Saturday, October 29, 2011

Protecting The Floor

The kids like to play around the house. They like to invite their friends too. Oh well I feel safer that they are in our house than anywhere else so that's fine with me as long as they will keep their stuff away after playing. I told them that they can play anywhere in the house but not in the living room because I don't have time to clean up after them everyday. I want my living room clean all the time so when an unexpected guest arrives it would be presentable enough. I think it's a gra cious way of receiving visitors that's why I accentuate it with oriental rugs.

I vacuum the whole house for the most part. I clean after the stains. How many times? Countless. I think this is my permanent role here until my kids learn how to do this. I am scared that they will stain the beige carpet because from my experience it is not easy to clean them. I don't have a steam cleaner and it cost a lot to call for a home service to do that tasks. I decided to look for some oriental rugs to cover, protect and prevent floor damages before it's too late.
Another busy area of our house is the family room. We gather in the family room to watch tv, relax and even my exercise machine is there. The family room seemed too large and bare so I decided to accent an area rug there too. It not only protects the carpet it also beautifies the floor area. I like the intricate designs of oriental rugs and they are really durable too.

Unpredictable Weather

I heard it snowed in the Northeast yesterday. My friends in Jersey have tasted their first snow in October. Really some snow in October? That's interesting that sometimes it snows in October. The leaves have not completely fallen out yet so when it snows its gonna be a little heavy. Oh well it snowed in Texas the day before that happened. This climate of ours has gone mad. Oh well weather has always been unpredictable... always has been always will be. No wonder I'm having terrible headaches. I'm glad it's just a little bit chilly snow yet.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Home Renovation

The beauty about owning a home is that you can design and redesign it to your heart's desire. Homeowner's have all the rights and reasons on how they want their house to look and feel like especially in the interior part. The outside part sometimes is affected by association rules and regulations. This is what I have learned when we owned a house in New Jersey where it was governed by the association rules. We can't do much in the outside since the facade has to look synchronized with the others. I did see different paint colors. When we changed our windows to something better we have to inform them of our projects. Sadly we have to move away where bread and butter will take us.
We own a house in Maryland. We have it rented out for the last three years but we have decided to use it as a per diem house since hubby is working from one place to another. We go and visit Maryland once a month. Most of our personal belongings are there. We are just bringing the basics in our apartment down here in South Carolina. The house in Maryland is half the size compared to our house before in New Jersey but we still like it. It sits by a small city street corner yet it is not busy nor populated. We can see the view of the mountains around us. It is nice and cool that we don't even need an air conditioner in the summer. There are a lot of things that need to be upgraded in this small house. We didn't mind this before because we were not living there. We need to have the sidings changed. We also need the kitchen renovated. Hubby told me that I can basically be the one in charge with the kitchen since I stay there all the time. I told him that first I want the space opened up, change the cupboards and then change the old countertop to granite tile. I want it to look neat and tidy and most of all updated. I love interior designing and I am up to this renovation business. I look forward to seeing myself in my newly remodeled kitchen.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not Feeling Well

The weather has changed gradually. I hate it. It is warm in the morning and gets too cold in the evening. The sudden drop of the temperature at night makes me cough. Seriously this cough in the middle of the night is disturbing my sleep and everyone else. Arrrggghhh. Now you you know why I hate it. This started when I went to the gym and when I went out it was so cold and wet outside. I caught the cough and colds. I hope I will not have a fever. I'm still crawling back to the gym even if I'm not feeling really that well. I need to exercise. Health is my only wealth.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Long Term Plan

I always love teaching. I taught grade school for ten years. Right now my focus is on being a wife and a mom of my two kids. I want to be there for them when they need me. My long term plan is to make a preschool when hubby retires. I have talked to him about this plan and he is willing to support me with this great idea. I told him that I want to have a nice playground in the backyard where the kids can play. I want my preschoolers to have lots of fun at play and discover what's around them to quench their inquisitive minds while they are are young.
I taught preschool, first, second , fourth graders. I taught different ages but the best part was teaching preschool. It was most memorable because I love younger kids. I feel a lot better around them. I felt happy and contented around them. There is something in them that I adore. They are so inquisitive and curious. They are just so fun to be with.
Preschool age have very short attention span that's why we need to go down to their level to help them learn. We need songs, interactive games and preschool supplies. It is in preschool that kids start to develop personal, emotional and social skills. Teamwork and play are important things too. I have very personal love and attachment to this age since my kids passed this age too. I think building my own preschool is a wonderful idea.

Friday, October 14, 2011

No School

The kids are staying home for the last two days because they dont have school. At least after a tiresome 2 days of field trip my daughter can recover. She threw up when she got home. She looked really very tired but she told me she did have fun. I gave 20 dollars for something she might want in the store but she left the thing she bought in bus. Isnt that a thing? She requested for some pizza yesterday so we went to Target to get hubby's presciption and grab a pizza. I think shes feeling better now. Tomorrow we will be heading to Maryland.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clothing Update

We are trying to update our wardrobe because of relocation. On top of that the season has changed. A light jacket would really do a long way for the fall season. It's funny when the weather change all the time. One day it's hot then the next day it's raining hard.
I love to go shopping for clothes not only for myself but for the kids too. It is a good thing that seasons change. I take it as an advantage because I find shopping fun and therapeutic. It is also really necessary to buy clothes since my kids grow out of it sooner than you think. I seldom go shopping for my husband because he is very picky with clothes. He surely knows what he wants but this time he is really very busy with overtime at work so I am requested to go shop for his dress shirts. Yes this is a special request from him. I do think he trust my taste for clothes. I wonder where to buy mens big and tall clothes for him. I also want to surprise him with a sports jacket since he is a Steeler's fan. I am excited to go shopping for him.

Time To Change

The temperature has finally came down. It has been raining hard this past few days. There were reports of flooding in Florida already. Mother nature surely knows how to tell us fall is here.
I notice that it has been cooler than usual. The change of weather triggers cough, colds and even flu to everyone. We now end up groping in the dark and grabbing our bedspreads when we sleep. The comforter that the apartment is providing us for free doesn't seem to work anymore. It's time to change the bedsheets and even the type of clothes we wear. This is our first time living in the south but it does get chilly early in the morning. I thought it wouldn't really get this cold but it does a bit. It gets a little warmer as the day goes by. I wake up late of all people at home since I'm nocturnal kind. I need something thicker and better throws at night while watching tv because I hate it when I shiver in the cold. The kids need their beds change too since they are susceptible to health issues. I usually love egyptian cotton for the summer and something cozy, fluffy and thick blanket during cold season. This will protect us well from the cold. We left all our stuff in Maryland so we need to go shopping for all these stuff.

Field Trip

My daughter is going on a field trip today to Tennessee. This will be her first time to go to another state without me but she seemed so excited about it. I think because she will be with her class so she felt safe and secured. As a mom I feel scared to see my baby girl go but I have to give her permission so that she will learn how to be independent. She even woke up 10Pm last night thinking it was already morning. I can feel her excitement. They will go to Dollywood and then sleep with the sharks in the aquarium. It sure sounds fun.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Christmas List

Christmas is around the corner. Did you make your shopping list yet? The earlier you make your list the better. This way you will have enough time to budget your time and money. Each family member and some circle of special friends is on top of the list.

I have a big extended family so I have really a long list that's why as early as this month I am starting to think about what to wrap. For myself I wanted to have a kitchenaid mixer which is way too expensive. Will hubby ever gift me this? We shall see. What's amazing is I find it easy to shop for girls but not for boys. Hubby suggested to buy mens t shirts for him and the rest of the guys in the family. I think it is a good suggestion this way I wouldn't get a headache on what to give them. All I have to do is just make sure the size is right and they will like the color. He is not choosy when it comes to gifts since he is very frugal. A good shirt that will last a long time will make him happy. It is basic and useful.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Amazing Cute Quotes

I love cute quotes do you? I feel inspired with them most of the time. It is a source of inspiration and it guides us day by day. I started collecting them since hi school. I like to use these fantastic cute quotes in writing, public speaking and even in reminding myself. In this modern age we can easily access them online. I can even get mine from my smart phone. It's amazing.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday My Dear Bff

You're a wonderful sissy..selfless, loving and patient. You're a great friend who is always willing to lend a hand and I am glad you are my friend.
I know this comes a little late. How time flies by. To my ever dearest bff hope you have a wonderful birthday. May each and every passing year bring you wisdom, peace and cheer. You're not getting older, you're getting better. May this year bring with it all the success and fulfillment your heart desires. More birthdays and more candles to blow my dear Tess.
We love you and miss you!;-)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Park Time

We went to Legacy Park last Saturday. It's a mile away from here. I am glad I was able to take some pics. I love the wide open space of the park. The kids love playing around and goofing around the camera. I am glad they were able to release their energy and have some fun at the same time. I brought 3 snacks bars in my bag but forgot to bring some water. Ooooppps sorry kids...We decided to walk home and I am glad we did. It help us save gas and it is a good exercise. Here are some pics that I would love to share with you enjoy...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What Should I Give?

A friend of mine is expecting to have a baby soon. We are really glad for her. My circle of friends are excited to see the baby. I wonder who among my friends will initiate the baby shower. I may not be there because we just moved away but I do really want to give her some Baby Gifts. I wanted something of practical use for the baby, something she would be glad she got. I wonder what could I get her. Do you have any ideas?

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