Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Neighbors

Guest post written by Christine Duncan

Early last week, I noticed that a realtor had come to the empty house across the street and put a sold sign across the for sale sign in front of it. I had been watching the in and out activity there for the last several weeks and knew it was close to being sold. I love that house and I miss my friends who lived there and were my neighbors for many years. The economy is so bad that I wondered if they would be able to sell it for a profit or if they would have to unload it at a loss because they wanted to purchase another home in their new city. When I saw the sold sign I called my friend and she told me they made a small profit and were pleased that they didn’t take a loss on the property. And she told me I would like my new neighbor. So when I saw her in the yard yesterday, I went over and introduced myself. We talked and she said she had looked into because she had seen the previous owner’s satellite dish when she viewed the house. She has decided to go with them for her service. Good choice, I told her!


I've never ever failed before. I always study hard and pass. When I took my CNA test I failed in the skill test so I can't have my license. I was shocked. I got so worried about a friend if she's gonna pass or not not knowing I am the one who failed and she passed. It made me feel like an idiot so should I cry over this? I held back the tears. Failing is not easy on my part but the truth is it teaches me to be humble. To accept the things that are happening beyond my control. I'm a failure? Oh no I can't accept that. I need to retake again to prove myself I'm not a failure. I plan to take nursing after this so I should really study harder and not just keep chilling out. I got the naces schedule today. First plan is to take a leave to focus on my review for the exam. I am going to take another exam on the 21st. Mind you I will pass this time. I am writing down all the skills. I usually absorb some words when I write it down. What kind of a person is that? I don't really know the term. I just know I learn and remember better when I write it down.
Wish me luck folks.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Online Shopping

I love online shopping but I don't have the time yet. I'm cramming up with this Licensure test. After the test I'm really going to do so to get myself something nice. I studied late last night but still got nervous. I reviewed the test with with a friend early in the morning. Our CNA test is composed of two parts written and skill exam. I passed the written and sadly failed the skill test. I did four out of five but they said I need to perfect it. What? My emotions diving I went home really frustrated. i definitely need to go shopping in the comfort of my home but not yet because I went to work after the test like nothing really happened. Good thing I did not encounter nasty customers. The past two days have really been hectic since I went to work and studied a too little. At six thirty tonight thank goodness my day was over at work.

I went home and got the kids ready for a dinner out. The first thing I ordered was a sangria. Yes I got myself one to ease my nerves. My niece gave me a generous gift card for my birthday that we spent. Thank you Inday Jonna. We went to Olive Garden which is very near our house. It's a family activity to dine out every weekend just to break the monotony of eating in the house every single time. Food was g so dining out tonight was awesome.
When we got home I kicked my shoes and relaxed. It's time for me to relax and go online shopping. I saw this pretty night stand lamps that can help beautify my bedroom. I need something pretty to look at in this old dungeon. I also see a kitchen step stool chair. I really need this since I am short and could not reach the cupboards and the upper part of the pantry. The possibilities, ideas, and what to buy online are endless. There are a lot of things you can see when you shop online like this panel ready refrigerators that seem to go well in the renovation in our house in Maryland. I love this because it will camouflage with the rest of the cupboards in the kitchen. Our humble abode would really look neat, clean and a little bit spacious. I wish I have all the money to buy these stuff all at once. For now my focus is passing and acing this skill test to get me a job so i can buy what I want.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Joining the Mango Tours Photo Contest

I'm joining the
Mango tours photo contest about Philippine Vacation. I hope you will visit and like my photo taken at Boracay. This is nice because I will have a chance to win a trip to the Philippines and the person who likes my photo will have a chance to win a fantastic overnight stay at Microtel at Mall of Asia. Im so excited!
Please click the wordlink photo below to reach my facebook photo page guys. Dont forget to like it! Thank you so much!!!
My photo looks above is what I submitted.

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