Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Exercise Equipment

I received my malibu pilates exercise equipment 5 days ago. I am glad it did not arrive very late like what I have expected. I am enjoying my workout at home with this new equipment. I love this equipment since I can use it in so many ways. It comes with a 3 cd's and a diet plan. I am looking forward to see the effects. Thank you so much hubby for this nice home gym equipment. xoxoxo

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Loves Outdoor Gears?

My stepson definitely loves outdoor gears. He wears his military trench coat all the time except on the summer. I can see why because it is very durable and functional. One time when I washed his trench coat I almost couldn't believe how heavy it was. I am thinking of buying him a lighter coat or a jacket, and a pair of pants since it is already summer. I saw him wearing the same kind of pants all the time. His pants is already torn but it has already served him well. I need to replace it. I think he would love this 5.11 Tactical Pants. I am sure he would love this covert cargo pants. The water and wind resistant big horn jacket is also very casual for our young man.

Summer Rain

We have had a busy schedule yesterday. We have a dental appointment at 4PM. I was called for work then rushed home to wait for the kids so we can go see the dentist. All 3 of us had teeth x-rays. My daughter told the technician she was scared. The technician told her there is really nothing to be scared of. She did my x-ray first then the kids followed. We also all had our teeth cleaned. My husband arrived after his work. I did not actually know he also had a dental appointment. we went home ahead since the kids were starting to get restless and we were not doing anything. My husband arrived home a few minutes after. I was not able to prepare dinner so we decided to just go to Wendy's. It had been raining the whole day yesterday. On our way to Wendy's my son asked me why it is raining when it is supposedly summer. I told him it rains even if it is summer because the plants need them and it is part of nature's cycle. I thought my son was so observant with the things around him. He is really showing a sign of intellect.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Was Your Weekend?

The official start of summer is here. We grilled some chicken and burgers. The kids enjoyed going to the pool. They went to the pool twice within the weekend. Hubby accompanied them last Saturday then I went with them yesterday. I brought along my word search book to while away my time as I watch the kids swimming. It was the first time I saw an ice cream vendor in a mobile here. I thought it only existed in the Philippines.Lol. The van chimed a musical tone and some kids got excited and bought ice cream. I really did not bring some cash with me because who would have thought there is something for sale on the street? Poor kids just looked at the ice cream vendor. I think we stayed there for a couple of hours. They really had fun.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Honey What's For Dinner?

Oh, thank God it's Friday. I have a big smile on my face when I finally came home from school. I did not cook dinner so I asked my husband what's for dinner. He scanned the coupon magazine but could not find anything nice. He asked me where I want to eat and I suggested how about Olive Garden? He agreed with me without hesitation. That brought a big smile over my face. The nearest restaurant is just 15 minutes away from home. We had an unlimited breadsticks and garden salad. It was the first time I saw my daughter ate vege salad. Then I ordered a steak Gorgonzola over pasta and my husband had the tour of Italy. The kids had mac & cheese and grilled chicken. I also love their iced tea because it was not that sweet. Everything seem to taste really good. I am so glad I went there.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We Love Blockbuster!

I love to watch movies while doing some of my household chores, do you? It's like hitting two birds with one stone. I enjoy ironing our clothes while watching movies every weekend. We choose and order our movies online. Then they mail these movies to us right on time. We have to options in returning them. We can either mail them back or just drop them in the store ourselves. We usually watch our movies in the weekend. We enjoy watching all three movies in a row. After watching them we go to the nearest BLOCKBUSTER store to exchange three free movies more making it six movies in a week. It's pretty cool and enjoyable. We also receive a free movie on top of that every month. Blockbuster has a wide variety of movies to choose from. There are new release movies to classic ones. Renting movies is one way to save money because it is a lot cheaper than buying them.


My Friend

I felt sad that my friend's bf came to visit her in the PI. He lives here and it is required for men to visit women before they marry her. I think my friend is very perfectionist that when he was there she scrutinized her to the max.;-) Oh well, how can I blame her she is beauty and brains. Most women who has looks and brains live up to their ideals. I was just sad because they broke and made it but this time it did not work. I really thought she will soon be here and we can find time making conversation over the phone or the internet since she would be in another state. Oh well, I told her not to worry because it's not her lose but his. It is not really easy searching the right one.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Win Ten Grand With Charter On Demand!


I really need a new TV for my daughter's bedroom. Right now I am just letting her borrow the TV from our bedroom. Poor hubby has to move it in and out of our bedroom every time she borrows it. She used to share TV with my son but now that they have grown they already have their own choices of TV programs. I have read online that Charter Cable is giving away ten thousand dollars and four 52" Sony Bravia HD TV's every week for the month of May as part of a very exciting campaign and promotion. I want to try my luck on joining the contest. They have a question that we need to answer. If I will not win the TV I hope and pray that I will win ten grand to be able to buy a new TV for her. ;-)It's so cool to be able to win any of these prizes. Simply visit the win 10 Grand Contest Page for more details on this amazing Charter promotion. We can play everyday for more chances of winning. Read Charter’s Twitter Feed regarding the promotion for further instructions. So good luck to you and me of these many a chance of winning!


So Excited For My New Exercise Equipment!

I saw an ad on tv about a workout system that focuses the abs. It was a lot interesting so I tried asking my husband if we can purchase the Malibu Pilates. He asked me if I would be happy with the equipment and I said yes because it focuses on the abs and I would really look forward to working out even at home. I was amazed to see him grab the phone an order the equipment. I'm so excited since summer is almost here and I can have fun time working out at home with our new equipment. You can actually use it for both upper and lower part of your body. Thank you hon for buying malibu pilates for me.;-)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garage Sale

Our next block neighbor was holding a garage sale today. I wake up late this morning but I was glad I was able to make it. I went to check what they were selling. They have a lot of paintings, toys, clothes, shoes and kitchen wares. I wanted to get the 2 set of blue jars with a lid but when I went back to get hubby it was already gone. I bought a couple of bags for 50 cents each and the kids were able to grab some toys. We also got some cookbooks and 2 cookie jars but the priciest thing we got there was the large mirror with ornate border that I haggle for 20 bucks. For sure I won't be able to buy that in the store for just that price. I love garage sales but my husband hates thinking that I am bringing other people's trash to the house. Oh well, if I can find more garage sales I will still surely bring him with me because he is my financier. Lol.;-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Beat The Summer Heat!

Summer is around the corner and we all have plans to go on a picnic, go to the beach or other great vacation destinations. Is your car ready for that? I don't think our car is. Our van has aged gracefully and I think it is high time to replace its ac compressor because it takes a long while before it cools the vehicle. My kids cry, sweat and complain about it. Auto air conditioning is very important because it is necessary to be comfortable when traveling specially when you have small kids. I went online to search for some auto ac parts for our vehicle and saw a great website called Discount AC . From Ford ac compressor to BMW or Mercedes ac compressor they have it all. It's impressive to see varied car model ac compressors at an amazing discounted price. For high quality and full warranty auto ac parts go check out this website. It also offers free shipping on all orders.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Literacy Night

We went to my children 's school last night to attend the Literacy Night. It was so fun for the kids to explore around on what the teachers prepared for them. We went from one booth to the other. Their were discoveries about reading, food, games and prizes for the raffle ticket. My daughter was so excited about winning the Coco Key passes but we have to go home early because we need to fetch my stepson from his friend's house. It was 8 miles away which was rather far. She was so upset to go home without knowing who won the raffle prizes. We passed a lot of forested areas and with only a couple of cars passing by the ride seemed forever. When Heaven came home from school she was carrying a basket full of goodies that she won from last night's activity. My daughter was surprised and so happy but my son felt bad that he did not win anything. I told my daughter that they should share the basket because they both were there last night. She agreed to that and at least both of them were so happy with the basketful of goodies. Than you to all the teachers who made the affair happen and exciting for the kids. Surely, learning is fun!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I love Shoes

I slept so late last night. I was talking with Xyza my trusted friend about clothes and shoes. We were feasting our eyes on things that we found at AMI ClubWear. She loves clothes as much as I do. Oh well it's natural for girls to love these things. A lot of adorable and sexy shoes are on sale. I can't resist in pairing them with the cute dresses. I really had fun talking and sharing with Xyza about girl stuff. I can't wait for payday so I will buy this one for me and for her.;-)

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Chicken, Shrimps and Scallops Kabobs

KFC is giving out free grilled chicken meals. My friend Ann gave me a coupon and we went to the store to claim it. It's a little bit crazy thing that a lot of people who went there with their coupons were murmuring because they said they were not accepting coupons as of the moment. They told us that they will just convert it into a raincheck so I told my husband that we will just buy our dinner last night right there in KFC. We waited for a long time before our food came out. My husband noticed that some people were given their orders ahead of us. My husband was already yelling at the top of his voice that made my daughter scared. In fairness the grilled chicken was good but the service? Unbelievably poor!
So today I decided to grill some chicken, shrimp and scallops in the backyard. We had trouble starting the fire. My husband told me that he will go to the store to get some fluid to start the charcoal. I told him that we will just use newspaper. It was a little bit windy and he didn't want me to burn myself with the fire. When he went I started burning the charcoal with the newspaper. When he came home the kabobs were already on the grill. I also grilled some red pepper and onions too. Caleb my stepson who was whacking some weeds was excited for the chicken kabobs to get done. I think the smell made him drool. He told me it was really good! My husband was so glad I made grilled chicken and my kids too. I have never seen James ate so much rice with the kabobs. Heaven was eating it with gusto. Two hours after we ate she wanted to eat again. We ate a great dinner today!

Happy Mother's Day To All Moms

Girly Comments & Graphics

I miss my mom who is thousands of miles away from me. I have requested a dear friend to buy some chocolates and flowers for her on this special day. She has patiently given me and my siblings love and care all my life. Happy Mother's Day Mom! Thank you for taking care of me and giving us all unconditional love, best thing of all you have extended that love to my children too.
Happy Mother's Day also to all moms in the world!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Protect Yourself In Style

As swine flu virus has scattered all over the world I believe it is very important to protect ourselves. Searching online on how to protect myself from the virus I came across They sell quality mask that has high filtration level. It also comes in different vibrant colors and designs. Now I can move around with glamorous protection. I think it would really be fun to wear this as I get protected. Get your own state of the art flu fashion mask from You can click here to view mask designs that comes in different vibrant colors. Order now to get protected and enjoy you fashionable respirators.

Kudos To All!

I hope it's not too late to say thank you so much to all the peeps who visited my site specially to the top entrecard droppers in my site. The top three awesome bloggers are:
Mother by Design
2. Harriet
3. Tasty Thoughts
And to all entrecard members who dropped by, you guys have greatly help me increase my traffic. As I read your blogs you have challenged me as well to do my best everyday in improving this site.
I think it's a great day for me because aside from that I also got a payout from Social Spark. This time around it took me less than a minute to receive my payment. Perfect! Thank you so much SS for the opps!!!

Be Kind To Animals Week


Dogs and cats are considered to be man's best friends. As a part of our family we should give them lots of tender loving care. Our pets should be treated well since they also have feelings and they are also living things. Their company give us joy and therapeutic effect. They make us feel secure too. It is always good to take good care of them. It is a sad thing when somebody's pet gets lost. Sometimes it happens because animals have their limitations too. It is always best to take precautionary measures when one has a pet. Micro chipping is a very good way of tracing lost pets. Some of the lost and found animals are placed in shelters until their owners find them. Others are being adopted to give them a second chance to love and be loved. Home Again Web Site is actively supporting the American Humane Association's Be Kind to Animals Week. A portion of every purchase is donated to shelters from May 3-9, 2009. This is a fund raising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals. You can register and choose a participating animal shelter of your choice. You can then shop at any of the participating online stores. When you shop through the home again website you are also helping these animals survive.


Mother's Day Presentation

The rain poured heavily today but it did not stop me from going to my son's school for their special mother's day presentation. At first I was a little bit nervous because I have never tried driving in aheavy downpour of rain. The thought of windshield wiper squishing in front of me seem horrible but I braved it in the rain. I was just right on time when I arrived. The parents were all gathered and a minute after I came the kids started to sing. Tell me how timely that was. Then we moved tot their classrooms. The kids read us a story, gave us a hand massage and back massage and some food. They also made a sketch of their mom and a book all about their moms. I think they did well. I thought it would be nice to share with you some photos and a part of the kids presentation.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Win a Free Kissimmee Vacation

Have you heard of the saying, "All work and no play makes Jose a dull boy?" I greatly believe in the importance of taking time to unwind. A better idea would be spending quality time with the family in a certain place. It's nice to unwind from time to time. A week ago, we went to Baltimore, Maryland to visit a friend and sight see the downtown area. We also went to Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago to enjoy the beauty of nature at Longwood Garden. My kids enjoyed climbing the trees, playing around, taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of nature. I would always love to enjoy life with every chance I get most specially with my children. My kids would really love to go to the theme parks in Florida this vacation. Aside from that I also have a couple of friends that we are planning to visit. It would be best to stay right in the heart of Central Florida. We would love to stay in Kissimmee because of its accessibility. Furthermore, a lot famous actors and actresses roam around the place that we could by chance see in person for free. Best of all Kissimmee is giving away free three weekend getaways for two; or two-week long vacation for four. It would be fun to join the sweepstakes so we can get a free vacation. I would definitely grab this chance to win and I hope you will too!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Visiting a Friend

We went to Baltimore today. It was a two-hour drive on the way and two on the way back. I visited Irene my critique teacher and mentor. She treated us for lunch in a Chinese restaurant. Then we went to see Ma'am Ellie in downtown Baltimore. She was my MA classmate who recently survived a four-time bypass operation. It's a miracle and a blessing. She has her operation last March. I hope she gets well soon. I am glad she was so happy to see us. Thank you God for the gift of life. For letting her survive.

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