Thursday, April 30, 2009

Work of Art Using Glass Tile

We have recently updated our windows into an energy saving one and the result so far is excellent. Our next project will be updating our kitchen and bathrooms. Searching for good up to date design I came across this amazing glass tile. The black glass tile and the fish mosaic template look very interesting. Of course there are other designs that are interesting but the fish caught my eye. It is also resistant to water making it a very good quality. I usually make the decisions when it comes to designing. I'm sure my husband will be glad I found this fish mural for either the bath or the kitchen. I look forward to decorating our kitchen and bathrooms.


It makes me happy to hear the voices of my old friends. Yes I talked to two of my good friends today. One lives in Baltimore, Maryland and the other is in San Diego, California. Somehow at least my loneliness of being so far away from my homeland has become lesser and lesser. Irene has bought a car a week ago and I am so glad she has done that. Mary Ann is preparing to take her driving exams too. She prepared some food for her friend who went to see her yesterday. I am so glad I have friends around. We will go and visit some friends in Baltimore on Saturday and that includes my good friend Irene.;-)

Prolong the Life of Your Pet

I have always liked pets. For now that we are considering to have one, we borrow my sister in law's dog named Ogie. She's a very nice dog and we let her stay at home every weekend. My kids for sure consider her their best friend. She is a good companion to us and even give us a sense of security. She is a source of joy to us. We bought her some dog food to make her happy. She is a Pomeranian breed that is why she is so small. I hope she will live longer even if she is small. Thinking about how to prolong a dog's life it is important to consider the kind of food they eat. At first I did not really care about what are the ingredients in a dog's food up until I came across a dog's lifespan. Life's Abundance is all Natural Dog Food formulated by nationally renowned veterinarian Dr. Jane Blicks that can help prolong a dog's life. There is no corn, no wheat, no dairy, no fillers, no chemicals - it's all natural making it good food for dogs. I'm sure my kids will be so happy that Ogie will live a lot longer.

I Love Special Kids

I was able to get a chance to assist some special children today. It made me happy to be able to do that sometimes. The nice thing about being with them is they really have good manners than the normal kids in school. They are very behave and polite. I like one kid there who gives me a smile. She don't talk a lot but she is a very nice student. I played catch the ball with her. I am glad to be able to experience being around with them more and more. I assisted some other kids in the gym together with some other kids from the regular class where they were assigned. I hope I will be called to work again tomorrow too.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ride the Flying Ray for Free!

I always believe that experience is the best teacher. There are things we learn better by discovery. A trip to places where we can observe how plants and animals live is an exciting adventure that gives lasting impression on us. That's why I always give my children a lot of chances and experience with nature. One time we went to the aquarium and my son touched a baby shark while my daughter touched a baby manta ray. This real experience has helped develop their love and curiosity of sea animals. How about you? Have you seen a Manta ray? Do you know how interesting it moves around and about the water? Do you want to ride a flying manta for free? The only flying roller coaster in the world will open on May 22, 2009 in Seaworld, Orlando. Join the six activities and get a chance to win a free front of the line pass. The steps are simple and easy. I would really love to go to Seaworld, Orlando and join a very thrilling experience.


Weekend Plans

This coming weekend we will be in Baltimore. We will visit my friend Mrs. Ellie, who recently had a heart operation. I hope she is doing fine. They said it's a good thing that Mrs. Ellie had her 4 nerves operated here than in the Philippines because it's covered by the insurance. It would have cost too much if it was done there. I will also visit Norma and Irene. All three of them are teaching there. Baltimore is a two0hour drive away from here. I have been there last July but I really look forward to going there again this weekend when my husband can drive us all there. I think we will save our Friday dinner for the Saturday trip. I really miss my friends. Guys we are on our way there!

My Daughter's Cheerleader Costume

My kids love Halloween and costume parties. Last year's Halloween my son dressed up as a superhero and my daughter dressed up like her favorite actress Hannah Montana. They love to wear new costumes every time. I asked my daughter what would she like this year and she told me she want to dress up as a cheerleader and my son could not decide if he wants to be a cartoon character or an animal character. I searched some websites online to see some possible costumes that they could wear and found a gorilla suit Halloween costumes. I thought it was funny. I have also found the costumes that my kids would like to have at a very reasonable price and money back guarantee. I think she will like the red cheerleader outfit and shakers shown above. I will show this to her when she gets back from school today. It is so nice that Costume Cauldron has a variety of costumes for all ages to choose from and ships them wherever you are in the world. So if you need any costume for a costume party or for this year's Halloween party get the latest costumes from Costume Cauldron now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Itchy Eyes

The spring has been the most wonderful thing I have seen here in my whole life but never in my imagination would I think that it would bring me aches and pains with pollens and plants. I have allergy attacks. It's been a lot crazy this past days. My eyes are very itchy. I think I am having some allergy problems. It started when I was cutting some vines in the backyard. I hope it's not a poison ivy but I have a sneakin' suspicion that it is. We bought an over the counter medicine but forgot where I placed it. My husband was upset but I told him that we have to buy another one since my eyes really bothered me. It seems like the OTC are not working well because my eyes are still itchy. Grrr, I hate this. I think we have to go and see a doctor.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Authentic Watches

Authentic watches are quality watches that I do really admire. They are timepieces that give us accurate time and will really last a long long time. They may be expensive but you can never go wrong of choosing them because in a moment of crisis they are things that you can always count on. We need this kind of watch since time is very important to all of us. In whatever we do we always consider the amount of time we have. We watch the time when we cook, go to work, go some place or do some other things. We can measure it but once it passes by we can never take it back. On our wedding anniversary my husband usually asked me what I would love to have. It is one celebration that he spoils me. I think I will ask him to buy me a lady's watch. I have started searching for good watches online and stumbled upon the Best of Time - Where Time Lasts Forever website and found a lot of quality watches that I am sure my husband will really admire. They sell authentic watches at a discounted price. I wish I can have one on our anniversary.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I applied online for two jobs the other day and was called both for an interview today. I thought it was too soon. I rescheduled my other interview on Monday. The results for today's interview was good. She told me the next 2 steps which are calling for the references and then going to their school to observe the class there. She told me to give her until mid of next week to wait for the call so she can call my references and she can schedule me for my visit. So what do you think? Did I pass the test? ;-) I hope so and I look forward to it.;-)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Want to be a Working Mom Again

Having stayed at home for about two years I really felt bored now. I used to be talking to friends, co teachers and students for eleven years of my life. Then for the last two years I focused on relocation and adjustment. I have worked as a substitute teacher but i don't really go out that much. Pretty much I felt bored staying inside the house so I went online and checked on a possible teaching career. I tried applying and amazingly I got one response sooner than I expected. I thought it was amazing. They asked me what age will I prefer to teach and when can I possibly get in for an interview. I really hope I can get that job soon. Staying at home makes me feel so lame and lazy. I want to meet new friends and feel confident of who I am.I also really want to help my husband pay the bills. I look forward to be a working mom again.;-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Join the iBuyPhones Earth Day Contest

The earth has given us a lot since the beginning of time. We take advantage of the water, the trees, the minerals and everything it produces. We use these products at home, at school and wherever we are. As the earth has given us much, how can we make her better for all of us? As a teacher, I took part in disseminating the importance of the celebration of Earth day. We have discussed and taught the students the importance of taking care of the earth by using the 3R's- reuse, reduce and recycle. The children shared amazing ideas of how to help save the resources of mother earth. Paper, plastic, bottles and can can be reused or recycled. There are many ways and means of conserving the the only earth we live. Another interesting way of helping the earth is by recycling old cell phones. Did you know that iBuyPhones recycles used cell phones? For each and every cell phone donated a tree is planted. Do you have any other eco-friendly idea you can share with? As www.ibuyphones.comjoins the celebration, you can enter Earth Day contest and get a chance to win $422. Wow! This is a fun way of getting involved with helping save the earth.



Sunday, April 19, 2009

Perfect Day in the Garden

We went to one of the world's most beautiful garden yesterday. The Longwood Garden is located 30 minutes away from downtown Philadelphia. It is just an hour way from home. It was a perfect day of spring to visit the place. There was a kite flying activity. It is a place where you can enjoy walking around and see variety of plants and flowers. We saw a lot of people young and old enjoying the beauty of the garden. The owner used to entertain his guests in this beautiful place. As a privately owned place it is a good thing they welcome the public to view it. It is more than a thousand acres piece of land but touring around it my children never complained. We smelled the flowers, rolled on the grass and climbed treehouses and trees. It was truly a fascinating encounter with nature that I would never forget.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dinner at El Azteca

We just came home from dinner. We went to El Azteca a mexican restaurant. They food was really good. I love it. Their food is almost the same as filipino dishes. I think it's because we also have spanish descent. I had a choripollo a dish made of mexican chorizo, grilled chicken with spanish rice and refried beans. Yummm...My husband had chili con carne. It really smelled good. I saw one of my very first friend in New jersey there. When he served the appetizer he told me he knew me already which of course is true. He worked in a hotel where we lived for 30 days and have a double job in the mexican restaurant. I did not know that he is working there. He is very nice guy. Talking to him is a way of entertainment. He is very friendly to us. I told him that I hope he and his wife can go and visit us in our house. He has a son who is almost the same age of my kids that's why I am wishing that he will visit us so my kids can have a playmate. He had told me before that his wife had a car accident. She can no longer work because her vertebrate got injured. She is recovering though.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Looking for Swedish Parts?

We were looking for some spare parts online for our car which all of a sudden broke down and came across Swedish Parts Network. I had fun looking for the spare parts and some accessories that we would need for our car in this site because they sell at an amazingly good price. The site is very convenient to shop since they are open 24 hours a day. They guarantee fast shipping to make their customers happy. They have a lot spare parts for almost all kinds of cars. They have a complete selection of the top quality Volvo parts and Saab parts. Enjoy hassle free online auto parts shopping in this user-friendly website.

When Women Have PMS

Why do women feel easily upset on the onset of their period? This unpredictable symptoms interfere our life and relationship with other people. We don't even understand ourselves. Sometimes it is physical, psychological or emotional. I have tried depression, insomnia, swelling and sensitivity. It is hard to deal with women who gets overly irritable to anything around them. For me the hardest of them all is depression because even if I am surrounded by people who loves me I would feel so down and alone. Worst thing about it is I don't tell other people about how I feel I just keep it to myself. I am glad I can manage with what I have.
My friend is experiencing this right now. I am sad about her because she becomes irritable. When her husband talked to me about it I just listened. My husband suggested that maybe she should see a doctor and get a prescription. I have not told her about this but I do believe this is a very good suggestion. I do hope husbands will stretch their patience when this happens because they will never experience how hard this is.

My Kids Wanted to Have a Dog

We visited my sister in-law in Hanover, Pennsylvania. She has a cute dog named Ogie. At first the kids were scared of him because he kept on barking. She decided to put him in the kennel while we were there. I think he was afraid of strangers. When I went to the bathroom I befriended him. I raised my hand in front of him so he can sniff it. Then he stopped barking and became my friend. My two kids went near him and they started to like him. My husband signaled the dog to sit on his lap and he jumped over and sat meekly. We were very surprised on how he did that. We were all very impressed. She said my husband is lucky that Ogie went near him because it was the first time she saw the dog obeying commands by someone else. When we went back home my kids prodded if we can get a dog since we all love dogs. My husband asked us if we know how to train a dog aside from feeding it. We told him not that much but we trust that he knew something about it. He told us that he is a fan of Don Sullivan. He is an excellent dog trainor who has a cd about dog obedience. He also told us that Don Sullivan is also called a dogfather. He has the Best dog training video that we should watch and learn. We are planning to get a female dog. I agree with my husband that we should learn how to potty train a dog and teach him how to obey commands. Now were all excited to have a dog.

Bestfriend Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Xyza Mae! You're a very talented girl and I hope you will grow more mature with every decision you make in your life. I trust God to shower more blessings of love and happiness on you. He has amazing ways of showing love for sure and you are one living proof of it right?;-)As you experience motherhood at such a young age I know you are still blessed because a lot of people love you more than you ever know.

Xyza is my very bestfriend in the Philippines. I have entrusted her a lot of things in my life in the Philippines. She is always there for me. Every single cent is always accounted for and she is my best girl friend. She can always be trusted and I admire her courage to move on with life gracefully.

Monday, April 13, 2009

ATV Rollover Danger

When we were driving on the way to the grocery store this afternoon I noticed a lot of small cars. I told my husband that I would really love to drive in one of those cute cars because it is easy to maneuver when I will be caught in a traffic. He told me that it may be cute but it is more dangerous to drive because it does not have enough protection. In our conversation I told him about my chance to drive a golf cart. I was driving it too fast round and round. Then all of a sudden one of my pasengers fell. I was really scared. Good thing she was not hit that hard on the concrete floor. I have read that recently the Yamaha Rhino has been recalled because of the danger it poses to the driver or passenger alike. The Yamaha Rhino ATV has a defective design that should be corrected. The unprotected vehicle looks safe because it is four-wheeled but be aware of the sides that is very open. It has a narrow wheel design causing it to roll over easily. It has a really defective design and its danger could cost a life. I think safety is very important when it comes to vehicles no matter how big or small. Don't take the risk of riding on this suicide machine, it is so dangerous!


Rearranging the Plants

I have finally rearranged my plants today. The tomato has its own pot and the rest were planted in a row which looked neat and beautiful. Spacing is important to plants too. I sprinkled them with some water and placed them on top of the table. I hope the night wont be that cold so my plants out there will just be fine. I can't wait to see them grow and bear flowers and mature.;-) I look forward to eating fresh spinach, tomatoes, cabbage and brussel sprouts. I still have pepper seeds that I want to plant. I hope they will grow in time. I wish to be able to download the pics here later to show you guys what I have done with it. Oh, maybe later I can do that.

Protect Your Home

I like to stay at home most of the time but sometimes it gets boring to just sit on the couch mess with the computer or watch TV. When the kids go to school and my husband goes to work the silence at home seem deafening. One day I went out to shop because I was bored at home. When I got back home I saw the door wide open. I was really very scared and nervous because I was the last person who went out of the house. When I got inside I was just thankful to God that nothing was taken away. I think I forgot to lock the door before leaving and the wind must have blown it wide open. When I told my husband about it he told me that it is high time to find a wireless security system to help protect the house. I agreed with him that we need to have a security system because we have two young kids and our house is located in the middle of the town making it so accessible to people who would just come and easily get away. I searched online for some security systems and came across the different packages of GE Security System I think the Bronze package is very suitable for our house because we have four entry points. It is nice that it has free upfront cost and the monthly cost of $34.95 is affordable to us. Get your home protected too by calling toll free 1-877-470-2751, with your order you can get two keychain remotes.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! May the real essence of this day be a great delight in your heart as it is with mine.;-)I am grateful of the essence of the holiday. I believe this day is as important as Christmas. I really had a good day today. I have made a paid blog last night that was approved today. I thought that was really fast. Thank you payperpost and social spark for such great favor. I have been bragging it to my husband that I am earning money here and there doing some paid posting. ;-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Reliable Web Hosting Rating Site

I love to crochet and make some special occasion cards. I have made some crochet bags and hats. I am thinking of selling them online. I have also made some 3D cards and a lot of my friends liked it. They thought I bought it and they get surprised when I tell them that I made it myself. I think it would be great to sell some of my arts and crafts online. I have been looking for a reliable domain to host my arts and crafts site. I wanted to get an unlimited traffic to my site so I can be able to sell my stuff. I also want it to be within my price range. How much it would cost me is very important since I am just new. I have canvassed from one web hosting site to another and have not found the best site yet. I came across the reviews and ratings of the web hosting geeks. They have varied web hosting sites to choose from. It is very nice to be able to find this site and not move from one website to another. I like the service they are offering since the reviews, ratings and prices are quoted clearly. If you are looking for a web hosting site feel free to check the reviews of the Web Hosting Geeks.

Free Coloring Pages

I love to see my kids around. They seem to be enjoying their spring break. They play and watch tv but I don't want them to just keep watching tv so we went online and printed some coloring pages. My daughter had Spongebob characters and my son printed some dinosaurs. I thought it was really fun. There are so many things to choose from. I think I will have to print some ore for the kids to color.;-)Do you want to let your kids have fun and develop creativity at the same time? Print them some coloring pages for free.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Selling Your House?

Find Local Home Improvement Contractors

Selling a house these days is no easy task. In this economically hard times people are scared to buy things most especially with great value like a house. Do you wonder what is the secret of selling a house? Don't worry if you are a homeowner you can still sell your house, all you need to get are the people's attention. Here are some tips on how to sell a house:
1. Make sure your home is in good condition. Minor repairs is very important and can add advantage. A house with a lot of minor repairs will surely have a lower price.
2. Don't overprice it. Selling a very expensive house because you have made a lot of major improvements to it will makes things worse.
3. Work with real estate agents who will put your interest first and who would utilize a variety of marketing techniques.
For more information you can read more articles and tips about home improvement and seek some good advice at Home Improvement Contractor Service.

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Two Thumbs Up!

Thank you payperpost for sending payment via paypal for my paid blog. I am very flattered that you have trusted me to write for you. I am slowly but surely making money. I am surely reaping the rewards of my patience when it comes to writing. It has always been fun for me to be a part of the blogging world. I am earning and learning. How cool is that?;-) Very cool... Thank you also social spark for approving my post without resubmitting it. Two thumbs up! You have boosted my confidence in writing creatively. The cool thing about it is my son at age seven is inspired to write too. Every time he sees me blogging he tells me that he can do it too. He started writing his stories today and I told him to save it and when he goes back to school we will print it so he can show it to his teacher. I am glad I was able to inspire him. His teacher has told me he can illustrate his stories vividly too. How cool is that! I can see a future writer at hand.;-)

Rustic Log Bed

The bedroom is a very important part of the house. The level of comfort it gives me affects my mood a lot. We sleep, rest or relax there. I spend a lot of time in bed for my beauty rest. I love to country homes and designs. It gives me a very comfortable feeling. I have designed a very simple house. All I need now are some furniture to go with it. Looking at the unique log furniture I fell in love with the finest of Colorado called Hickory Aspen Collection. It looks very rustic, durable and comfortable. They are hand crafted from bright Aspen wood and a splash of rich dark Hickory making it look simple yet elegant and beautiful.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Missing Home

I hate it when silence is deafening. Much worse my mind would wonder far away. All I thought I would never miss home sweet home since I am pretty much outgoing but I am missing home when I am not doing anything. Having lived here in the US for almost two years now makes me homesick. Philippines I miss you a lot.;-( Pretty much I stay at home here. I mess with the computer and talking to no one. When I have so many many friends there and I have exactly the opposite here it makes me wonder when will be the time I will forget about missing home. For those immigrants out there, how long did it take you not to miss home? Life may be pretty simple out there but sure is people are lively and happy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Charter's HDTV-a-Day April Shower


As a stay at home mom, I love to watch television and browse the internet at the same time. One time a funny thing happened with the cable TV. It stopped all of a sudden and I wondered what happened. I called up my husband in the office and bug him about it. We are never really happy and contented of the service that our cable company is giving us. We have replaced our DVR twice within a month already. We pay too much of our bundling service but the service is very poor. He thinks it's high time to find another cable company that is worth the money and I do agree with him. When I heard about Charter Communications and researched about it online I felt a sense of relief. They have affordable bundling service that could help us save money while using the internet, cable and phone. In addition they are also giving away an HDTV everyday for the month of April. Here's a chance to win an HDTV, how exciting could that be? Do you want to win an HDTV? I do too! I can't wait to tell my husband about this good news!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

What's for Dinner?

James kept on bugging me that he wanted to eat already. I did not cook anything for dinner yet. I remembered my husband telling me we will go out for dinner tonight. Hubby watched one movie before we left home. I told my kids to change so we can go and eat in a restaurant. After the movie, my husband took us to Oceana Family restaurant for dinner in Haddonfield, West Berlin. James ordered a chocolate chip pancake and Heaven had her chicken fingers, onion rings and mozarella sticks. She only ate the chincken fingers. I had my roaster chicken since we usually eat seafood at home. My husband ordered a chicken marsala. I liked the ambiance of the restaurant and it was not really that far from home. We all had ice cream after dinner. My hubby noted that we don't get fed this much in a restaurant when we lived in Illinois. We have to take half of what we have home. I could not eat a half chicken, I have to share it with James. We really had a good dinner.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Academy of Country Music Awards

Do you love country music? Who will be this year's Academy of Country Music Award Winners? The Academy of Country Music Awarding will be held soon! Hurry and buy your ticket so you can see the your favorite country singers and other artists in person on April 5, 2009 at 5:00pm at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas Nevada. For more information about the tickets prices, please click here Academy of Country Music Awards

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Guess Who's Lucky ;-)

Thank you socialspark for sending me my payout. I had typographical error with my paypal address. I realized after requesting the payout because it did not get through my paypal. I complained about it by submitting a help ticket and they have finally resolved the problem. Than you for sending my my payout back sooner than I expected.;-)

I really thought I won't be able to go to work today. When the subfinder called me last night I was not able to answer it since we were out to get some milk for the house. I should have not went with my husband. Usually I can only grab one chance to be called for work to substitute. I went online and waited for the subfinder to give me another slot and I was lucky enough because I was able to grab a job for today. My tummy is bothering me today but I am glad I was able to finish my work. When I went home my husband was already home because he is not feeling good as well.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Look Good and Feel Good

Do you like staring at yourself in the mirror? Are you contented of what you see? Why do celebrities look perfect? Do you wonder what's their secret? Beauty is always important to men and women. You don't need to be a celebrity to be beautiful. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder that must be the reason why we always get conscious of how we look. No one is born perfect and in our claim to be beautiful we seek ways to look good. If you want to look look good and feel great Denver plastic surgeon can help you. One day when I will have the money I will consider a tummy tuck since no matter how much I exercise I find this part a problem. Reviewing this site, I find it very helpful and informative. The best thing about it is they don't hide how much you have to pay. I'm excited of sharing this to my husband.

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