not expect that I also gave her a party. They roasted a pig (lechon) for her. There was ice cream, cake, escabeche and noodles for long life. She had a blast and everyone was happy. I will show you the pics later. Thank you friends for making comments and greeting her. For now I got to vacuum my dirty floor.;-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Almost Review

I love jewelries ranging from simple to genuine ones. I simply can't resist their dazzling sparkle. I believe it enhances the beauty of every woman who wears it. If you take a look of a woman with and without a pair of earrings, you can see a big difference between the two, can't you? A hand no matter how simple it may look once you place a ring on it becomes fairly beautiful. Don't you think so? I have collected a couple of jewelries and sometimes I get tired of wearing them so I searched for some Fake Diamond Engagement Rings for something new to wear. I always find it amusing in wearing something new and much more when it is a jewelry. I searched for something new online and stumbled on almost Their collection of sterling silver rings have really elegant designs. I could hardly keep my eyes away from them. Who would have thought they were not real? The Fake Diamond Engagement Rings are designed to meet the good taste of every woman who wants them. I can't wait to buy a couple and show it off to my friends. I'm sure hubby will be happy that I am going to buy some fairly priced rings.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Surprise Birthday Bash

My Mama has always been there for me and I want to thank her for being so good to me and to my siblings. She was with me when I gave birth to my own children. She always pick me up when I am down. Today I am giving her a surprise birthday party. I secretly gave certain instructions to my brother and sister on what to do since I could not be there for her. I hope she will like it. Ma, I may be half the world away from you but I love you very much, you know that. Relax, enjoy your day!;-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

LG Contest- Find Your Bliss!

This ugly and old computer monitor has stayed in the house long enough. This was actually owned by the last family who lived here before we purchased the house. I have no idea how long this computer had been sitting here. First it was idly lying down in a nook upstairs and now it is in the dark garage corner. I wish and pray hubby will get rid of it. It looks so ugly and outdated. It belongs to the junk yard and not here. We don't have enough space for junk in the house. Most of all it has no use to us. I will feel at peace losing this. I can't wait to submit this on

I wanted to post this ugly photo because I have always been wishing to win a new LG Bliss phone. It is a new lightweight and fashionable touch screen phone. My husband has a simpler LG phone but it really works great. I am sure the LG Bliss phone is even better! The LG Contest: Find Your Bliss runs from 9/11/09 - 10/6/09. One must be 18 years old or older to be able to join. They will be giving away 5 LG Bliss Phones for the grand prize and for secondary winners they will be giving away $50 gift cards to fifty people so they can buy anything they would like. Check out the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page to view the rest of the gallery of ugly things. You will surely enjoy looking and finding the ugliest. Which photos do you think will have a great chance to win the trendy LG Bliss phone?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Official Driver

Last Tuesday stepson asked me to drive him to Walmart so he can get 2 1 1/2 binders required for school. He said he also needed soda because he ran out (it is some sort of his energy drink) so I drove him there since hubby is out of town for work. Then yesterday, Wednesday he called me up and told me he needed a ride from his girlfriend's house. Are you kidding me? He was able to get there and he can't get home? He seemed to be designating me as his official driver. Grr. I told him I have to think about it....I usually don't have courage to drive some place far but oh well for hubby's sake I will have to get stepson. I went to his girlfriend's house then he told me he had to eat dinner and I should get him later. Whaaattt? No way! I called up hubby and ranted. No way I'm gonna go back to fetch him. It's either he ask a ride from them or he walk home. His dad said he should walk home. My oh my I did my duty but he wont go with me. Kids when they are a bit grown up always think they have mind of their own. I went home and did not fetch him. I did my part already.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adjusting Well

I went to work today and I survived. I was not as nervous as I was in the last couple of days. Thank you God for helping me survive. The nice thing about the place where I work is the diversity of the workers and yet everyone is united for a purpose. I met asian women, the pharmacist who happened to be a filipina too and two chinese girls. I managed to do things on my own without calling others. I am amazingly adjusting well. It brings an authentic smile on my face when I say, "Enjoy the rest of the day!".

Monday, September 14, 2009

Why I Love You

Funny how time has flown so fast
I know our love is meant to last

You know what I think and feel
I'm glad you always make things real

There is no need to change me or you
We are comfortable of our love so true

I will be forever grateful
For you are most thoughtful

I find your qualities and traits true
I am sure that's why I love you so.

Hon, Happy Anniversary!!!
I love you so much.

kisses and hugs,

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Eva!

Girly Comments & Graphics

My niece Eva is celebrating her birthday today! Happy birthday Inday I wish I was there to hug you and kiss you. Hope God hears and grants your prayers. May He shower you all the blessings you deserve. We love you a lot.;-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Friday Facts

It's Friday once again. Yeeeha! Look how time flies by. September is really an unforgettable month for me you see, I arrived in the US this month 2 years ago, I got married in September and it is my mom's birthday. I really don't have big celebration for the anniversary of my arrival. I am just always grateful to be united with my hubby. Our wedding anniversary is coming up and I have not bought a present for hubby yet. Hmm , I wonder what I should get for him. I think we will be celebrating it in the weekend since he will go to Maryland for his work on the Monday, just us family no big celebration ever planned. Hubby is not actually mentioning anything about gifts. Lol, so I don't have any idea what he will be giving me. Then my mom's birthday is coming up too, on the 22nd. They keep asking me about it. I wonder why. I think they want to have a shindig with my financial support since I could not be there physically. Man oh man, so much for the rants.;-) Lemme just share with you some random interesting facts today:
Enjoy and Happy Friday!
1. Apples are more effective at keeping people awake in the morning than caffeine.
2. Most lipstick is partially made of fish scales.
3. No US president was an only child.
4. Basketball is a famous American sports invented by a Canadian who was working in YMCA in the US.
5. The average bed is home to 6 million dust mites.
6. Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
7. The man who played the voice of Bugs Bunny was allergic to carrots.
8. Yams have ten times more Vitamin C than sweet potatoes.
9. Every time you lick a stamp you gain 1/10 of a calorie.
10. Maine is the toothpick capital of the world.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Brother's Online Store

My younger brother is a skilled glass and aluminum installer. He wanted to gain more customers so he asked me to give him some suggestions on what other possible ways that he can do aside from calling them on the phone. I told him that he should open an online store so that more people can access him and hire him. This way he will be earning more because he will be selling and installing. I want to help my brother open up his own business. I will assist and support him morally and financially. He knows where to get his supplies in town so we don't have a problem with that.
We are in the process of searching for a dedicated server to host his online store. I suggested that we should look at the web hosting reviews to be able to choose the best web hosting provider. We found Web Hosting Geeks to have the best reviews considering price, space and traffic. A monthly of $10 and below is not bad for an unlimited space and most importantly the traffic. We are really excited about this new business venture. We can't wait to start. We will name his store Apple's Glass and Aluminum. Do you think it would ring a bell and make some noise?

On The Job Training

I just came home from work today. I was called up to be trained on how to hand a cash register. There were two of us who were trained. They gave us a handbook read it for 15 minutes and discussed about it then handled transactions. Since that was my first time I was really nervous. Argh.;-( I was sweating in an air conditioned room. Is it really obvious that I'm nervous? My hands were a little bit shaky. I thought I was acting funny. Oh well, there will always be some kind of first time right? I take it as a learning experience. I will do it better next time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Talking Presario

Hello everyone! I am Mel's laptop. She uses me all the time. I was a gift from her husband a long time ago. He actually visited her in the Philippines for more than a couple of times. He bought me for her when she was in the Philippines so they can continue their everyday communication for the last three to four years. Their consistent communication was basically through me with a cam and a headset. I have flown from the United States to the Philippines and back. How is that for a computer? I am proud to be a part of their beautiful love story and to make the story short they got married and have relocated in the States. She regularly uploads me with so many pictures of them together as they go from one place to another. I tell you she has thousands of them. She is a budding blogger who keeps on clicking me till the wee hours of the morning visiting others blog and learning the art of blogging. She often communicates with her mom and siblings through me too. Pretty much I am her window to the world. Yes, you can call me an extension to her beautiful eyes and ears. I am a silver Compaq Presario R4000. I am a little bit heavy that she sometimes complain but portable enough to be carried. I have graciously aged through the years of usage. I choke in those many many clicks she makes so she starts and restarts me all the time. Yeah, yeah, it's pretty much an obvious sign of my aging I agree.

Right now she is trying to convince her husband to buy her a new HP laptop since they are offering a $30 off on orders of $150 or more at HP home store. All she need to do is use the coupon code SV2132 which is valid up to 10/31. Restrictions and exclusions apply. As a mom who is always on the go she wants to get the thinnest and lightest laptop called the HP Pavillion dv2z series. I'm jealous but I think she has a pretty choice. I have done my fair share of service so I hope her hubby will be convinced soon so I can retire in fantasy land! Good luck Mel!


A Conversation With Kids

I thought this conversation is cute and funny.

Me: Alright kids time to go to sleep. Sleep early so you can wake up early, you have school tomorrow.

Heaven: I hate school. Why do we need to go to school?

James: Yeah! Me too!

Me: You need to go to school so that you will learn things. When you grow up you will be what you want to be. What do you want to be when you grow up Heaven?

Heaven: I want to be a teacher.

Me: How about you James?

James: I want to be a doctor.

Me: You will never be somebody if you don't have education. Doctors, teachers, lawyers never became professionals just by accident.

James: What's a lawyer?

Me: Someone who gives legal advice to clients to represent them in court.

James: Mom, whose the guy that holds a mallet?

Me: He's the judge. He decides in the court of law. Why?

James: I don't want to become a lawyer, I want to be a judge.

Me: That's why you need to study hard and do your best all the time.

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Busy Days...

The kids had their first day in school yesterday Tuesday. I was also called up for an orientation in a part time job I applied for in one store around here. The pay is not much but well in this current times its better to get something than sit on your butt doing nothing. I'm done with getting bored with life. I will be doing this job in between my substitute teaching. I will not be working in the store in some days I felt I will be called to substitute. In the next two weeks I will be in training. I'm excited about it. A little bit of this and that at least will help me augment the family's income. I hope I will do good in this job.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Heaven Wants A New Laptop


From time to time my daughter wanted to get online to play some games for girls but I am always online visiting and reading blogs or updating mine. Now she is whining that she wanted to have a laptop of her own. She said that she would also need it for her school assignments aside from playing games on her spare time as a student. She will be third grade this year and she is very interested with computers. She also loves the Face book application that I am so addicted with. I told her that I will buy her one when we will have the money. I was browsing some opportunities in Social spark and read about the Laptop-a-Day Sweepstakes
promo of Charter. This back to school promo is good for students and businessperson who wants to have portable computers. I showed it to my daughter and she got so excited about it because she is highly qualified to win one. I told her that now we have a chance to get her laptop for free. She cannot wait to read more about the details on how to win the computer. We can read more about Charter on Facebook. A lot of information can also be found about Charter on Twitter. I can't believe that Charter is making some noise again that a lot of kids can benefit. They are giving one laptop everyday from July 15 to September 15, 2009. That's a lot of chance of winning at least one. What about you? Would you like to win a laptop?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can You Play Chess?

I learned how to play chess in high school. One good friend taught me how to play it but I never was able to win one single game playing with him. He practiced chess with the computer all the time so he became better with it every day. I am grateful enough that I know the basics of it as not all women can play this game. When others find this boring I find it interesting and challenging. Hubby and I play chess from time to time. I rarely win but it makes me happy when sometimes I do. The number of chess pieces and varied movements of each piece will make us crazy enough. Men loves the logical thinking of it that is why they are better with this game. I taught my son and my daughter how to play chess. Amazingly I observed that he can play better. I can see that she is not interested with the game. It makes me happy that at 7 my son knows how to arrange them and how to bring them forward and even finish the game. I noticed each time we play he gets better and better. He had won my queen one time without my notice. It takes courage, patience, enough motivation and logical thinking to win this game. Chess is a game that is just like our life. We need to take time to think before we make decisions. I hope one day he will really become good at this.;-)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun At the Carnival

We went to a Singapore Restaurant last night. Food was excellent what can I say. Right after dinner we went to the carnival sponsored by a private school here in our town. The kids had a great time. Hubby felt like its a rip off to be spending 5dollars per ride. I think it is some kind of fund raising. He said we could have enjoyed a whole day ride in Hershey Park or Six Flags at a fairly reasonable price. But hey we were already there and I used my pocket money not his for the kids. This is Heaven's second time to go in this carnival. She went last weekend with Brianna her classmate. I realized that she becomes braver on trying with some things like taking rides without me. Am I overprotective or am I just a scared mom? This is just James first carnival ride. They both went to the tower drop off then to the ferris wheel. He cried when they went to the ferris wheel. Sitting alone across his sister made him feel unprotected. With the wheel whirling so slow he got nervous so we decided to let him down and hubby take over to watch Heaven. I think the drop off triggered his nerves to get scared. All in all he got two rides and Heaven got three. Here are some of the pics I took in the carnival.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fun Pics

There's something about Friday that makes me happy. Is it because I have endured the week? Or is it because we will be going out to eat and not cook dinner? Omitting such chore makes my day lighter than usual. Lol. I will be devoting my Fridays to fun pics or fun facts whichever will come first.
As September is around the corner that reminds me of our coming wedding anniversary. We will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary and our second year here in the States(me and the kids). Thinking about the wedding anniversary I have found some fun wedding cake topper pics. Hope these brings a smile on your face as it did on mine. Enjoy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wishing for A New Exercise Equipment

We just came home from our one-mile walk. I go with hubby from time to time. Today the two kids went with us. I love taking walks but sometimes I get lazy so hubby has to walk all by himself. Aside from that my allergies with cut grass, pollens and crazy thing in the air is making my nose really itchy again. The wind is getting cooler and in a month or two summer will be over. I thought my malibu pilates will work well with me but I was wrong. I have used it only a couple of times and now it is is laying idle in the corner. This time I wanted to have a treadmill. A cheap one will do but hubby told me he doesn't want something that easily gets broken. He said had tried buying a cheaper one and its use ended too soon than he would have thought. I wonder what kind of treadmill will last longer but I really wish I will have a treadmill soon. I will have to research on the prices and reviews of treadmills.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

I finally got the package that my friend Mary Ann from California sent me. She got me a nice bag and a cute one for my daughter too. I also fitted the hand carried clothes that came from the Philippines through my good friend Dr. Barrientos. Thanks a lot Xyza for doing my a great favor (she was the one who went to the dressmaker to have a dozen of my clothes sewn. What a blessing it is to have really great friends. One that you will value forever. I am so glad for all the blessings I received. Thank you again and again.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What A Sunday!

Sweet daughter's friend B called her up and asked her if she would be interested to go with her in the carnival. She begged permission that I granted just to make her happy. James frowned because she wanted to go too but the girls wanted to be by themselves so I just promise him that we will go after we fetching my stepson from the airport. First we dropped our daughter at her friend's house then we went to Wawa to get some coffee. Then we headed to the airport. Stepson called us up asking where we were. Oooppps miraculously the plane landed earlier than we thought. The last time we remembered it was an hour late. We were happy that we did not have to pay parking fee since he was already waiting at the passenger pick up. When we arrived home we drove the little guy to he carnival but funy thing is it has not started yet. The school carnival will end on the 5th of next month so we promise to just drive him there on the weekend. What a busy Sunday we have had today.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Visiting My Friend In Baltimore

Irene just came back from the Philippines to visit her children. I ordered a dozen of blouses and she hand carried them for me. I really loved the colors and the simplicity of the cut no to mention the price. Irene came here to teach and now she came back with her husband and youngest kid. I gave her daughter a baby doll as a way of thank you for their kindness. I showed her the pics we took the last time we went to Niagara Falls and Longwood Garden. We planned to go visit them again and see the Baltimore Aquarium the next time around. Thank you really Irene for han carrying m blouses. Mwuah!!!;-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yay me, I'm on Cloud Nine Today!

I'm feeling so happy today. Burning my midnight candle has finally paid off. The dreadful days of waiting for the result is over and I am feeling lifted on cloud nine!;-) I checked the result of the teachers exam online and I passed with great summer colors. To tell you the truth I was dreadfully horrified that I would flunk it because hubby has so high expectations on me.
A month ago when I took the test no one can draw the lines on my face when I got out of the examination room. Hubby comforted me and told me I was not the only asian who looked so bewildered when they came out from the examination room. That kind of look like I hae drenched my head in a bucket of cold water. And I even had a self talk that if ever I will not pass the test I will just take it again. Nothing beats with preparation and prayers.
Thank you Lord for guiding me. You have always proven your power.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A New Haircut

I have been cutting hubby and the kids' hair for more than a couple of times and at least they are happy and contented with it. Most of all my wallet is contented since I have save some money in trimming their hair myself. But the funny thing is I can't cut my own hair. My hair began to grow too long and it felt heavy. Everyday it seem so hot and I always felt the need to get a shower. It's not easy taking care of a very long hair with two kids to look after. Even if summer is almost over I still my hair trimmed. I went to the parlor to get a trim. The last time I remembered was I cut my bangs and it looked so crooked and funny. My haircut is usually angled in front and I wanted to have some bangs so definitely I can't do it myself. The hairdresser liked my hair and she really did not feel like cutting it. I thought it was funny since every time I go to the parlor hairdressers will always make the same comment. She trimmed my hair nicely and I am so happy with the result. I felt good with my new hair. I think I will be looking for her the next time I will go to the parlor.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Is Almost Over

Today is a perfect day in the pool. The kids took a dip for an hour and I sat there looking at them jumping into the 10 ft. deep water. As summer is almost over I looked back and tried to assess of how it has been for us. This summer has been basically an unforgettabe one for them because they have learned how to swim by themselves. They have graduated from 3ft to 10ft deep of water. Sometimes I couldn't believe it that time has passed by so fast. My kids have grown more and more each day. I did not really taught them how to swim and I couldn't believe how they have learned it. Yesterday I took a dip in the pool with them and I reaized I am not a good swimmer as they are. Can you imagine how much money I have saved from not sending them to a swimming class? Lol. They are into dancing and I am planning to send them to a dance class to enhance their talent.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Have you tried going to the mall with no plans of buying anything? I bet its hard since it's so tempting to buy something with all the stores you find in it. We went to Cherry Hill Mall yesterday. It's been a long time since I last went to the mall. I wanted to just go visit Cherry Hill Mall not minding on what to buy. The outside layout of the mall looked funny to me because I thought the stores are all separate. Oh well how come you call i a mall if they're all separate. Yesterday when I told my hubby tha I want6 to go malling he instantly agreed about it. I was so happy and excited.
As we were walking around the mall we saw the Disney store. The kids wanted to check what's in it. James found something that he wanted to buy which was beyond the amount he was allowed. He threw fits on us as we walk around the mall. We ended up buying him a toy in Toys R Us. We bought an sms toy that they send and receive message around the house. I think it was my fault since I did not tell them that my purpose in going to the mall is just to roam around and not buy anything. The next time around I should be telling them about it before we go.
I bought some strawberry shake and chocolate ice cream at DQ's. Hubby bought some pepperoni pretzels at Aunt Anne's. Boy it was so good I almost forgot my name. Lol. Hubby was amazed of how much I loved the pretzels since I'm not a fan of american food yet I liked it so much that I vowed to buy some again.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Addicted to Facebook's Farmtown

Hello friends! It's been a long time since I was gone in the blogging world and the lame reason about it is because I became addicted to one of Facebook's game applications called Farmtown. In farmtown one becomes a farmer, help others harvest and plow their farm, get paid and gain experience. One canalso beable to expand their own farm by buying lands, design your own farm. Each time you go to the next level there is always somethig nice in store for you. Can you believe I even spent sleepless nights farming? lol. It sounds crazy but oh well since the kids are on vacation I always have the lame excuse to be able to sleep realy very late. Good thing the feeling of obessession has finally subsided a bit so I am back to my blog.;-)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Please Wish Me Luck;-)

I can't believe it's Friday again. Most of the time I always feel relieved on Fridays since the week is almost over but it's different this time because I am already a little bit nervous. Tomorrow I will be taking my praxis exam. I hope and pray I will pass. I have been reviewing but only God knows if I will pass or not. Lord, please let me pass or else I'll blame it on Terry. Hahaha. I have taken the license examination for teacher's in the Philippines and passed it but I have to take another one again. The thought of doing it again and again is crazy enough for me but I guess I just need to think positively. The exam will only be 2 hours. It will start at 7:30 so I guess I will be back home sooner. I hope I will pass the test.Oh well, just please wish me luck.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lovely Saturday!

Yesterday was just a gorgeous day for the kids to go out and play in the park. We went to Medford Freedom Park and it so happened that there was an arts and crafts fair so we were also able to see some of the exhibits which was enjoyable sight to see. We did not expect to see it there but I was glad we did because we did not get bored waiting for the kids playing. We saw a lot of dogs around the park. Heaven likes small breeds so she was able to pet one. They look forward to playing there again soon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Family Night Out for Dinner

I have been busy reviewing for my praxis exam these days. I will be taking it a week from now. I am not very excited taking the exam but oh well I will just try it. ho knows I will pass. Lol. I did have to move our planned gathering for Heaven's birthday.
Since it's Friday hubby decided for us to eat somewhere for dinner. We wentto the Mexican food factory. It was rather expensive for our budge but it was near and the food was great. Hubby had chicken fajitas and I had cowboy meatloaf. Last Friday we went to Norma's Restaurant, a mediterranian restaurant. It was really good. I wish we can eat there again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A/X Premium Denim On Sale

I love wearing denim jeans most of the time because of the comfort it gives me anywhere I go. This rugged street-chic culture keeps me hip and on the go all the time. It goes well with a simple and plain t-shirt or a cute casual top. I consider my comfort level most significant in boosting my self confidence. I can run errands, go shopping, visit friends, travel and sometimes even go to work with it.
Now Armani Exchange has a $98 new premium denim sale. Armani Exchange is very popular with designer jeans and you should grab one when they go on sale. Mr. Armani is one of the best and most popular trendsetter in the country. A purchase of a pair of denim in full price in store or online from July 7 to July 19, 2009 entitles you to a $20 off gift card to your next purchase of $100 or more. For a chance to win a fabulous pair of designer jeans join the text A|X contest" as part of their SMS campaign. Text everyday for higher chances of winning, simply text the keyword "DENIM2" to ARMANI (725264).
I had fun visiting the website. They have a cool virtual dressing room. My favorite is the Cropped Sequin Skinny fit that I showed on top because it looks comfortable and stylish. I paired it with something casual and I loved it.

My second choice is the Harem Jean. It is another exciting choice for me in time for the summer fun. It looks chic and sassy. I prefer dark color denim pants so I would look a bit slimmer with it.

I also tried mix and matching the pocket bootcut denim with a black mix print halter blouse, faux snakeskin bag and an A/X Jackard Fedora hat. I tell you I so much fun mix and matching the denims.
Visit the A/X website and choose the denim that would reflect your style. You can read more about what's new and what's hot in the A|X Blog.

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