Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!!!

I just heard some noise outside to welcome the new year. The kids are still awake and are excited to see some firecrackers. They can only hear it and not see it unlike what we have back in the Philippines. Oh well, I am so glad to be still l awake and welcome the new year. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And The Countdown Begins...

Looks like it's gonna be snowy on new year's day. Oh well, like it or no another year is about to begin. Let's celebrate it and embrace it with a big bang! Hope you enjoy your holiday friends. Happy New Year!;-)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Treadclimber Is Here!

After canvassing fr some treadmills and other exercise equipment I finally decided to get a treadclimber and try it. I have heard a lot of good reviews about it. Hubby ordered it sooner than I thought. I'm so glad our treadclimber is here. It came right on time for Christmas so I consider that as one of my Christmas gift. Lol. The funny thing about is it is a little it hard to assemble so up until now I have not started using it.. Hubby is trying hard to put it up together but he gave up and told me he will just call somebody to assemble it. It will cost us 300 bucks for the assembly but we need to have it assembled or we will just be buying it in vain. I miss doing my exercise since it's winter and too cold to walk outside.
Thank you so much hubby for the treadclimber!;-)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toy Shopping

Although it was a little cold and rainy today I went to work for a couple of hours. I did not know I was the first cashier to go on duty. I am glad that hubby dropped and picked me up from work so I don't have to feel dreadful about driving in the rain. After my work we drove to toys r us to get some toys for the kids. I noticed a lot of people buying some toys. Hmmm, looks like a Christmas rush to me.;-) I got James a big imaginetext dinosaur that was on sale. It used to be a hundred plus and are on sale for 88 bucks. On sale? Why not?;-) I also got him a small dino that wil move if you touch it. He would surely love the stuff we bought him. He is into collecting dinos these day I notice. He told me that we can actually get anything for him for Christmas. I think he understands better that it's all up to dad so he is not demanding anything. We also got Heaven a baby alive toy. The kids are so lucky these days. Most of their toys are interactive unlike the days when I was growing up, I have to create something to play with. I will be busy wrapping the gifts for them tomorrow while they are in school. Hubby is so nice to spoil the kids by getting them some expensive toys once in a while.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

I have been so much busy this past week. I work even in the weekends. Thank goodness I will be having my day off tomorrow. I will be on day off on Friday too but then I will have to cover my friend's work. We went to the mall to get another set of eyeglasses today while Heaven is having a playdate with her classmate. I told hubby I want to go to Lenscrafter because they have 50% off on their glasses. It was clearance sale on the glasses that were centuries old and out of style. Oh well we were already there so Lenscrafter it is. Your wish is my command. It was a little bit pricey but I was happy of the service and the eyeglasses that I ordered. I could even have taken them home today but decided that we will just pick it up tomorrow. Well, let's just call it hubby's christmas gift for me.;-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thank You Top Entrecard Droppers

I hope this isn't too late. Before I forget I would like to say thank you to all my entrecard friends for the visit. The following are my top entrecard droppers:
1. Naoko of Cooking Japanese Style
2. Stace of All Stace All The Time
3. Lulu of Bitz and Pieces of My Life
4. Mother By Design
5. Demcy of My Life's Perception and Inspiration
6. Success 4 Healthy Life
7. Yeo Kee of Bible Examples
8. Chuchie of Chuchie's Hideaway
9. Texas Sweetie of Prose and Relevance
10. Beth of Everything Under the Sun

Thank you so much for the frequent visits.;-)

Sleep Deprived

I like to sleep a lot and wake up a little bit late. Hubby is our official alarm clock. He wakes us all up from Maryland. It sounds funny that he's far away to be our clock but true. An out of town cock-a-doodle -doo.;-) Sometimes he has his snooze. I tell him that I will go back to sleep and to just wake me up a bit later. I think the cough and cold meds make me sleep better. Sometimes I take tylenol pm but even if I like to sleep I can wake up easily with the sound going around me like the rain dropping or the wind gust. It has been raining buckets since yesterday and amazingly the wind gust woke me up at 3 in the morning. I waited for my sleep to go back to no avail so I called up my alarm clock. He placed the phone down thinking it was from the front desk. I called up again and he asked me why I am up so early. Gosh. I hate to be sleepless because it might affect my work and most especially my mood.

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