Friday, July 24, 2009

Please Wish Me Luck;-)

I can't believe it's Friday again. Most of the time I always feel relieved on Fridays since the week is almost over but it's different this time because I am already a little bit nervous. Tomorrow I will be taking my praxis exam. I hope and pray I will pass. I have been reviewing but only God knows if I will pass or not. Lord, please let me pass or else I'll blame it on Terry. Hahaha. I have taken the license examination for teacher's in the Philippines and passed it but I have to take another one again. The thought of doing it again and again is crazy enough for me but I guess I just need to think positively. The exam will only be 2 hours. It will start at 7:30 so I guess I will be back home sooner. I hope I will pass the test.Oh well, just please wish me luck.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lovely Saturday!

Yesterday was just a gorgeous day for the kids to go out and play in the park. We went to Medford Freedom Park and it so happened that there was an arts and crafts fair so we were also able to see some of the exhibits which was enjoyable sight to see. We did not expect to see it there but I was glad we did because we did not get bored waiting for the kids playing. We saw a lot of dogs around the park. Heaven likes small breeds so she was able to pet one. They look forward to playing there again soon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Family Night Out for Dinner

I have been busy reviewing for my praxis exam these days. I will be taking it a week from now. I am not very excited taking the exam but oh well I will just try it. ho knows I will pass. Lol. I did have to move our planned gathering for Heaven's birthday.
Since it's Friday hubby decided for us to eat somewhere for dinner. We wentto the Mexican food factory. It was rather expensive for our budge but it was near and the food was great. Hubby had chicken fajitas and I had cowboy meatloaf. Last Friday we went to Norma's Restaurant, a mediterranian restaurant. It was really good. I wish we can eat there again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A/X Premium Denim On Sale

I love wearing denim jeans most of the time because of the comfort it gives me anywhere I go. This rugged street-chic culture keeps me hip and on the go all the time. It goes well with a simple and plain t-shirt or a cute casual top. I consider my comfort level most significant in boosting my self confidence. I can run errands, go shopping, visit friends, travel and sometimes even go to work with it.
Now Armani Exchange has a $98 new premium denim sale. Armani Exchange is very popular with designer jeans and you should grab one when they go on sale. Mr. Armani is one of the best and most popular trendsetter in the country. A purchase of a pair of denim in full price in store or online from July 7 to July 19, 2009 entitles you to a $20 off gift card to your next purchase of $100 or more. For a chance to win a fabulous pair of designer jeans join the text A|X contest" as part of their SMS campaign. Text everyday for higher chances of winning, simply text the keyword "DENIM2" to ARMANI (725264).
I had fun visiting the website. They have a cool virtual dressing room. My favorite is the Cropped Sequin Skinny fit that I showed on top because it looks comfortable and stylish. I paired it with something casual and I loved it.

My second choice is the Harem Jean. It is another exciting choice for me in time for the summer fun. It looks chic and sassy. I prefer dark color denim pants so I would look a bit slimmer with it.

I also tried mix and matching the pocket bootcut denim with a black mix print halter blouse, faux snakeskin bag and an A/X Jackard Fedora hat. I tell you I so much fun mix and matching the denims.
Visit the A/X website and choose the denim that would reflect your style. You can read more about what's new and what's hot in the A|X Blog.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Made Some Embutido Today

We went to the library yesterday but it was closed. We decided to let the kids play for a little while in the big playground right across where the library is. When we got home the kids went to the pool with hubby so I had some time ironing some clothes. Then I baked some fish for dinner. I topped it with tomatoes and spanish onions, sprinkles a dash of salt and pepper and then wrapped it up in tin foil. The fish turned out great.;-)For today's dinner I made embutido(home made meatloaf) which was really good. The last time I made it it was from ground beef but the recipe said it is ground pork. This time hubby finally found some ground pork. I forgot to place cheese and raisins but still it was better than the last time. Itis an option to steam it inside the oven or on the cooktop, I chose steaming it on the cooktop. I am glad my husband loves home made stuff. I really like to prepare great meals for m family. I wish I could share it with some of my friends.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Driving Safely Is A Must

Everyday for ten days I have to drive my stepson to school for his summer make up for Physical Education. Waking up every morning is no easy task since I am not an early morning person. It takes courage for me to drive since I really hate doing it. It scares me to think of myself driving half asleep because accidents happen anytime like it or not. I drink a little bit of coffee with a lot of sugar just to wake myself up when the clock strikes seven. I woke up early for four days in a row now so I can do my duty as a parent.
Early in the morning last Tuesday we saw a bumper to bumper collision in Route 73. Five cars were in a mess that the cop car has to reroute us to a road I never knew existed. I saw a chopper above covering the news and it stayed there for around thirty minutes. I felt sorry looking at those cars. I just hope no one died in that collision. Talking about collision auto body shop montclair has the largest collision repair experts who will listen to you and assist you with your repair needs. They can surely be of tremendous help in restoring back your car's great shape again. Visit auto body shop montclair to read more about great feedbacks and testimonials.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fixing the Flush Lever

Living in the land of do-it-yourself slowly but surely I have learned things by myself. I did have a washing machine before back in the Philippines but I did not even know how to use it inc I have a helper. Cooking was another thing. I knew ho to cook but I really did not do that too. But my husband is so proud that I can cook now. He thought I was a born chef. LOl. But fixing a flush lever? It is one of the least thing I expected that I can do. The flush lever in our bathroom broke last week. We bought one last Saturday at Lowe's. This time my husband made it sure it was not made of plastic. We've been using the toilet for over a week with the back part open since the flush lever was broken. Hubby was busy and forgot aboutit so I tried fixing it myself. I called him up at work because I can't find the tools at home. I told him that I need some tools and hang up. I was so happy when I was able to change the flush lever all by myself. I have never done such a thing so I did really felt great of such a simple success. I called up hubby and told him what I did and he can't even believe it. LOl. I bet he was happy too since he wouldn't need to fix it when he comes home.;-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank you Jo Ann;-)

We went to Jo ann's house for swimming last 4th of July. I woke up late and could not decide if we should go or not since I was so tired of the travel but the kids really want to go swimming. I dressed them up and we went there. Funny thing happened because our gps stopped working when we were in the middle of I-295. Grrr... My hubby wanted to go home to print out mapquest but I told him that I don't want to go home. I called up Menmen to rescue us. Thank you Men for reminding us to go there. Bob gave us the direction to their house and picked us up at Wawa since we did not follow his instruction. Thank goodness we arrived at their place in one piece. We met all our friends there and the kids had a blast swimming. I can't imagine how the kids dived on a 9-foot deep pool when they don't know how to swim. We also had karaoke. It felt good to be around some filipino friends and family. We really had fun. Thanks a lot Bob and Jo Ann for inviting us over!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Trip To Niagara Was Fantastico!

We went to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada last Thursday. It was one family affair that I can never forget. A long trip, a short time yet worth it.The kids were so excited since there were a lot to see other than the grand view of the mighty Niagara Falls. The view of the waterfalls from Canada was best. We rode on the barge called the Maid of the Mist to take a closer look of the waterfalls. We were right in front of the falls with our ponchos on but the kids were drenched wet. The city has developed well over time because of the tourist spot. Even in the middle of the night the stores are still open. The weather is cool so it is really fun to walk around. Everyone is having fun taking pictures here and there. Other than the falls we also went to the butterfly garden. It is heated to make it tropical-like conservatory for the colorful butterflies. A lot of the butterflies landed on hubby. The kids kept on waiting for the butterfly to land on them. Letting the butterflies land on you without forcing them to makes you feel good. You are not actually allowed to chase or touch them since they are very sensitive. We hope to see the place again in a couple of years. There is really a lot to see there.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Watch TV Online For Free

When I saw these words written somewhere on the net Spreety TV Online : Watch TV Shows Online Free I got so excited because I can now watch TV online for free using my computer wherever I would go. Not only that as a mom of two children, I know how signifiant television is for kids. They love to watch a lot of cartoons. They were able to learn English as language thanks to the TV. Now we don't have to stay in the living room to watch TV on the tube. The internet for sure has helped us get informed well. I can be able to bring my kids along with me to medical or dental appointments without having them get bored of waiting because they can now watch TV with my laptop. Furthermore, they won't miss any of their favorite TV shows.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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