Monday, January 4, 2016

Back To Blogging

Wow it has been a long time since I blogged. I was trying to figure it out on how to retrieve this blog since I cancelled my subscription for a domain.  I wanted to prove it to myself that I can retrieve the blog all on my own. Can you believe I didn't even ask my blogging friends how to do it? I was too busy or maybe too lazy to figure it out... well well, excuses excuses. I wanted to ask the domain tech savvies how restore my blog back to my blogspot but then again I have to find my phone numbers.
So much has happened in my life. Last summer the family went to Florida, I will write about it as another topic, then I went to the Philippines the month after Florida vacation. After the long vacay I went to nursing school, the stress really was too much for me to take in. I don't want to go crazy with such pressure. So here I am trying to destress.


I'm loving photography each moment. It seem surreal for me to be taking pics...I guess I'll take this seriously as my next job. ;-)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How Can I Be $1 Dollar Richer Today?

Since I am jobless all I need is at least a dollar a day. I'm blogging to earn but it seem like not really working for me so well. One of the most exciting way of earning is extreme couponing. You've seen my post i have had attempts and so far it's working better and better each time. I find it really challenging and fun to coupon and get paid to shop. Last thanksgiving there were hundreds of freebies. I ended up paying $2.11 for my $70 on sale for$50 Fujifilm digital camera. Adrenaline meets endorphins and it feels like heaven. Now I have a Christmas gift for my sister in law.

The Semester is Almost Over

I've been busy just when I thought I could hang around easy. My first formal school in America and it has to be in college. Should I consider myself lucky? School, school and more school and the bunny gets going. I'm so glad the semester is almost over. They wanted me to take English 97 but I challenged them. I have an English exam retaken so they gave me English 101 which is thesis writing. Really not easy for a second language learner but oh I'm so good at pretending that I know what I'm doing.I enrolled English 101, Biology Lecture, Biology 207 Lab this semester. I'm not so good with Anatomical position but as the time went by I am learning. It seemed like I've been sleepless for a hundred years since there was so much to do. Overlapping of tasks to be done is way too much for me plus waking up too early to drag myself to school. I'd be lucky if I pass the 3 subjects. Oh well I need a miracle worker for that. Hubby keeps asking if I know what I should be taking next semester but with my experience now I guess I need a break. One more week to go and the countdown begins!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Going Back To School

It's amazing how fast time flies by. I started going back to school last August and it's almost October. Yes, I am going back to school and taking up nursing. After finishing a teaching degree and taught for ten years I got tired of doing it that's why I'm shifting another career which is in the health care side. I am grateful that hubby is so supportive of what I want to do in life. Right now I am taking Biology 207 and English 101. I am in an adjustment period right now since I went to school for almost a decade ago. One main reason why I want to work as a nurse is because it pays better than teaching. I want to buy a house spacious enough for our family of four. We had a house in New Jersey that we have to give up since we can no longer pay for it. Hubby got laid off from work there so we have to move. We rented an apartment in South Carolina last year and then moved to Maryland. Maryland is one pretty place that I would love to live a little more longer. We have a small house here but it's not really conducive enough for the four of us. The house we have is a good for two people and with the four of us it gets too crowded. On top of that I want to send the kids to a better school system. I am excited about finishing my degree and getting a job to be able to help pay for the monthly mortgage which is a long term plan. As of the moment, my family is seriously searching for a better house even if only hubby is working for the four of us. For sure there are a hundred units available around the area. A four bedroom house will work good for our family. Getting help from trustworthy people is a big help to us. I am looking forward to finding our next residence.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Bang for Every Buck

I was cutting my coupons last night. The Krazy Coupon Lady is my guide and my inspiration. They give us a heads up a week or days before the sale of items go on sale and where to find the coupons in certain stores which I find amazing. I went to drop off my red box movie to CVS today. I decided to bring my coupons that I gathered last night. My kids helped me out in finding and gathering the items in the store. Here is the breakdown of the items I bought: Purex on sale for 1.99 used $1 mfr qpon Garnier 2.99 used bought 5 used 5 $1 qpon received $5EB for buying $15 Listerine 2.99 used $1 mfr qpon Nature Made vitamins BOGO used 2 cvs $2 coupon John Frieda 6.99 used 2 $2mfr qpon I used a lot of my CVS extrabucks from previous purchases. I have a 98% savings. All these I paid for 59 cents. I did not expect I will save big today. I'm glad I can help out my family in my own little way. I'm getting there saving each dollar to help my family makes me happy.Thank you CVS and krazy coupon lady for all of these.

Finding Solution

In these struggling economy where jobs are hard to find and bills are rocketing a mile higher than usual what is the best solution? When so many homes are foreclosed and politicians are blaming each other on who's who. Where will we find the answers to our problems? We need jobs but employers will hire someone only when his abilities and capabilities will match with what they need it's not just how you look. Education is very important. Unlike before where jobs are abundant nowadays it's a survival of the fittest. Just to graduate high school is no longer a good option. We need to further our education to conquer the world out there that is if you want to be the best among the rest. I have two kids who are still young and I want to make sure I have answers for them when the right time comes. Of course they will question as to how, where and when. There are scholarships available to help the young generation continue their education. Oh well it's not only for the young, it is for everyone who are willing, patient and ambitious enough to be educated well. The higher the education the better chances you will have to fit into the right job.

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