Friday, September 30, 2011

I Love Coupons!

And I have started shopping with coupons...once tasted always wanted. Who doesn't love good deals darling?;-) Thank you Krazy Coupon Lady I have learned so much from you. I'm a new at this so I am reading it slowly. The when I got it I decided to list down what I want and what I needed then headed to Walgreens and CVS this week.
I'm so proud of my good buy from Walgreens. I got a 14 count W Maxi Overnights pads. Actually bought for $2 then got a registered rewards(RR) for $2 which means it's free!
I also got a balance bar for $1.50 and got another RR for $1.50 that's another free!
I got 2 SoftSoap Body Wash with $2 in store coupon, a .50, .75, and .25 manufacturer's coupon. I ended up paying 1.25 for each body wash. How cool is that! I also got a kettle corn potato chips on sale for 1.99 and I got a $1 coupon so I ended up paying .99 cent for that. I was able to use my RR for some spices that were on sale for .79 cents each.

We went to CVS and grab some Theraflu on sale for $5.50. I have a $3 coupon if you buy 2 from Smartsource. On top of that earned $3 Extra Bucks. Final price for this is $2. I also bought olay cleansing cloth on sale for 3.99 with $2 off smartsource coupon. I ended up paying 1.99 deal. The Glade Sense and Spray is on sale for $6 and I have a $3 coupon so I paid $3 only regular price is 11.29.
I'm glad I am really learning.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Itchy Skin Remedy Anyone?

The leaves have started to change into different colors. Did you notice? I heard it is going to cool down by the weekend. As fall is in the offing I am battling with really itchy dry skin.

The small bumps are growing only at the back of my thighs so I could not say it is chicken pox or anything. What could it be? I exercise almost everyday and my thighs sweat too much. I tried to use calming itch lotion but it does not seem to work. I showered with very hot water to fight the itch but the itch comes back after I shower. I also took some allergy medicine just to make sure. I already called my mom about my dilemma and she advised me to use Natural Soap when in the shower. It keeps the skin soft and smooth. It will also keep the dryness and the itch away. I know mothers know best when it comes to our health. I hope this works because I am really so done with this. Oh well this is better than a flu or something worse.

Do you have any known remedy for itchy dry skin?

The Weighing Scale

I told you the gym's weighing scale is broken. Weeks ago I kept using it and I wondered why I never lost weight and to make things worse I weighed 5 lbs more than I thought I was. How did I knew this? I already have a sneakin' suspicion on that and even the other gym users. I tried to convince hubby to get me a weighing scale for our house. Just last night we bought a new weighing scale for our house. I wanted a basic weighing scale less than 10 bucks but hubby insisted to buy the other one. It was on sale for 5 bucks off the original price. I was so excited because I was a lot more lighter than the other weighing scale. I'm so glad we bought our new weighing scale.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How Do You Stop Debt Collectors?

It is easy to get credit cards. It is easy to splurge and spend it but when the bills come in you will get shocked. It is always wise to be able to spend wisely. Stick to the basics- food, clothing and shelter. Yet sometimes we tend to splurge on the basics because we thought we need it when the truth is we actually just want it. How much food we need a week? How much is thrown away? How many clothes do we need for the year? How often do we buy clothes? How much do we spend for our shelter? Allocating for the basic necessities is important.

At one time hubby lived in an apartment in Memphis. He was a good tenant. He always pay his apartment bill on time. When he left the apartment we even went back to clean it. To make the story short when he left the landlord ran after him for some bills charged to him for burning the carpet or something like that. I thought it's ridiculous. Wherever we go they always write him and tell him to pay. At first he just ignored it then the next he felt really irritated. It's surprising how they get a way knowing where you live. For sure there is a law to protect a good paying tenant from all of this. I felt he is being harassed. This is an unfair and deceptive debt collection practice that a frugal man has encountered.

Itchy Legs

I don't know why my legs have small bumps and they are so itchy. I took a couple of warm showers and put some itch calming lotion but it doesn't seem to work. Arggh! Just the other day we waited for my daughter's friend outside for their playdate. We took goofy pictures and while waiting I sat on the grass. So now I'm wondering if the grass caused the itch or some fire ants. If it's fire ants I could have noticed. I wonder if it's because of the changing weather. This is really bothering me and I can't sleep.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grand Vacation Plan

Some people are home buddies and some aren't. I am sort of in between because I love to stay at home and explore places too. From the big Apple (New York City) to Canada's Niagara Falls and Botanical Gardens, to Pennsylvania's Longwood Garden to New Jersey's Atlantic shores and shopping district we've been there.
I admit I am an adventurer and I love to travel a lot. Just this year we have been to Disney World Florida and to more than a couple islands in the Philippines for vacation. I always make a point to drag my family with me especially the kids. They should not miss the fun and the learning experience in being able to see places. As I have mentioned in my earlier post we have tried to explore the local area- downtown Greenville. There are so many more places I in my bucket list.
I would love to have Jaca Costa Rica Vacations on our fifth wedding anniversary. The lush tropical greens, the white sand beaches and the crystal blue waters reminds me of home away from home. I'm so going to this lovely destination.
Hubby is entitled to some vacation leave so we definitely can use that. For now we will try to save some money to be able to go on a grand vacation. I hope and pray for this to happen. Tell me is it too much to ask for?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Exploring Downtown Greenville

Greenville SC has a lot of beautiful parks to enjoy. I'm living and loving it here. Last Friday we went to downtown Greenville to explore it. We walked 6-8 blocks and saw a lot of stores and restaurants. I felt good to be able to do this with my family. We also explored Falls Park. It's amazing that you can come in this pretty park for free. It has an awesome waterfalls and and amazing place to walk around. Well you get to pay if you do certain activities like photography and weddings which i think is fair enough. We did see a couple in the park and in one hotel too. I brought some snacks for the kids to munch. We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Cantiflas. Hubby and I ordered steak con chile. It's a hot steak strips fajitas. We went home tires but so glad we discovered something new.

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday What's for Dinner?

It's Friday once again friends another week is done. I'm excited for the weekend aren't you?
We usually dine out on Friday nights. It's a treat for me for cooking on weekdays. It is also a little break for me from being a busy housewife. Tonight is a little bit different because we opted to just cook something for dinner. I wonder what's for dinner since this isn't the usual plan. I have to find an easy recipe so we can have a good dinner even when we are just home. I wanted hubby to make spaghetti but he saw some pork chop meats being thawed. I didn't place it on the sink so I wondered who did. The first plan was this hubby will make dinner but now I have to do it because somebody left the porkchops on the sink. Oh well he will make one on Sunday so that's fine with me. I will stir fry some cabbage to go with that to have a well-balanced dinner. Hubby volunteered to make some cake for dessert so I am happy with that.
Tomorrow is a family day for us. We will go downtown Greenville to sightsee. I heard it's pretty there. There is a beautiful park downtown called Falls Park where a suspension bridge for pedestrians is constructed. We can also walk around downtown to explore. We will also have dinner there instead of eating out today. I am looking forward to tomorrow's activity.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pay Per Click

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With a $10 bonus it sounds so tempting right. All you need to do is click on the free job and it said you will earn .50 every successful click. I wanna earn so I want to try this out. I hope it works. Have you tried this?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Extra Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My daughter is is a little bit shy but she is sweet, kind and friendly. In our four year of living here she is coping well with adjustment in living here. Day by day she has gained friends that she wanted to regularly communicate with. She also have a bestfriend who loves to call her and talk with her all the time.  She hails  from the last state we lived in- New Jersey. Her name is Madi. They're like Hook, line and sinker. I want their friendship to last a long long time that is why I need an extra phone. A phone with no contracts and no surprise bills. A phone that she can use to Call a friend.

Searching for the best phone online I came across Straight Talk. It has a great nationwide coverage and excellent reception. You have a choice to be able to get a prepaid or postpaid from them .The prepaid one is best for her and it is just exactly what I am looking for. Furthermore they have a wide variety of trusted manufacturer phones. The best one I am excited to get is the Samsung Precedent powered by Android. With Android on Straight Talk you can do a thousand things. How cools is that?  I'm excited. How about you do you Straight Talk?

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It's Raining

It has finally poured down. The rain is falling gently since this morning when I left on my way to the gym. On my home an hour after the rain is going steady. I'm glad this did not keep me from going because sometimes the cold makes me lazy. The drought spell has been broken. It has not rained here for a month can you believe that. When a cold front comes in it gives me bad headaches and I hate that but hey nature has to take its toll right? I hear the rain pouring heavier as time passes by. I'm sure the plants and the farmers will be happy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally It's Cooling Down

Arghh my muscles are aching from the exercise yesterday but I want to go and exercise again today so I need get ready. I went to the gym which is just right across the apartment. Wow the air outside has finally cooled down. I wish it's gonna be like this all the time not too hot and not too cold. While I was exercising the landlady told me not to exercise much because I'm gonna go outside and it's a little bit cool out there. I thought it's a sweet thought but I need to do what I need to do because I do really am serious in losing weight.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moving Here and There

In the last couple of months a lot of things happened in our life for just a short span of time. We moved our stuff from New Jersey to Maryland. It took us a day or two doing that then we have to go to Aiken, South Carolina and live where hubby is working. After a few days we went to the Philippines for twenty one days. That was our first vacation for the first time in years. Going back here was a little difficult becasue we have to adjust the time zone. We were all jet lagged. The kids slept the whole morning and wake up the whole night. It felt just so weird. The kids didn't know what to do. They are so bored. They need children games to entertain them but the problem is all our stuff is left in Maryland. We need to find ways to keep them busy and help them adjust time so we decided to buy them a couple of toys, some crossword puzzles and coloring books. The kids were happy.
After living in Aiken for just a week hubby found another job in Greenville so we moved again. For some people they would not understand why we keep moving but hubby is a contract worker. He is a structural designer so life is always on the road. I already explained it to the kids that we need to keep moving for survival. However we have our retirement home in Maryland and someday when hubby retires that's where we will live for good.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary

I would never forget the day I came to the US with my two kids. They were so small then ages 5 and 6. Now they are 9 and 10. It doesn't seem so long ago but they grew up so fast and so soon. September 9th is our 4- year in the US and September 14th is our 4th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary honey! It seemed like we just got married yesterday. We've fought and make up and I admit you spoiled me like a brat but most of the time we get along well that's what I am so proud of. I treasure our love and togetherness my love.
He asked me what gift I would want to have on our special day and I can not even think of one. We just got back from our Philippine vacation. He has given me an htc sensation android phone lately which I think is too expensive for a phone. Oh well it does a lot of things that makes me a happy bee. So what more should I asked for?

I Love Coupons

Now let me see if I have learned a little bit of something from what I saw last night extreme couponing. I was more inspired with the help of the other blogs I have ready about couponing and I admit extreme couponing has inspired me to look a little more closely on how to pinch my pennies. So I went to CVS with hubby dear. I made 2 separate transactions. First I bought an cvs brand non-drowsy relief otc meds which is about 3.69 and received 3.69 registered reward which is really like getting it for free. I used my registered rewards with my next transaction which is buying 80 ct Advil PM on sale for $7.99. I used my $3.99 rr and $2 manufacturer coupon and paid S2.44 total. I also bought Hersheys air delight chocolate. I used my is B1G1 and a dollar off mfr coupon. I paid a total of 19 cents for 2 chocolates. Yay me!!;-) I felt so happy with my little savings. This is not the best but it is some dollars saved. I actually saved 13 bucks in with my CVS transaction.

Staking Out and Excecuting My Fashion's Night Out Plan

Guest post written by Chelsea Minton

I really love it when I start thinking about a plan and after I've done all the planning, I execute it like a pro. Yep, you could say that I am quite the plan But I don't think that's a bad thing at all! It's actually a really great idea. As soon as they released the full list all the Fashion's Night Out events, I decided that it would be a really great idea to start making out my schedule. Basically, I want to see as much stuff as possible without sacrificing any quality of fun.

When I was looking online to find all of the events, I ran across some info on internet packages and after I showed more info to my roommates, we decided to switch over our service to it.

I think out of all the things I went to, my favorite Fashion's Night Out event was Seth Meyers from SNL bartending at Coach. That was so much fun! I also picked up this too-cute bag there while I was in the store, which I guess is the point of the night.

Extreme Couponing

I slept at 8 last night and woke up before midnight. I had trouble seeping so I decided to watch tv. I came across extreme couponing show. It sounds so tempting but the funny thing is they don't actually show how they do it. It's just some kind of general like okay I looked into coupons cut them and go to the store and paid this much instead of that amount. I have never really saw this at the beginning of the show but I wonder if they ever showed the viewers the step by step guide on what and how to do extreme couponing. That's what I wanted to learn and the how to do it part. I decided to read blogs about couponing and learned better than the tv show I was watching. I thought the show is too shallow and ridiculous but I have used coupons once in a while anyhow only when I need to.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Home and A New TV

We are settling well on our new home here in Greenville. It is really a pretty and charming community. I can see the view of the valley while driving on the road. The gentle slopes looks so lovely. They said we are located at the foot of the Appalachian mountains and so far I am loving it. We have a nice place since it is a fully furnished apartment yet there is one thing that bothers us with the so called "fully furnished apartment". We only have one tv. There are four family members and when the kids get home I can no longer enjoy the tv. When my husband goes home from work the kids will have to give way for the tv news that he likes to watch. We really need to find a solution for this. A new home with a new tv sounds good to me.
Yesterday we started searching for a Flat Screen TV for the living room. We went to Walmart and Best Buy since they have a lot of brands to choose from in the area. There were a lot of home entertainment that would amaze you but all we wanted is an energy efficient tv and something that would fit in our small living room corner. We will move our older tv that we are currently using right now to the kid's room when we will be able to buy our new flat screen tv soon. I am excited on getting our new tv on payday.

Diet and Exercise

I have reached my limit. I feel so heavy and overweight. I have never felt this way before. Right on time that hubby bought me a new HTC Sensation android phone I got an app that would track my food intake and how much exercise I am getting. This is called a noom app. I think this is cool. So far I have ran 21.8 miles in 14 workouts and that is 3 708 calories taken off. I felt better each time a certain amount of calorie is taken off of me. I am also starting to be conscious with food I eat since it's not easy losing calories. I just hope this would really work. So what works for you when it comes to diet and exercise?

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