Saturday, February 28, 2009


I slept very late last night. I was dropping entrecards and watching tv but I woke up early to bring the car to the shop for oil change. My husband brought his car and I brought mine tot he shop so we can go home and wait for the car as the shop works for it. We got some coffee from wawa on the way home. We also dropped by cvs pharmacy to get some laundry soap. We went back to the house to wait for an hour or two. It was finally ready when we got back. I am glad finally we knew how to use the remote starter and oil was changed. At first I thought it doesn't work. The shop guy showed us how to do it and he said there is nothing wrong with it. Later on we will have to get my laptop from best buy. I screwed up the keyboard pretending I knew how to clean it but then I did not know how to put the keys back after I open it so it ended up back to the store to be fixed but I will be able to get it today. Usual Saturdays is sleeping late and just watch tv all day long. I guess this is one of my unusual Saturdays.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Simply Sweet

I love perfumes. Each of us have preferences for certain reasons. It usually indicates our mood or disposition. Some perfumes are fruity, some floral sweet, others woody and some are even oceanic. Blending the right amount to each kind to produce the most appealing fragrance to a lot of people is not easy that is why perfumeries really make good money out of it. I would always prefer the light and sweet smell yet lasting. I can easily smell just about anything and strong smells usually makes me dizzy. I believe whatever perfume one wears usually reflects who he or she is as a person.

One of my favorite perfume is the Giorgio Armani Emporio for women. Have you ever tried wearing one? It has a very simple and delicate smell that I truly love to wear day in and day out. It usually brings me to a good mood. It is a fresh blend of florals, heliotrope,almond accents and caressing wake of vanilla and cedar wood that melt together in perfect harmony of each other. Don't be deceived by the simple design of the bottle. Looks can be deceiving. The soft feminine fragrance of this wonderful perfume reflects the individuality and uniqueness of a modern woman. What's your favorite one? Talk Perfume has a lot of perfume reviews that others shared that you will enjoy reading.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


What does friendship mean to you? Friends share the joy and laughter, divides the sadness and sorrows. They are there when you need them to lend a hand and will never leave you no matter what. It is so hard to find a real friend. Many will pretend but a few will remain true to you. Sometimes friends go near you only when they need you but when you are worthless to them they just simply leave you. There are a lot of levels of friendship. Knowing and understanding people aside from just saying hi and hello gives a better meaning to that friendship shared. When you love to laugh with friends it is hard to laugh alone. You will learn to value your friendship as time goes by.

I went to work today and met a new friend. I have known some people at work but not a lot got really interested about knowing who I am. I was amazed when one of the teachers was so friendly to me and we just pretty seem comfortable talking and sharing about our lives. Being new around this place it is not easy to be surrounded by just a few people you know. I grew up with a lot of friends but then all of a sudden they are out of touch since I am more than a hundred miles away from them. I also met a new friend in my friendster. She seem so familiar to me even if we only have known now. She seem so nice and she is one of my new found friend. Relocating is no easy task. It takes a lot of courage to migrate. A new life, a new beginning, a new environment all these you have to face bravely enough. And with good friends around to support you when your lonely surely feels great.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Get Closer To Nature

dolphin bubbles

How do sea creatures appeal to you? Do you love them as much as I do? If you do then just click the bubbles above to learn more about how to be able to take a closer encounter with them. I'm warning you, you might like it too much the way my kids did when I showed it to them. Some information of sea creatures such as bottlenose dolphins, killer whales and other animals interesting enough to love and learn can be found in the site. My family had visited the local aquarium and they just can't seem able to get enough of it. My son most especially has developed the loved of sea creatures and my daughter really wished to touch a dolphin. I seem to have transferred and influenced them the love of animals. They said the closer you get to nature is closer to God. I do believe so and I want my kids to fully understand nature as we live symbiotically in it. My kids wanted to go to Seaworld Orlando and they are really excited of saving each penny they get from their toy allowance to be able to go for a vacation this summer to experience, learn and most of all enjoy. As we explored the website we saw some exciting exhibits, shows, rides, animal interactions and a lot other activities. I think it would be worth it to go there. Looks like the our coming summer would be a really exciting one!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Have You Tasted Popeye's ?

I did not feel like cooking food today. I went to school to work as class aide. This is the first time I really felt tired. All I was able to prepare is rice. I told my husband that I am craving for chicken from popeye's. He told me to search online for the nearest location. I found it and a coupon too. The coupon includes 12 pcs of chicken and 2 sides for 19. 95. We can only find these in selected stores and so we chose the farther store which is about 10 miles away. We almost got lost even if we have our gps. Isn't that weird? The kids were getting hungry but my husband wanted to take it home. Oh well, the kids just had their snacks right before we left. I think the smell of chicken made them hungry. We went straight home and I ate 3 pieces. Can you imagine that?It is one of the bste chicken I have ever tasted. Homemade style with southern hospitality.;-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Approval

At first I thought it was funny that was paid for a buck for payperpost yet I was grateful that there was no limit that one would need to reach payout. If it is due for you they will honestly give it to you right on time. I was excited and a little nervous on how things would go with my pay per post because they have rejected one post that I have created since it was in conflict with my socialspark posting. I did not lose hope though. I have learned my lessonad I am beggining to grasp the idea of blogging and paid posting. But today I am so glad that one of my post was approved and I never had to revise it. They have approved it sooner than I have thought. And it's my first 5-buck post from them. I felt good to be getting better with the things I am doing. Really, thanks a lot again pay per post!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Have you monetized your blogs? I know a lot of writers have already been earning well but to those who have not started monetizing their blogs why not start earning from your blog now. Get paid to write about the things you love. I started my blog September or October of last year and I finally got my first payment from myLot which is 11 bucks and a buck from payperpost. I actually did not expect to receive payment from payperpost since I just joined a month ago. Even if it was just a buck my heart leaped with joy since I actually did not expect it. Thank you MyLot and payperpost. I respond and post comments in MyLot to any discussion that I am interested in. It's actually that easy. I have 5 bucks earned and 18bucks pending payment in social spark which is also exciting to look forward to. One time I got tired of blogging since we don't earn that easy because we have to wait for a certain time that traffic will be flowing in our blog but I am glad I went back and was patient enough to write my passion in life and earn as well. One of my friend actually also jusr gave up her blog because she didn't have the patience but since this is what I like to do I am glad I am still on it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Do you know how to make spaghetti that your tots will love? I made spaghetti for dinner and my daughter told me it reminded her of Jollibee. No one knows how much I miss Jollibee even if I'm not a;-) My husband described it a spaghetti the filipino way. My family really had fun eating my spaghetti. I placed some condensed milk to make it taste a little sweet. My mom said this is her secret ingredient so kids would love eating it. It is no surprise since my daughter who hates milk really ate it with gusto. I also placed some hotdogs, ground beef, carrots, bellpepper, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, onions and garlic. Fantastic food fit for tots.'-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Supercharge Your Auto at a Best Deal

Have you been looking for supercharger and turbo professionals? Now the highest quality superchargers is right at your fingertips to accept orders online to superbly charge your car. I have visited the site and I have learned a lot about how superchargers and turbochargers work in cars. The website has a learning center where one can learn more about how turbochargers and superchargers work. The site has available superchargers, turbochargers and nose covers that are new and thoroughly rebuilt remanufactured parts that have passed the highest standards. They have pontiac supercharger, buick superchargers, mercedes superchargers and a lot more other brands available. Most items have full warranties of one year or more with parts you order. They ship replacement parts for no charge at all. I can see that this site really offers a great deal. So if you want your cars to run fast is ready to take your order!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I treasure friendship because in this place where you are far away from your family they are the ones that keeps you strong as a person. My friend Ate Jenny called me up yesterday reminding me of the birthday party of her son tomorrow. I also a good talk with her about life. We seem both so excited on sharing each other's experience about family and kids. My kids will be attending a carnival party in school tomorrow in school for an hour then we will be going to ate Jenny's house for dinner party. Liza ate jenny's friend also called me just a while ago asking me if the party will be pushed through. I told her yes and she will be bringing along her other filipina friend who has a good ability with make up. I'm so excited.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Beautiful Niece

My beautiful niece is 23 years old. She is married to a man twice her age but she is the one for most of the time adjusting in the relationship. She came here last week to take a break from her husband. She told me that her husband shooed her away just because she was already tired of working and all her money goes to her hubby's gambling. I know it doesn't sound fair but she allowed him to treat her that way. I think it's a relief that she is out of his life. All I thought is she will be out of his life for good. But everyday she calls her husband asking him when can she be able to go home, that she misses him.
Being mistreated, I sympathize how she felt so I have accepted her in our home. Then suddenly less than a couple of weeks she told me that she missed her husband already. She wanted to go home. She was mistreated but she wanted to go home. I really wonder why. I did not buy her a ticket so she convinced her husband to buy her one. I really did not like it that she is playing with my feelings of sympathizing her. I did not feel good about it. Why would she go back there when she was mistreated? What is marriage without faith, hope and love? I really felt abused of my kindness but nevertheless I let her go where she will be happy.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


How long have you used your headphones? My husband have been using this old headphone for the last two years when I was still in the Philippines. He had used this when we chat on yahoo messenger. For quite a while this had given up like 3 months ago? I bought another one from Walmart like a month or two ago but I have only used it once or twice and I wonder why it's not working on my gateway.It worked on our HP computer twice but now it's already paralyzed. I' so diSappointed because I still have my headphone in the Philippines and up to now my family is still using it to chat with me. Can you imagine the irony of me listening to them talking and I am typing the words I want to say? The other night I talked to them for two hours and I did have my fair share of the agony. I promised them that I will get another headphone and today we bought a Logitech brand. I hope this will work out right. Logitech has been known to have quality products. I can't wait to talk to my mom again online.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


What drives a person to be successful? It is the constancy of purpose in this constantly changing world. There are quite a few times that I feel I should try another field when in fact a long time ago I knew what I wanted to be. We do sometimes get tired of who we are and what we do. All we need to do is unwind and release our negative energies and if we feel energized again we can stand up and move forward. We should not dwell on sadness and bad experience. These are negative factors that we ought to disect and learn a lesson from. This are just part and parcel of a beautiful life. Sadness and happiness are intertwined but the art of moving on gracefully is quiete tricky. Do you really want to succeed in your endeavor? Don't keep on going back and forth just move forward and trust God. Everything will be alright. You can bend and be flexible but know your limits. Learn to live in simplicity then you will love life to your heart's peaceful content.

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