Monday, March 30, 2009

Report Cards

Can you believe it's the end of March? Time flies by so fast. I got my kids report card today and my son's ESL teacher noted that he is an excellent reader. I am really so proud of him. It tickles me every time he reads with so much expression. I think he is trying his best to imitate his teachers. he is friendly, helpful and excellent reader. What more can a mom asked for? he will have his birthday soon and I think I will be giving her a nice gift. My daughter is also doing good with her adjustment in school. She has started to open up, make friends and share some of her ideas. I hope this will continue. I hope she will really be confident of herself.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cleaning the House

Staying at home the whole day with nothing to do but look at the computer I became so bored. Then all of a sudden I thought of something to do at home aside from getting bored. I got the vacuum cleaner and started cleaning the house. Moving the vacuum back and forth from the living room to the family room to the dining room to the bedrooms. I think the rabbit felt crazy with the sound of the vacuum so from time to time I turn it off. I must have tortured her that much so I moved upstairs and started vacuuming the stairs to the bedrooms. I felt a sense of relief at the end of the day that finally my task was done. Time went so fast that I did not realize my kids are already home. My daughter begged for food and suddenly I realized I have not made anything for dinner yet. I gave her some snacks since it was an hour away before dinner. When my husband came I asked him if we could get some fast food since I did not make food. He let me chose to go out today or tomorrow. I chose the later. i would rather go to a restaurant than a fastfood. lol. We went to H Mart to get some groceries and she told me that he will make dinner for us. When we came home he made spaghetti while I helped him out. I thank him for making the dinner for us. I had two servings of spaghetti. I must have been so hungry.;-) I think my sense of balance with household chores and computer use is out of control these days. I am glad I was able to clean the house today. It made me feel better that my husband noticed what I did. Most of all I am grateful he helped me make food. Don't get me wrong I love making food but cleaning 6 rooms? I was totally exhausted.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Emerge Labs Organic

I love to touch my daughter's skin. It is so soft, smooth and clean. It smells really good too. Did you know that our skin is the largest outer covering of our body? It is important to take care of our skin because it is used for our protection, insulation, sensation and temperature regulation. The skin is a good breeding place of germs that can cause illness that is why we should take good care of it. Drinking lots of water, exercise to sweat out, use clean towel all the time and wash your face using natural products that won't harm your skin. As time goes by the skin ages. It becomes thinner and thinner and gets easily damaged. It also becomes sensitive to frequent washing. Is there a way to combat chronological aging of skin? With Emerge Labs Organic Skin Care the answer is a big yes! It has discovered a natural, organic formula that comes from plants that decreases wrinkles and produce younger, fresher-looking skin. They have a complete line of skin care products to choose from where beauty and science is blended well. They have cleansers, toners and moisturizers that are very useful to taking care of your skin.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Exploring Creativity with Fruits and Vegetables

This is not a paid post but I do think this is cute and helpful. It is nice to be creative. Much more with fruits and vegeatabes. I am planning to make something like this for food sharing or gift giving to my friends. The kids are also really excited about it. They told me that they want to help me do this. We can save more if we will make it ourselves. It is fun and we can be able to explore and discover the creativity in us. Most of all it is very healthy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Muchos Gracias

I'm so happy that I have been paid by payperpost with my blogging. I did not expect it was that easy. They also have approved my postings almost faster than lightning like one after the other. It brings a smile to my face to receive emails about the good news. Thank you so much payperpost! Things just keep getting better and better because I also have some of my social spark postings approved. Thanks and more power to you guys. I am glad that I have continued my blogging and who would have thought I would continously earn from it. My blog is less than a year old but it's such a joy to know I have finally monetized it again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Life There Is Always Hope

Life is precious. Every individual is an important being who is worthy of love and care. The beauty of life is as long as we still breath there is still hope. Hope keeps life alive. We should not consult our fears but our hopes and dreams. We should think about our potentials and not our failed dreams.

Everytime my niece talks to me for comfort from her sorrows I always remind her to just pray fervently because God will never give us trials that we cannot be able to take. She got married at an early age and the sad thing about it is her husband caused her a lot of sorrows because he is an alcoholic. It is sad and I pity her. She has always hoped that one day her husband will be sober. It takes time to heal and get sober.

I came across about Promises in my readings. This will really be a good place for my nephew in- law. I see a lot of hope in this. Proper guidance, treatment and support is significant when one is in process of selecting the right detox program. They have suboxone detox, rapid opiate detox, medically assisted detox and a lot others to choose from. A panel of medical specialists will help the patient so there is really nothing to worry about. My niece will be so happy about this. I am sure this is good news to them.

Good Monday

I had basically a good Monday since I was able to go and work with special kids as a substitute. I slept early the night before to prepare myself. I was so happy because I was once in that class before so I a at least a bit familiar with how things work in the class. I sent my children to early child care (ecc) because I had to be in that school earlier than any other school. Oh well, I also go home early so I am fine with that.
I slept late last night and was able to talk to my friend from the Philippines. I have not talk to her for a while. But I was really glad that heard her. God knows how much I miss you all there guys.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finding the Best Credit Card

We use credit card all the time in making purchases. Nowadays, it is so important to consider the right kind of credit card we use. Before spending, I always compare prices from one store to another. Canvassing is good for anybody who really wants to save money. In this troubled times it is important to be wise and frugal. My husband purchased our new windows. In time he paid his credit even before the due date. He was surprised that the credit card company sent him a letter with zero balance and an interest on top of it. I think it's a horrible story. Can you imagine that? I could not find any reason why a credit card company did this to us. I don't think this is fair. So now we are going to get another credit card. I am glad that there is a cool website that compares one credit card services to another. They have a comprehensive lists of credit cards with information so we can easily compare them. Some of the cards are Blue from American Express, Discover, Discover Motiva, Continental Finance MasterCard and a lot more. I find this very helpful and it saves time in researching which credit card will suit for our needs. For me, the best credit card is one that has low interest fees and one that gives me rewards that is convertible to plane tickets. We have finally found peace of mind.

Party at the Fun Zone

My son's classmate gave him a birthday party invitation. We went to the International Sports, skating and Fun Center where the party was held today. The venue was a huge place for all kinds of sports. We brought his sister along and just paid for her. We dropped them off at 1:40 at the fun zone where they played in a 36-foot high climbing area with 3 slides. At first I thought they will be skating and so I was hesitant to let them go. I was relieved to know that they will just be staying at the climbing area. They climbed, sled down and climbed up again and again. We went back home to watch batman then fetched them up at 3:30. They were so happy to be able to go there.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Watch The Dolphins Make Bubble Rings!

As an island girl, I love the water and the sea creatures that live underwater. It really fascinates me that sometimes I wonder if I was once a part of it. It sounds funny but true! I love every creature that lives in it. My favorite ones are the dolphins. They are simply good-natured mammals. Their charisma often draws a lot of crowd. They are trainable because of their awesome intelligence. They can be taught a lot of tricks. Have you seen people puff smoke rings into the air? Can you believe that dolphins can make such rings and play with it? Visit Dolphin and see the amazing videos of dolphins puffing and playing rings playfully. These adorable creatures is a joy to watch! Get entertained by such ability. You can also simply click the video above and enjoy.

I showed my children the video of what the dolphins did and they were really amazed with their ability. I can see their eyes bulge with wonder and amazement. My little girl is looking forward to touching a dolphin. She told me that it would be an experience of a lifetime to be able to touch a smiling dolphin. One day we will surprise her by making her wish come true by taking her to Seaworld Orlando. This would be a great experience for the kids. We are all excited about it!


A Hunch...

I watched tv like a nocturnal animal. Last night I never felt sleepy. I slept around 1 am already. The movie Babysitters seemed interesting but I did not finish it since it was already really late for me. I had a hunch subfinder will call me in the morning. It's a good thing that my husband taped it in the dvr. Funny thing is, the subfinder did called me early and so I had to go to work. I did not have enough sleep but at least a little bit of money is waking me up.;-)I went to work jumping from one class to another and I was glad I was very busy. I even forgot to eat lunch because I was in the copy room doing some work. I was so glad I did not feel tired or sleepy not even hungry. It's amazing maybe because my hands are full. What a busy day. Thank God it's Friday. I can finally sleep late without anybody waking me up for work.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Workplace Sensitive Issue

We are lucky to live in a world of modern technology. A computer at home, at school or at work is a great tool to make ones work easier and faster yet some of the employees tend to abuse this essential tool. Having attended a computer course on how to fix it, our teacher have reminded us that pornographic materials are most often accompanied with computer virus that brings disaster to computers. Computers should be guarded with these viruses so as not to cost us a lot of money to have it fixed.
In my husband's workplace where majority of the population are males I wonder how many are passing pornographic materials from one person to another. They design and structure buildings. Their kind of work is very sensitive and difficult so if a computer is broken because of virus, I could not imagine how much money their company will loose. I wonder if they have a pornography-detection tool to prevent a possible hostile work environment.

Three In a Row

Both of my kids went to school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for half days sessions three days in a row this week. Their teacher have a scheduled parent-teacher conferences. Since the weather has been so nice, I was able to spend more time with them outside riding a bike or taking a walk. It feels like spring here already and the kids really love it. Tomorrow will be a whole day which sound ironic but true. Anyway, I am glad that classes will be back to normal but I think they should have scheduled the conferences Wednesday to Friday instead of Tuesday to Thursday. Oh well, at least it's over. I did not attend the conference because no one will be with them but my husband did go to school to talk with the teachers and he found out that James needs to see an eye doctor for an eye exam since he seem to have trouble with his eyesight. I am glad that other than that the kids are doing well in school.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Love to Shop Shoes, Do You?

As a woman no matter how simple our lifestyle could be we always end up collecting the things we really love. From beauty enhancers we call make up to irresistible sweet and unforgettable perfumes, elegant clothes, with matching dainty handbags and pretty shoes. I love collecting beautiful shoes that would match with the clothes and my pocketbooks. Whether it may be ballet flats, wedges, pumps or boots I just find each pair simply irresistible to collect. As a teacher, I have learned to invest on quality shoes that would last longer. I also like wearing different shoes everyday. One time I saw a co teacher wearing a very lovely pair of boots. I fell in love with it and noticed that it was labeled ugg shoes at the back. I told her how pretty it was and was not able to hold myself from asking her where she bought it.She told me that she got it from I did a quick search and found out they are selling a lot of famous shoe brands and quality shoes that I really love. My mouth drooled, I'm so excited looking at those shoes. It really made my eyes bulge with all the attractive shoes. I am planning to get this crochet knit upper that is composed of a wool blend and a soft sheepskin sock liner for extra comfort ugg shoes shown above to match with my new wool coat.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who is Your Favorite Celebrity?

Do you get affected when celebrities are involved in negative news? Do you get discouraged by this? Sometimes we just look at the talent of celebrities we like but as time goes by, as we come to like them more and more we also come to know who they are not just their talent. A lot of celebrities have recently been in the news now that did some bad things. I believe their career would greatly be affected with this. See the rest of my response and you could share yours too.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sleepy Monday

Having been newly addicted to entrecard dropping and visiting websites I slept late again last night. I woke up with the sound of the phone looking for me to work as a substitute. Grrr, I'm still sleepy but I have to as work is waiting for me and I don't work all the time so I might as well grab this one. I wish I still have time to extend my sleep but I don't since I have to get the kids ready for school and get myself ready too. But I am glad I was able to go to work. I always love to be around children. I think I have a big kid in me. When I went home I was dead tired but did not find the time to sleep. I called my friend from California and had a long telephone conversation with her like it's never really gonna end. I was already half asleep while talking to her. I felt funny about myself dead tired but not wanting to sleep. We ended the conversation after an hour or two and all of a sudden I jumped out of bed because I have to put my dirty dishes into the dishwasher. sigh. The life of a mom seemed to be endless chores at home.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Celebrate Life

I have learned to love life in some kind of the simpler the better it is. There are things that we wish we have but can live without them and I am fine without having those kind of things. I have always lived simply but I could never believe I am living simpler than I could imagine. But I am glad I survived and has gained better understanding of things. I wanted to give and help more than anything else. My celebration of living life for another year has been a simple one, a piece of chocolate cake for my son and a new york cheesecake for me, we enjoyed it much more than I could asked for.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Hours Delayed

The kids woke up early this morning. They are so anxious to go to school but the bus will be two hours delayed. The winter snowstorm had hit us hard yesterday causing 6 inches or more of snow. Caleb had shovelled the snow in the pathway as he also did not have school yesterday. The kids did not have to go to school yesterday and no wonder they have been so anxious now of waiting for the school bus to come. I hope and pray that this will be our last snowstorm for the season.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Free Calls To US and Canada

My friends call me all the time and I also love to call them to get in touch with them.It is always nice to know how they are doing. One of my friends calls me sometimes and every time when she does she would always request me to call her back after a minute. I thought it was strange since I always call my friends and they don't tel me that but I understand now because she told me that she can only call local calls and calling across another state she would have to pay on top of that.I have told her about Free USA Calls !
and we both went to that website to check about the free calls we can have. She was happy that I have informed her about it since now she can call all her friends across America for free whether on a landline or a cellphone. Try it now since this is just for free. Now is your chance to get in touch with your friends in the US or Canada. All you need is have is a broadband connection and a headphone. Hope you will have fun communicating with your friends.

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Winter Snowstorm in March

The snow has been laying since last night. It's March but I the temperature is still in the freezing point. It's a very cold and boring Monday morning. The kids woke up late. It's a good thing the schools closed today or else they could have been so late. At least also I won't be worried for them since they will be staying home for the rest of the day so they will be safe. My husband is staying home because he's got flu. I just hope he gets well soon. It's a blessing my stepson is here to shovel the pathway because if not it could have been me doing it there. He even cleaned my car without me nor my husband telling him him to do it. The snowstorm is expected to stop at 4. It's a long way to go. Brr. I need to crawl back to bed and sleep.

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