Monday, July 9, 2012

A Bang for Every Buck

I was cutting my coupons last night. The Krazy Coupon Lady is my guide and my inspiration. They give us a heads up a week or days before the sale of items go on sale and where to find the coupons in certain stores which I find amazing. I went to drop off my red box movie to CVS today. I decided to bring my coupons that I gathered last night. My kids helped me out in finding and gathering the items in the store. Here is the breakdown of the items I bought: Purex on sale for 1.99 used $1 mfr qpon Garnier 2.99 used bought 5 used 5 $1 qpon received $5EB for buying $15 Listerine 2.99 used $1 mfr qpon Nature Made vitamins BOGO used 2 cvs $2 coupon John Frieda 6.99 used 2 $2mfr qpon I used a lot of my CVS extrabucks from previous purchases. I have a 98% savings. All these I paid for 59 cents. I did not expect I will save big today. I'm glad I can help out my family in my own little way. I'm getting there saving each dollar to help my family makes me happy.Thank you CVS and krazy coupon lady for all of these.

Finding Solution

In these struggling economy where jobs are hard to find and bills are rocketing a mile higher than usual what is the best solution? When so many homes are foreclosed and politicians are blaming each other on who's who. Where will we find the answers to our problems? We need jobs but employers will hire someone only when his abilities and capabilities will match with what they need it's not just how you look. Education is very important. Unlike before where jobs are abundant nowadays it's a survival of the fittest. Just to graduate high school is no longer a good option. We need to further our education to conquer the world out there that is if you want to be the best among the rest. I have two kids who are still young and I want to make sure I have answers for them when the right time comes. Of course they will question as to how, where and when. There are scholarships available to help the young generation continue their education. Oh well it's not only for the young, it is for everyone who are willing, patient and ambitious enough to be educated well. The higher the education the better chances you will have to fit into the right job.

Monday, July 2, 2012

California Visit

I love summer time. It gives us a chance to relax when the kids are out of school. Last year we went to the Philippines for a 21- day vacation. That was our first after 3 years of living here in the US so it was really memorable. This time we opted to visit my niece in the West. We went to California for a five-day vacation on June 20 - 25. Yes that was just less than a month ago. I greatly appreciate my niece Jonna and George for letting us stay in their house for the five days of stay there. We also visited a new friend who is also a blogger named Comely. She's a relative of a dear friend from New Jersey. Jonna live in Northern California up in the mountains which has a breathtaking view. Day 1 we went to see the Golden San Francisco Bridge. It was a 2-hour drive. A rather long drive but worth it. We never expected it to be foggy and cold so we ended up buying some sweaters. It's a good thing there are a lot of stores along the streets. We ate lunch at the Californian Restaurant where a lot of Hollywood stars have dined in. Day 2 we went to the Bear lake just a 30-minute drive from my niece's house. Day 3 we went to the Discovery Kingdom in Six Flags. We had a lot of fun. We saw a lot of animals and there were a lot of rides. After that we decided to stay at Comely's house and we had karaoke. Thank you also Comely for being such a good friend to me and my niece. You're awesome!We also went to the pool the next day back at my niece's house. It was just a 15-minute drive so basically we went there twice. The ride going back to South Carolina was long. The plane stopped for a little while in Phoenix to pick some passengers. Then we changed planes at Tennessee. From Tennessee to Charleston our final destination then drove home for another three hours. I'm glad we reached home safe and sound. I hope we can go on cruise the next time around.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Addicted to Coupons

I have been watching how others coupon to save some money. You know how it goes with money nowadays. it won't take long to spend a hard earned dollar. It amazes me how they save so much so when I started to do it that's it I got hooked with coupons. We went to target today to get a dozen eggs for free with a coupon. I let my son line up so he will know how it feels to coupon with a 100% savings. On the other hand me and my daughter used a coupon for her hair color. The Revlon hair color cost like $3 something and she ended up paying 83 cents with the use of coupons! How awesome! And then we went to CVS my favorite store. I paid $11.02 and saved $46.97 for a whole bunch of stuff. I am posting a pic for you to see. So here's the breakdown 8rolls Bounty paper towel 10.00 on sale for 6.49 - .25manufacturer coupon 2 Crest toothpaste 3.00 each on sale for 2/5.50 - (2) .75 mfr coupon 1 gallon 2% milk 3.89 2 tide 5.97 each - (2) 1.00 mfr coupon and $3 cvs coupon 2 dawn .97 each - (2) .25 mfr coupon 3 nivea cream in tin .99 each - (3) 1.00 mfr coupon 1 nivea skin firming 10.99 - $3.00 coupon 1 greenville newspaper 2.50 I also used $21.50 Extrabucks as payment. I saved more than 85%. Do you wanna save money too? Get your sunday paper and start couponing!

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