Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Study With TV On

Author: Joseph Sandoval

My mom is a teacher at my school and she is always hounding me about mystudy habits, and I’m a pretty good student. I make mostly B’s and some A’s, and I always turn in my homework and projects on time. When I get home from school, I like to spend a little time just chilling, but I get around to my homework at a decent hour. I don’t know if I have some kind of ADHD or what, but I can’t stand to study in complete silence. I seriously cannot concentrate if I am in a quiet room. It creeps me out. I have to have the Cable television, or my ipod on. My mom is always coming by my room, turning off my tv, and I’m like, “mom! I need that on to study.” She doesn’t get it. She says it is a distraction, but I think that different people just learn in different ways. Sometimes I look up and watch the show for a second while I’m working, but I’m still studying!

Im Waiting

I'm ecstatic! My CNA course have just finished. After hours of night classes and tiring clinicals I finally am able to breath. And I am not scheduled to work for my part time job so I am enjoying my grand vacation at home doing nothing. Oh well not really nothing since I am waiting for the Licensure exams to become really certified by end of march. I need to review on how to wash my hands (grin). While waiting I am browsing for nursing schools. My teacher recommended me to go to Nursing since she saw how well I did in school. I'm sure gonna miss my classmates that I have grown to be so fond of.

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