Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thinking of Moving to Hawaii

I love Hawaii though I've never been there. It is my dream destination since I was young. I thought of it as a beautiful island home away from home. Everything there seems to be very lovely and charming.
One of my close friends Gen is thinking of moving to Hawaii. Her husband is in the military and they are moving all the time. This is next place of destination they want to be since it is really beautiful out there. It reminds her of home away from home like me. First and foremost they have to go and see the palce first. Then they have to sell their house here. Third they have to study about the Hawaiian islands that would suit them best as a couple since there are six major islands where you can opt to stay. I am also really excited about this thought. I told her to invite me to go and see Hawaii when they will be finally settled there. Without a second thought the couple said yes. Right now they are trying to look at the best airfare yet to be able to see and appreciate beautiful Hawaii. It would be lovely to get a really nice house on a hill overlooking the blue waters.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

So far I'm enjoying my weekend. Hubby's home and we are busy running errands here and there. By tomorrow we will bring the kids to the Franklin Museum in Philly. It sounds like fun to me and I hope the kids will love it too. Happy Weekend guys!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Niece is Getting Married

It is February and it's Valentine's day. On this special day it is always a thrill to think about love, dinner dates and other cute stuff. I have seen a lot of people going to the store today grabbing some gifts for their special someone. So many people are in love and this reminds me of my niece who is getting married. Seh told me that she wants to get married in Hawaii. She had visited the place once last year and she showed me some of her pics there. It in is indeed a pretty place. She wanted to go back and tie the knot there. She is busy planning and making informal invitations to her family and friends here and abroad. She always asked me suggestions on what to do on her wedding. She told she wants to be a June bride. I suggested that while it's early she should plan and make a to do check list. On top of her list should be her
cute wedding invitations with Hawaiian theme since she wants to get married there. She should make it a point to write down the five W's. Who are invited, what needs to be done, where is the venue, and when should it be. There are many things to prepare in a wedding so this is really the best time to start preparing.

For now they are having a vacation in the Philippines. They are informing her parents about the marriage. I'm sure her dad will be very happy about it. In as much as I am her second parent I am thrilled to helping her make her dreams come true. I want to search for an elegant wedding invitation online and show it to her. She loves the color pink and it would go great with hibiscus, pearly shells and diamonds as a wedding decoration. I'm sure she will be happy.

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