Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Spooky Halloween!

Yesterday I went to my children's school to witness their halloween parade. I ended up helping my 2nd graders class instead of just watching them outside. I helped my third grader dress up her cheer leader costume. The kids really had a blast.
Today is my children's first time to go trick or treating. I know some people are tired of this day but kids never get tired of it. We have a neighbor who plays with them all the time. Her dad assisted them around the neighborhood which was really nice. I also prepared a basket of treats for the kids who might stumble to our front yard. When the kids got home their pumpkin was already full. We have a small neighborhood but sure they had fun going around. I hope you are having a great Halloween. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who's To Blame

I am a simple person and simple things make me happy. Watching tv after a day's work is one of the things I do but today is different. I have no tv because the comcast technician came last night to fix my phone and internet line only to screw up my tv. I was happy that he fixed my internet and phone but sigh... Why in the world did he disconnect my tv lines just to put back the phone and internet line. I am not a technician so don't blame me if I can't explain why. Maybe you comcast people can because if you can't we'd rather let anything related to comcast be thrown out of the house.
Looks like I can't be happy to have these 3 things all at once. The house is quiet. My kids can't watch tv too. Poor guys.
I'm not blaming I am just upset because without tv I felt like I lived in the mountains or shall I say on the cave man's age?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Changing Our TV Network

After five times of changing our comcast dvr we finally decided to change it to dish network. We have had too much disappointments with it. What's the use of the dvr if it won't record? When we got another one the screen became black and white? Do you think five times is impatient enough?
Aside from being able to get another reliable dvr I'm so happy because hubby decided to also install filipino channels just for me.;-) Hubby said now I will feel at home away from home. I enjoyed watching the filipino channels but the funny thing about it is my kids don't seem to understand tagalog since we use another dialect which is cebuano. But well at least they can still speak cebuano dialect. I just want to stay connected with what's going on in the Philippines. Our comcast phoneline and internet were disconnected when we have the dish connected. I don't know how it happened but we are scheduled to have the phoneline and internet connected back today. We are still using the comcast internet and phoneline but if ever they will not show on the scheduled date we might as well have to get verizon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Conflict Sched

Every time I am schedulded to work in the retail store the subfinder also looks for me to work in the school. The phone rang 5 times last night calling me to work for school. Oh my oh dear where are all the teachers? It sounds a bit confusing and I feel guilty of choosing the store than the school. I feel bored when I am in school. I have met a lot of friends in the store and I am glad I am a part of it. But today something weird happened. I was at the store and I felt bored to death on standing there for 8 hours. I will have to request my supervisor in the store to let me work after school hour, in that way my time will not be in conflict. I hope she will be fine with this request.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cleaning Time

I was called to substitute but turned down work. The house had been really messed up and I needed the time out just to be able to clean it up. No one can substitute "me" for this cleaning business since hubby is out of town for work. Oh well even when hubby is home he doesn't do the house chores since I run more with cooking and cleaning. I went to Walmart to buy some cleaning stuff like swiffer duster, lysol wipes and hand gloves. I also bought a cheap area carpet rug for the living room. It's maroon and it seemed to match well there. I like its plain and simple color. So far I have cleaned the living room and the bathroom in the bedroom. Tomorrow I need to clean the family room. I hope I can do this since I will have to go to work at the store. When the kids arrived they were impressed of what I have done with the living room. I hope they don't have plans of messing it up again. I am washing some clothes and dropping ec's. Life is multi-tasking. Lol. In a little while I will be folding clothes. Life oh life of a mother. See you in a bit....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pink Roses

I bought a dozen of lovely pink roses for myself today. Flowers can lift my mood oh well especially the roses. After work I went to the produce store to get some beautiful flowers. I don't know why but I just felt like cheering myself up. Shall I choose yellow or pink? Last week I bought a dozen red roses. I even gave one of the teachers a vase of flowers. My red roses have withered today that's why I decided to buy some new and fresh ones. The pink ones did lighten up my mood. It made me happy as I arranged them and looked at them. I cut their stems in a diagonal way so they can absorb more water from the vase. They said it can prolong it's life a little bit longer this way. I will place some of my roses in another vase for the bedroom and the dining room. So what flowers do you prefer?
It's a beautiful Sunday. The rain has finally subsided. Tomorrow will be a bit cloudy but not rainy. Hope your Sunday is great too!

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Been Raining Cats and Dogs!

Brrr it's in the 40's and had been raining unceasingly since yesterday. It is even expected to rain more for the next two days. Bummer;-( At any rate I am glad because I got my paycheck today. It's not big but still it's something to look forward to for me. We have created a separate account for my earnings. At least it is something to look forward to. I'm saving my earnings so we can go take a vacation in the Philippines. We are invited for Christine's birthday party but I will have work tomorrow afternoon til night so definitely we can't attend the party. Oh well, that's life. Have a nice weekend guys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Source of Inspiration

When I was a little girl I have always adored my first grade teacher. I would listen very well with every thing she taught us. I love her so much that I vowed that when I grow up I want to be a teacher too. She has given me so much inspiration. I saw her love and dedication in teaching the young generation. She has always believe in my leadership skills. It had given me confidence when she would always let me lead the class when we read and write. She once invited me to eat dinner with her family which was really awkward and unusual for me. She was really a nice person and she must be proud that I am one of her best student. I studied hard as I moved from one grade to the next until I was able to reach my dream. One day I took the teacher's board examination and passed the test. I was able to teach in my grade school Alma mater. Who would have thought that could happen? My first grade teacher has retired when I started teaching there. I felt kind of sad. I missed her. She would have been proud of me knowing what I have achieved so far. Once I was a student, then I became a teacher in the same school. I would really love to see her once again to thank her for inspiring me. MyLife is a lot better because of her. She had pushed me to do better every time. She had never ceased to influence me as a person. I lost in touch with her when I moved to high school and then to college. I also went and taught in the private schools before I went back to teach in my Alma Mater. I wish I could be able to communicate with her one more time. I am searching for her name and her whereabouts. America's number one people search engine called My has helped me locate her. I am so grateful to have found her name. I can't wait to let her know of the recent details of my life.

Thank you Mrs. Fuentes for being my great source of inspiration!


Friday, October 9, 2009


Stepson waited for me to come home to iron his navy rotc uniform. I jokingly asked him why he doesn't know how to iron. Right away I ironed his clothes when I came home. It was white and felt like a sack cloth. Then a patch of brown appeared. Oh my, oh dear! I thought I am good at ironing clothes but I was wrong. I felt nervous about it. What am I gonna do? He will be using it on Friday that is today for his field trip. I used a bleached pen to no avail. I washed it once it didn't work then I washed it twice it was still awful. I called hubby and told him about it. He said the cloth might be made of polyester and needed low heat. After washing it twice it was already midnight but I still was ironing it. I throw some baby powder to hide the light brown trace and I was laughing at myself for being tricky. This morning when stepson wore it he was yacking about it but still went to the field trip. At least I did not leave the shape of the hot iron but really almost did. How about you are you good with pressing clothes? I admit it I'm not.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Win A Dream Kitchen Makeover!

I love to cook so the kitchen is my space in the house. I prepare meals that my family is always delighted to eat. I am so glad hubby is loving it too. It was never hard for him to adjust eating Filipino foods. Every single dish was always something new to him. I find it true that "the way to a man's heart is through is stomach." Do you think so? Baking is one new thing I have learned recently. He taught me how to bake.

How would you love to win a dream kitchen makeover worth $32 000 and 12 frigidaire fridges? In celebration of the launching of a new delectable site called the Maple Leaf Market, they are giving away these great stuff for free!
I wish I will win this but too bad I live in the US and not in Canada. This contest is good for the Canadian residents only. Canadian residents, enter for a good chance to win. Simply pick up the PIN from a especially marked packages of Casa Di Mama Pizza.
If I will win the contest I will for sure buy all the kitchen gadgets necessary to make my cooking and baking easy. I will also update my kitchen by making a breakfast nook, update my pantry, redesign and reorganize the cupboards with moving drawers and lazy Susie design.
The contest will end on January 4, 2010 so hurry now. For more information check out the contest by clicking this link


Thank God It's Gonna Be Friday!

I worked hard today in the retail store. Today is exactly my first month of working there and I work for 8 hours. I think I love it there. The pay is not that much but I am seeing all kinds of people since I am at the cashier counter. I also met one teacher assistant who told me they highlighted my name in their substitute list. It sounds good news to me. I am working hard because I enjoy doing things. I have been bored to tears for the last two years of sitting down.;-) But tomorrow I will be waiting for work in the school so I am enjoying dong some farm work in my facebook application.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Save Money By Breasfeeding Your Baby

A baby brought to the world is always a joy to the family. The laugh, the giggles makes us less tired coming home from work. I know that from experience since I have had two of my own. In this troubled economic times we need to be wise with every thing we decide to do. The price of commodities is sky rocketing but who says you can't have a baby? A wise decision to breastfeed the baby is the best option since it is free and can save you $2,000 annually on formula costs. Not only that it is also healthier and is considered to be the best nutritional option. It has nutrients that cannot be found in infant formulas that helps the child grow stronger and faster. As the baby grows a little bit older we start introducing them to baby formula. We can still save by choosing the store brand which is a lot cheaper than branded ones because according to pediatrician Dr. Barbara Levine, " Both store brands and the more expensive ones passed the FDA nutritional requirements. The quality and safety of how they both are manufactured is inspected the same way." Test out the baby formula savings calculator and see for yourself how much you can really save by visiting this link


Maraming Salamat Po

It means thank you in filipino.;-)I just came home from work, am a little bit tired but I am glad to be home. Before I forget I would like to thank my entrecard droppers for constantly visiting my blog. You guys rock!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Cooking School at Hilton Branson Convention Center

Do you love to entertain your family and friends at home? Do you want to impress them with something different? Are you looking for new ways to delight their sense of taste? These are some of the questions that I would look forward to say yes I do. I love to cook don't get me wrong but my cooking ability is limited to simple everyday meals. Aside from being new to our place, this is one of the reason I felt shy that my friends will come over for a gathering. It makes me nervous to think on what I will prepare for them. I have never cooked for more than five people before. I felt that I really need to improve my cooking skills. I am looking forward to attending a cooking school at Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel in Missouri. It will be on October 16 and 17, that is on a weekend so there will be no class for my kids. I can arrange to let my older can watch them in the weekend.
I have learned that the guests will be welcomed with some wine tasting upon arrival. It sounds cool, for sure hubby would love that. I am looking forward to watching the cooking demonstration of the hotel chef Nathan Read. He will demonstrate how to make appetizers and will feature the main course meals. I always love to learn new things especially when it comes to cooking so I guess I will never let this opportunity pass. This will be a good treat to myself. You can call it some kind of pampering. I look forward to enjoying this day. The two-day package that is good for two is $398 plus tax for both nights. Pretty much I'm sure this is a really good deal. Would you like to come along with us? Everyone is invited!


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