Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Got Dyson Baby!

Having tried one vacuum cleaner brand to another I was a little bit dismayed. I always wanted to have a dyson but that it's for sure one costly vacuum cleaner. When I was in the breakroom a I saw a 40% employee discount for a dyson vacuum cleaner. I showed it to hubby and he agreed to grab one fro me to use. Lucky me! I'm so happy to get a dyson vacuum cleaner. It was a little bit expensive since it was marked 399 as a retail price. I got a 40% special discount plus 10% for employee discount plus 10% target rewards discount and 5%discount for using the target card. Wow what a steal deal! Dyson has a 5year warranty so I think this must be good. I have heard from friends how well their Dyson works. I got a big smile on my face. Finally I got a Dyson!;-)

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Pet Issue

My 18- year old stepson wanted to adopt a stray cat that his gf found in their place. He said the cat is very nice and it won't scratch anybody. We have a pet rabbit that he adopted and it lived in his bedroom centuries ago. Now he wants a cat and he said he will bring the rabbit out to the family room again so the kids can play with it. I always wanted to have a dog but hubby said no. Would it be fair to adopt a cat and not a dog? I firmly told hubby that I don't want the cat around since he never said yes to a pet dog. Secondly we are selling the house soon since we are moving out and I am certain that it is hard to sell a house with pets. The cat will stay in his room he promised. The again we said no period. He wanted to know a good reason why we said no. His dad told him to find his own place since he is of age to go on his own. This way he can live with his pet cat. End of story.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wild Turkeys

It seldom happens that one sees wild turkeys lurking around the neighborhood. As fall sets in this creatures must be having a hard time looking for food in the wilds. It finally started to rain this afternoon. Everything is wet and the sense of smell of these animals have been affected just like humans.
I woke up later today... the cold made me sleep longer. I changed the bedsheets. It feels good to lie down again after changing it. We just bough a new egyptian cotton blanket and a fall design flannel bed cover. They look so good together.;-)I'm loving it. Hubby calle me to hurry downstairs. he was yelling and I was nervous. Then he told me to get the camera because it seldom happens that the wild turkeys venture in the neighborhood. They have keen sense of smell and human smell is their number one enemy. I was lucky to go upstairs and was able to make a good view of them. There were ten of them lurking around looking for food. I wonder if there is a way of catching one without using a gun. I wonder if wild turkey will have a different taste from a farm raised turkey.Lol. Sounds like a good dinner to me but all I did was take pictures of them.
Have you seen wild turkeys this close before?

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