Monday, November 29, 2010

Finding The Best Insurance

How careful are you when driving your car? On the road no matter how careful we are there are always unknown accidents waiting to happen. There are many factors that needs to be considered. It is always good to stay keen and alert. Yet when the inevitable happens are you ready to protect yourself and your car?
My stepson recently passed is driver's permit. His dad promised to buy him a car if he pays for the insurance therefore he needs a job to do that, not a new one but a decent one. He's got a lot of plans on his head. Since I am not driving as much as anybody else all the time he wanted to use it. That is a big no no for me. No way he can drive it. I love my car and I am very careful with it. His dad told him that it is my car period. He is wondering why he can't have a brand new car when I got a brand new one for myself. Hubby told him to go and get a job so he can pay the insurance. We believe that it is his responsibility to drive carefully when he will get his own car new or not. It took him time to realize that he really need a job. We are all grateful that recently he got a job in a grocery store.
Our neighbor is selling their car. We think it's a good car for him. Now we are in the process of comparing the best auto insurance for him at Auto Insurance Select. New Jersey has one of the most expensive auto insurance especially to minors. I think he will really need this car and a good insurance to help protect him since winter is right around the corner and it is getting a bit dangerous to ride on his bike to work.

Mixed Emotions

Should I be happy or should I be sad? For a couple of months or I think almost three hubby was unemployed. Now he found work down in South Carolina which is eleven hours drive from home. He starts today which is really a good news the bad thing about it is he will be far from us. He will stay there for just a month and then he will be back. It scares the hell out of me for him to be far away because honestly I have become dependent on him in so many ways. I have been used to being driven back and forth to work. Hubby washed all the dishes, washed and pressed the clothes and takes care of the kids assignments. He even cooked for us when I am busy with work. Oh well he has to work for us to survive. It will not be that long too at least. Hon, I'm missing you already.;-(

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Acing It With the Agent and The Stager

The agent and the stager came to help us today. We are just almost done with the packing up but I am waiting for them since I do not want to pack the stuff that they wanted to decorate. We finally finished cleanng up the kid's room with my superfast and super strong friend Gen. One petite lady with I don't know where on earth she gets her strength. We work so hard as a team. The agents were really pretty impressed of what we had done with the house. The last they time were here was a mess with boxes in the family room. I told the agent and the stager that anything they don't like can go. Funny thing about it is I have packed up most of the things I wanted to go to make the house fairly spic and span. They did minimal changes to furniture arrangements. They moved the dining table to the dining area from the kitchen. They also put up the big mirror in the living room and I was pretty happy about it. We might need a small breakfast table in the kitchen area.A pat in the back to Mel and Gen. Yey! I felt so happy that the agent told me I had done a really good job to the house and one day I might be a stager too. I watch HGTV all the time so I basically pick up some ideas. Are you kidding me? Lol. They told us what to do next and to get ready for house picture taking to be put up on the net.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Updating Essentials

I am almost done with house clean up. We just finished cleaning the spare room today which became a storage room after a while of dumping stuff we don't need in there. A million thanks to my friend Gen for helping me clean it up. Without her clearing the house will be impossible for me. You're the best Gen!

Next step is to update the family room, living room and bedroom. I believe it is essential to update some rooms in the house. I want these rooms to really look nice and lovely to interested buyers. I stumbled upon New Products by the Merchant Source. The curtains and their curtain rods look so fabulous for our family room. My hubby is laughing at me now. He told me that I am working too hard to please these people. I wanted my living room to be festive. I think the New Products by Taylor and Company would greatly help me with it. Christmas is around the corner and red throw pillows will accent the living room this season. It is getting cold and I need winter comforters now to keep me warm and toasty. The New Bedding by Egyptian Peddler would look great in our king size bed.

Are You Ready For Thanksgiving?

My kids will be bringing some food for their Thanksgiving party tomorrow. Sweet daughter will bring some vegie sticks and sonny boy will bring some crackers. Daughter said she will dress up like a pilgrim crazy thing about it is her teacher never wrote me a note about it. She just told her that what she would dress up like a pilgrim period.
I did not grow up celebrating this event since I lived in the Philippines. I have only been three years in the US of A. Usually I will just asked my husband when will Thanksgiving be. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the Fourth Thursday of November. It is an American annual tradition historically a religious tradition to give thanks to God. The Pilgrims at the Plymouth Colony survived their first brutal winter in 1863 in New England. The feast lasted for three days. The pilgrims and the indians shared their food together.
Annually we buy turkey and pumpkin pie. I think these are some of the food the pilgrims and the indians shared.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gearing Up The Van

Our next residence will be a long drive from New Jersey. Yes, we are going to have a long trip to Cumberland Maryland. It will take five to six hours to get there. I can tell you that because we have visited that place once before. It is a pretty charming town set in a valley. I like it because it looks old but friendly. Before you reach there you will come across between a split mountain purposely cut to create the road. It is very interesting place. Best of all we own that house because it has been paid off. I will be bringing some reading materials, nintendo ds, portable video and other stuff that will entertain the kids. I hate it when they always ask me if we have reached our destination as their patience grow shorter. The longer the drive the better that we are all comfortable.
Before all this will happen we have to prepare our van. It is better to gear it up to avoid accidents on the road. To prevent from car problems that would make us regret later is on top of our list. Hubby and I are searching for the good auto repairmen. He told me that I am good at searching so I looked for one. He also asked me to find out amongst my friends for recommendations about it since I have more friends here. One good friend told us about Los Angeles auto repair. She told us she had her Honda Civic done there. I rode on her car once after it was fixed and it was as good as new. We need a new head gasket, new wheels, new break level and freon. Wheel realignment is one important thing that needs to be done too. We will be happy when all of this will be done at a considerable price. By then we will be ready to go to Maryland without a hassle.

Top Performer

Just the other day my supervisor gave me a card and thank me for being the top performer at work. Yay me! It felt so good to be appreciated. When I opened it I saw that there was a giftcard in it too. I shoed it to one of my friends and he was jealous. He was asking why he wasn't given one when he also did his best. I guess he was just pulling my leg. To be honest I felt that way the last time I saw another's friends name listed the last time. Then yesterday I saw the names of the top preformers on the wall right in front of the E Hr. It is overwhelming to be one. No matter how small the job if you did your best it always feels good to be appreciated.

Getting Ready To Move

I am back folks and I am so happy because I finally figured out the solution to my blogger post. It will never let me post or publish. It bugged me so much. I had so many things to write that is stuck in my brain. It took me a while to figure out. I searched and researched on what to do about this problem. Thankfully I was able to solve it. Oh well so much for the qualms about life.

While I was away from the computer I was busy packing up the boxes. I was a busy mom juggling with work, kids and general clean up. Our house will be up for sale since we cannot be able to pay for it anymore. The recession has hit us badly. As I have poested before hubby is unemployed. We are going to have our house listed by an agent but before this happens the agent will come to check it. He said he will bring a stager to make sure the house will be in good condition when we sell it. I have basically put all the boxes in the storage unit. Not long ago I have my carpets cleaned by professionals. I have keenly observed what they did. This time do it yourself carpet cleaning is a way to go for me. My husband always trust me on doing things on my own. Anyway he is always there to help me. I inspected the bathroom and it looks like the water is leaking from somewhere. I cannot do it myself so I would just call the bathroom water damage austin to fix this one.

I am thankful to Gen who helped me with my general cleaning and packing up. She even helped me put the boxes away. She's a superwoman. Come Tuesday I will just be sitting and waiting on my couch for the agent and the stagers. I did not want to destroy my furnitures while cleaning them because I want to bring them with me when we move to Maryland. The professional upholstery cleaning austin did a wonderful job making my couch smell and feel so fresh and clean.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mabuhay Pacman...Mabuhay Filipino!!!

I worked the whole day yesterday. It was a busy day. The crowd rushed like money would run out of style. I was so tired when I got home. I rested for an hour then hubby yelled that it's time to go. I almost snapped. I told him that he can go by himself if he really want to since I was not ready to go yet.
We went to hubby's friend for a family dinner last night. They were Taiwanese friends and they are vegetarian. This was our second dinner with them and the food was better than the last time we went there. The kids never knew that all they were eating that night was vegetables. They keep going back and forth to the bathroom. Their house was located in a new subdivision in Sicklerville. The gps led us to an unfinished road that my husband did not follow since it was dark and rough road. Going out the subdivision it did the same thing. It led us again to that creepy old road. We had a fun conversation and I told them about Pacman. They never had any idea who he is since they were not boxing fanatics. But it was a good excuse for us because we have to go and meet with the rest of my Filipino friends gathering together to watch Pacman. It was 10PM and we rushed going back to Marlton. First we got Gen who brought Pancit canton. Then we went to Glendora to be with friends. We were just in time when we got there. I had my second dinner...barbecue, beef steak, spare ribs and all kinds of filipino pancit. What should we call this Men?.. Glutony at it's finest? Thanks to Menmen who hosted the gathering and the super tasty food. It was a good fight between Pacman and Margarito the Mexican guy who was a lot taller and heavier than him. David outdid Goliath with his strength and skills. He got worried at this opponents face. It was bleeding left and right. In fairness Margarito was a tough guy who fought till the end. Pacman won in a unanimous decision. He just got his 8th Division title making him one of the best boxer in the whole world. Pacman congratulations... we are really proud of you! You're the best!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Malling With Friends

It's my first time to go malling with my friend Menmen... and oh it was an unplanned event. Last Tuesday was my day off. I was so glad I have found time to clean my clutter at home. In between cleaning the house and getting online on FB we decided to go malling with Gen. I thought this is something spontaneous and funny. We went to the Cherry Hill mall and waited for Menmen. The first thing I felt was hunger. I had been cleaning the house and I really did not bother to eat. We went to the food court and grabbed some smoothies and some Japanese food. I love Japanese food so healthy and good. Then we started going around. I was able to get a good price on my red sweater at Aerospotale. It was marked $50 some bucks and I got it for 15 dollars. Sweaters were on sale for 50% discount. I also grabbed some shirts. Next she showed us Abercombie. It was a bit expensive but next time I will be in the mall I will grab a sweatshirt or T shirt from there. Then we went to Bebe. I like the simply elegant designs they have fro women there. I bought a black shirt not on sale though. Then we went to Nordstrom. Menmen showed us the very expensive bags that hubby will surely collapse when I will attempt to buy one. We decided to get a Shesheido compact powder. It has good quality designed especially for Asian women. I did not realize until today when I opened the box that it was only a refill. The girl gave me a refill. OMG. I will have to back to the mall to get a compact and not a refill maybe next time. Menmen brought us home. Thank you Men for the company. I really had fun.


It's a boy! It's a boy! It's a bouncing baby boy. My friend Mary Ann gave birth to a handsome baby last Wednesday. They named him Gabriel. It is such a beautiful name. She sent me a pic of the baby. He is really very adorable. She had a CS operation but she is safe and sound now. By tomorrow they will be home. Congrats Ann!Welcome to motherhood!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This blog has always been a work in progress. I am happy of the result in what I did. Now it feels authentic and most of all refreshing to look at. Oh well just in my own opinion. I am so happy to be able to help my friends Gladys and Comely create their blogs. I made theirs first before I decided to renovate mine. Drop by their blogs and see a part of my design and creation. I would not play know it all in blogging but I do love to designing. They both have asked me how to do it but it really takes time to explain it since I was just playing with the computer with no concrete knowledge on how to come about it. It's a hit and miss method. Thanks for passing by.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Say Cheese!

As promised here are some of the pics I took when we went to New York. We all had a blast came home tired but happy that we did something worth remembering!;-)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is Finally Home

We went to New York City yesterday to renew my kids' passports. I also wanted to report my marriage at the Philippine Consulate at the same time but they told me to send the papers to Chicago since I got married in Illinois 3 years ago. We went to Trenton and took a train to the city for an an hour or two. It took a long time to sit and wait at the consulate. I think we were there for the most part of the day. After the long wait the kids were sent downstairs to have their photos taken and biometrics. We were done around 3PM and we went to Bank of the Philippine Islands BPI office to open an account. My tummy was already rumbling at 4 and we have to travel 40 minutes to visit Jollibee (a popular Filipino fastfood) in Queens so we decided to get some coffee and food at dunkin donuts for a light snack before hitting Queens. We haven't eaten Jollibee in three years so we might as well go and get some. We went to the subway and rode the E train. My friend Gladys offered us her place for an overnight stay. It was really so nice of her. Thank you Gladys. Their place is not that far from Jollibee. We can either walk or ride a bus. We decided to get a mocha cake for Menmen at Red Ribbon before going home so we wont have to go back and forth. Red Ribbon and Jollibee is located along Roosevelt Avenue where we got a train bound back to Manhattan. We went to Gladys house and rested for a while then we hit back to Manhattan. Times Square is a lot beautiful by night! It was really a lovely sight. We took a thousand pics that I haven't uploaded yet. I left my camera with Jen so I might be able to upload it tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Noise

I'm hearing noises of something moving, clicking in the next room. Am I dreaming? Argh... I woke up to the sounds hubby is making opening and closing the tubs. Crazy thing about it is he wants me to discard some of my belongings. Throwing away the stuff I have not worn for years that I kept in the boxes is a hard thing to do. He has to help me decide with it because if I were to decide I would rather be a pack rat. Waaa. "If I don't need it I should throw it away", that's according to him. The kids and I just cleaned that spare room the other day now he's into the boxes again. I thought it was annoying...I can't go back to sleep and it's 9 in the morning...might as well get out of bed and drink some coffee. It's a wonder how I slept without noticing the kids get into the bathroom or make noise when they get ready for school. I usually do.
When I went downstairs the tubs came flying down...I mean hubby carried them down for me to sort out. Okay sort sort sort... He was dismayed that out of 4 tubs he only got a handful of stuff to be thrown away so he warned me not to buy clothes anymore. Hmm that don't sound good. Shopping is an addiction or shall I say a therapy? Lol. I could put my dear unused and slightly used bags and clothes in the balikbayan box than throw it away. My gosh I spent money buying those. The four tubs became 2 tubs. I thought it was a success. I hope it made him happy. We are moving to Maryland and we really need to prioritize what stuff we should take with us.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thank You Top Entrecard Droppers

I am truly grateful for the blog authors who take the time and effort to come and visit my blog. It feels so good to see you guys around. I did my best to go and visit your blog as well. Thanks once again.
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