Friday, January 30, 2009

Are You A Smart Girl?

My daughter loves Barbie. Aside from her doll collection, she gets online to play some Barbie games like decorating a room, polishing nails or putting make up to different Barbie characters. She really loves the experience. She taught me how to do it online too. Young as she is she is starting to grow, develop her talent and celebrate the things girls love to do.
Celebrate womanhood and girl power! Watch what girls can do as Amy Poelher interviewed some smart girls at Cozmo TV Network. Amy interviewed different girls with various talents and beauties. I really find it very interesting. It is modern, funky and can draw attention to women and girls in all walks of life. Be one of the first to see it!
As I invited my daughter to watch Amy Poelher make interviews, she really liked it. She even asked me how those girls got on TV. It's a fun and informative show that my daughter and I really learned to love watching. I love this fantastic show! It is an appreciation and celebration of uniqueness of every talented and smart girl. You can get your own widget here from my blog so you can see it and enjoy it as well. Have fun watching!


When Do You Need a Quick, Easy Loan?

We all need an emergency quick easy loan in some point of our life whether we like it or not. I have tried it one time when I had a cs operation. I never expected to have it that way. The consequences were not easy but when you need money you have to be willing to take risk like paying higher interest. It is important to be ready to any emergency. Save money no matter how small every pay day. This way when emergency arises you have something to spend. I have learned about life little by little everyday not in the easy way. Oh well, life is like that!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is it just an LQ?

My niece called me up yesterday and told me that she wanted to get out of California. She got married and have lived there for over a year now. Her relationship has been going up and down. Life has treated her rather rough but she has stretched her patience the best way she can. On my point of view, no matter what angle I look upon, it is not really easy. I pity her. She is like a daughter to me. She is still in her early twenty's and her husband is twice her age but she is the one adjusting most in the relationship. Love is a two-way process ad she did not feel it to be that way. I told her that she would be welcome to be with me. I have not pushed her to go away from her husband because it is always her choice. As she has been telling me she seemed to be abused and was not treated as a wife fairly. Who else will rescue her when she have no other family here? Nobody deserves to be mistreated no matter how far you are from your family. Sadly some people take advantage of this situation. I don't think this as just a plain lover's quarrel anymore.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Snowy Day

Schools were closed today because we have more than a couple inches of snow. When we woke up this morning it was raining and the snow has slowly turned to ice. This kind of weather is a bit more dangerous. It is better that kids have to be kept at home than take the risk of going to school. My kids went sledding in our frontyard and backyard even if the slope was not that elevated. I can never describe the happiness they felt seeing the snow this thick in Jersey. It's the first time it has gotten this thick really. They have surely missed the snow they have seen in Illinois but with the long winter days there I was but glad to be out of there. I felt depressed that I couldn't go anywhere when we lived there but as time passed by I have learned to love the place because I have gained some friends who were worth a million bucks. There are really advantage and disadvantage in going from place to place. I don't think there is such as a think as perfection. We all love to chase for perfection and idealism but the more we chase for it the more we get frustrated. Looking at the bright side of life, no matter what as long as I have my kids and my husband with me, that is all that matters. Asidefom sledding we also made ou own pizza for dinner. The kids had fun helping me. I am not sure if classes will resume tomorrow but I think it will so I sent the kids early to bed.
I am so glad I have had a couple of approved opportunities for social spark. The second one was approved sooner than I expected, without the need of editing it. I just got a wow and I felt good about it. I even told my husband about it and he was glad. He actually wanted me to review my praxis exam but I am lazy because I wanted to focus on my online writing gig. I focus on one thing at a time and I don't like to be pushed on the things that I need to do next. So for now he is just watching my every move. I hope he appreciates the my one step at a time strategy it's not that I am lazy because I have my part time job as a substitute teacher.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Orlando Science Center Opens New Exhibit


I have taught for more than ten years and teaching the Science of the human body has not always been easy since children would always tend to find it gross. I have tried and tested a lot of strategies just to be able to draw children's attention. One of the best strategies that I find helpful to students is teaching using humor. As an educator, I always believe that we ought to teach in a fun way as we explore and discover new ideas. To inject humor to a subject matter is important so we can be able to draw attention from the students. Using humor as a motivation for people in all walks of life creates a lasting impression.
My friend, Melba Turner lives in Florida. She has invited us to go visit her because the sunsine state where she is right now, is one place that has a lot to offer. From beautiful beaches, awesome weather, magnificent Disney World, gorgeous garden and Grossology Exhibit - Orlando Science Center. It is one tempting invitation that I couldn't resist since my daughter loves Disney and my son is fascinated with Science. The new exhibit at the Orlando Science Center will open to the public on the 31st of January, 2009. The new exhibit is called Grossology: The (Impolite)Science of the Human Body. Now how exciting could this be? It is really very exciting since it would be a fun, colorful hands-on experience to children and adults. If you like to let your children learn more about the human body in a fun way outside the four walls of the classroom this is your chance. I would also take this opportunity to let my children experience this since if we go there we can stay in my friend's place and she would be glad to guide us around.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How May I help You?

It feels good to help. As a person it is innate nature for us to feel blissful when we are able to extend help. My friend Beverly sent me a message telling me she has been sending me offline messages in my ym but it was sad that I did not receive it. She requested me to help her with her entrecard. She lives in Idaho and I live in NJ but I was glad we were able to patiently copy paste the entrecard widget on her blog. I also designed her 125 x 125 button for the entrecard since she don't know how to do it. She was happy and contented to see her entrecard but she has to leave for lunch with her in laws. I told her how important it is to be able to keep traffic flowing into her blog. The next thing I will be teaching her is how to view and buy ads in other blogs. I am really glad that she is learning it fast. I am willing to help my old and new friends alike. I am glad she was teachable enough.She thanked me for helping her.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Perfect Valentine Gift

My husband is an avid collector of quality shoes. He wears one to work everyday. Most of the time quality shoes would mean it gives you the comfort and durability wearing it. Comfort not only inside but outside as well. It must be able to give you a sure grip or avoid you from slipping specially when walking in this wintry season when everywhere there is always a possibility of walking in the slippery aisle with a pile of snow may it be at home or at work. Durability means being able to use your pair of shoes for a longer period of time which would lead to being able to save money.

He never failed to give me gifts on special days that's why I want to suprise him too. For this Valentine's Day I am excited to give him a pair of shoes that I have searched online since its winter time and there is snow outside. Wouldn't this be a good idea for a gift guys since it can be of use to him? I have never tried driving in the snow and I am afraid to try it so for now I am totally fine with online shopping. This Boot website has a lot of top quality brands of shoes that you can choose from. I am thinking of buying him a pair of boots. Boot shoes are useful nowadays since this pair will give him warmth and comfort from the very cold season. It is important to protect ones feet well. They offer free shipping of a $50 purchase and have a better price than retail offer. They can also match or beat the product that you really want to have from other stores. All you have to do is email and inform them about it. Nothing beats such offer, it would make me really be a satisfied customer. They handle bulk orders, purchase orders and government orders. I do not into bulk or government orders but definitely into purchasing for a gift. I am greatly considering this good offer from them.

Opinion Outpost

My son has been paid to try the new quaker oats granola bars that has almonds, pecan nuts and cashew nuts in it. We were sent 2 boxes of trial, packs of granola bars. I myself, has been paid to try not one but 2 neutrogena soap. They have always been a good product yet they always gove people a chance to try it. Isn't that amazing?;-) I took out my 20 bucks yesterday but payout is at least 5 bucks from opinion outpost. This is actually my third payout. I have joined a lot of survey sites but so far they are the one who pays me good. I love making surveys though even if some people find it taxing and discouraging when it says you are not qualified to take the survey. I have been in that issue to but most of the time they will lead you to another survey. All you need to do is to be patient. You will earn if you will just be patient.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Bunny

It's not Easter yet but we got our free bunny from craigslist. I have searched for free pets since my children wanted to get a pet. I have seen that they are ready to be taught responsibility of taking care of their pet. I wanted to get a pair but my husband wanted only one. My kids were wondering why we did not go to a store when we went to the girl's house where we went to get the bunny. I told because someone is giving it to us for free but we also went to the store to buy the cage, dish, water bottle and food. The kids are loving their pet. They even brought it inside their room because they don't want her to feel that cold and alone downstairs. We named the white bunny "Snowy". It reminded us of the coldest day in Jersey, it was also the day we got her. Thanks Christy for the free bunny!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

When Opportunity Knocks

I am so overwhelmed that finally my hardwork for blogging has been paid off. I was approved by payperpost! Not only that, I have already been taking opportunities too. I was at first so disappointed when I submitted my blog and they decline it sometime like 3 months ago. Oh well, I just started my blog then but they wanted to blogs with certain amount of post and traffic. I even one time took a rest and stayed away from the computer. Now it's the other way around, I am most of the time online. I am doing my best to earn here and there online as a writer. I have payperpost and socialspark. Yeeeha! It sounds great right. I really did not expect or believed there was opportunity to earn online but yes there is. Those who want to earn money you should try it out to start blogging now. If you have just started you have to be patient. I thought 3 moths was long ways. I did not think about it and I did not expect it has come. Just keep on going and going as you develop your writing skills. Seasoned fruit is sweeter to eat so they say.It feels good that the approvals came in one by one almost simultaneously. When opportunity knocks go grab it!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Paintball Fun

I belong to a circle of five friends who love to gather together. We bring along our husbands and kids for birthdays, christmases, dinners and karaoke time. I have three friends whose husbands were in military service as navy. One of my friend's husband who had served in the military before loves paintball. He invited us to their house on the 24th for his son's birthday. The celebration will be highlighted with paintball fun. It sounds really exciting to the boys and even to us girls. I am checking the Ultimate Paintball website online for a gift and saw spyder paintball gun . Wow, I am really excited about it. I hope he will be happy with this surprise. It really sounds like a good deal for me because they are having a great sale. My friends told me how the game would be played. I am also looking forward to be there since I have heard about this game but have not tried it yet. This would be my first time doing paintball.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wheego Whip - Will You Go?

Electric power generated cars? How would you like that? I wonder how they came the idea, maybe from kids toy cars? For me, I think this would be cool. It sounds like toys running for people but yes they can greatly help our environment. No air pollution and it is a gas-saving alternative. One day when this will be out in the market, I would probably be considering buying one. Read more below.

With Coupon and Cash Back It's a Double Deal

I love shopping simply because I am a woman and a mother of three. From clothes, food, home appliances, home decor and office supplies well just about anything needed for the my family I have to go and get it. But with the downturn of economy I need to find ways to stretch my dollar. I usually check on different prices from different stores first before I go and get the product that I need that way I can enjoy shopping and saving at the same time. In these times, housewives need to be frugal. The winter blues have struck me too. I hate to get out of the house when it is this cold. My husband is at work so no one is taking me out to shop for some clothes. I have no choice but to go online shopping. I searched and researched online to find the clothes I would need for work and came across coupons discounts at Ebates.
Wow, this is a very nice site for frugal moms like me who loves shopping. One will find variety of coupons and they even have cash back. I'm so excited. It is really a great idea to go online shopping and earn at the same time because you have coupons and cash back. Isn't that amazing?;-)
coupons discounts

SpitzTunes -- Right Direction!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Broken Glass

I was called up an hour before last Monday to substitute for pre school. An hour before to prepare myself seemed too short. I took a shower and as fast as I can went out grabbed a towel for my hair and accidentally hit the glass container for the toothbrush. Ouch! It landed on my heel and it went bleeding unceasingly. I rattled knowing not what to do next. I called up my husband, I was confused if I need to go to school or cancel it in case it will become painful. My husband came home made sure I was okay and asked me if we need to go to the emergency room to have my heel stitched. I refused telling him I have work to do and I am okay. He kept all the glass out of the bathroom and swept the floor and threw the broken glass in the trash and drove me to work. Since I didn't feel any pain I just went to work if I fel drowsy I would have just stayed home. I never expected accidents to happen. I was in a hurry and never expected this thing to happen but I was really glad I survived the day working without feeling the pain.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Body Complained

I have been online too much. Lately I have been sleeping around 2 or 3 am and wake up as early as 5:30am to prepare my husband's lunch and prepare my kids for school. My head and body complained. My head is really aching so much, I got too tired. I crashed last night and never did anything but sleep. I took some meds but it won't seem to work at all so I took a rest. I think this is what my body really needs. My eyes also needed the rest. Without my glasses on I felt like throwing up. Things got complicated since the temperature is going below freezing point here. Gosh, I hate it when it gets too cold it also gives me a headache. I have very sensitive sinuses that a sudden change of temperature would surely make me drowsy. At seven pm I was already in bed. Forget eating dinner or whatsoever I was scared I might get sick because nobody can take care of my family. My body has to recuperate. My husband gave me some alka seltzer so that I will feel better. Thanks to him I am feeling great now.
I woke up early today to prepare breakfast for the family. I was also hungry because I slept last night with an empty stomach. At lunch time we had chicken nuggets and french fries.
We went to the produce store today to buy some vegetables. The prosuce store accepts cash only but the nice thing is its tax free. We got some lettuce, red bell pepper, red onions and tomatoes. We also dropped by Walmart to get some newspaper, apple juice, milk, bathroom cleaning liquid and chapsticks to moisturize my dry lips. At least I was able to go out for a while but I hate the cold outside it's making my head ache again.
I prepared my husband's salad for lunch tomorrow so I don't need to wake up for that. I will still need to wake up early to prepare the kids for school. I don't know when will my kids be independently doing things on their own. Oh well, they are still kids and they will be kids once so I am happy that I can help them because they really still need me for now.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Organizing Tip: Use Economical Space Bag

Living in a country where seasons change for more than a couple of times a year has its own advantage and disadvantages too. The advantages are you will see the beauty of nature and the weather is really awesome. One of the disadvantage is you will have to have a lot of clothes piling up for every season. Talking about clothes, being able to organize these stuff is really important. Keeping them in an organized manner and being able to preserve them so you can use them again the next season is sometimes a pain in the neck. At home, we have been buying some plastic containers every season yet for a family of five I am having a hard time organizing our clothes. My husband moved our containers inside the house from the garage because he is afraid that some mildew might grow on them when it gets too cold there that would destroy our clothes. I am also worried about odor since I have allergic rhinitis. The closet is also too small to keep all our clothes so I have to find a way on how to economically save space. It was timely that I have seen on TV about space bag. An economical and innovative way of keeping clothes is here.If the air is suck out of the space bags then we can really be able to save space three to four times. That's a lot of space saved! It is also airtight and watertight so it has superior protection against dusts, bugs, mildew and odors. The clothes stays fresh and new in a vacuum sealed container. Odor and dust trigger my allergies causing me to have sniffles but space bags I will no lnger worry about this. For seven bags of different sizes for just one low price of $19.95 is really a very good deal. I will definitely buy this product since I find this really useful for us. Grab one now while the the $60 value still cost 19.95. And if you do that you will receive a free hanging bag. See the web link to appreciate how the innovative space bag works: Space Bag

I Have Been Approved!

I'm so glad that my blog has finally been approved by social spark. I have already taken one opp. Wow, it's so exciting and fun to be able to be a part of a blog marketplace. I am also waiting for my pay per post approval. I have been busy dropping my entrecards to increase traffic. Entrecards are like businesscards in the blogosphere. You can drop them and buy them or earn them with you visits in other blogs. I do have friends who regularly view my blog but entrecards have been useful in increasing traffic. It is also a lot of fun since one will learn a lot of things if you spend time to read the blogs. Some blogs are really very interesting though some are a little bit boring but I know it takes time to be able to improve blog quality. Learning to blog hop is important to increase traffic in your blog too. I can't wait to take another opp.

I like writing articles. I have started squidoo and hubpages. I have written more than a couple hubpages. I like it there becasue I am learning a lot. I have met some friends and read good hubs and learn.
This is my latest hub: hibiscus_mel's hubpages
It's really fun and exciting to be a writer. I love it when I squeeze my brains with good ideas worth sharing. Squidoo has a good motivation strategy to writers. It is interesting that my kind of thoughts when I write is always about cooking. Food preparation is one of my line of interest. Anyway I do prepare food everyday. You can view my squidoo on how to make a delicious pancit canton at

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last Day for Winter Break

Today is going to be the kids last winter break day. They will be back to school tomorrow. Hopefully I will be back to school to since I am substituting in Evesham Township District. I do hope the winters will not be really as bad here. Right now it is really cold in the midwest where we used to live before. Sending children before was really a pain in the neck since I have to go out with them and wait for the school bus, yes out in the cold, snowy street corner. Brrr...The kids love the cold though but I really hate it. I just can't stand it. I am so glad their school bus here fetch them right in front of our door step. That way the kids will not get that cold for waiting. I will just open the window blinds and wait for the bus, that simple and cool. The kids really had fun for that short winter breaK. We have allowed them to sleep late and watch tv and play all they can. They also went biking outside while we went walking. But now it's back to normal routine of sleeping early and waking up early.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our First Morey's Piers Vacation

I am learning to love New Jersey. With three growing up kids, we really love to go around and visit all the amusement parks New Jersey have. From shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, to amusement parks they have it all so what more can you ask for?
My family moved here from Illinois more or less six months ago. I thought we will be staying there for good. I already had my circle of friends that I became so comfortable there already but when the opportunity came that we will be moved here for free, stay in a hotel for free and even eat for free, while we looked for a house, we grabbed it. Having moved from Illinois and leaving my friends there, I felt so sad and lonely. My husband wanted to cheer me up and promised me that our family will be going to a Jersey Shore beach vacation at Morey's Piers when the kids will be out of school on summertime. Our kids are looking forward to the waterparks, amusement park rides and many other boardwalk attractions. He was so excited of showing me that they have their annual holiday sale going on. He likes sales and he would never let that pass. We will be able to save nearly 40% on a Season Pass to both waterparks. The kids will really be tired but happy of the fun and excitement Morey's Piers have to offer so we will be staying in their Wildwood Hotel.
If you also want to take the 40% discount, you should hurry and grab it, just go online and check out their specials at :
Jersey Shore beach vacation

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Chores

We fetched Caleb my stepson from the airport today. He spent his Christmas vacation in Texas. He came in around noon. He traveled via Southwest Airlines. I woke up rather late but we ate breakfats before hitting the road to the airport. We dropped by the orinetal stroe in route 32. It was easy to locate and good thing we finally did not get lost. We bought some ingredients for the fruit salad, some pans for the leche flan and horseradish leaves that I have not for more than a year. I wanted to buy a balikbayan box but my husband said no in front of the store clerk. I was not happy about it. I feel humiliated. I hated it but what can I do he has the money I don't. At the back of my mind a lot of things were fighting. It will take you a while to fill the box because it is big. He don't want to spend money for sending the box to the Philippines. It is too expensive for him.;-( Oh well, I am stubborn and I will do what I want no matter what because I believe ther's nothing wrong with what I am doing. If he don't like that Like I would really care. You know how much a box is? 3 bucks and it would take more than a couple of months to fill it up. So expensive right? He can't even afford it. I am grumpy and I didn't feel like talking to him.

I really like their airports here unlike the airports we have in the Philippines. It felt like you are going inside a prison when you go to Philippine airports because of too many inspections. You are not even allowed to go to the luggage area when you are not a passenger. Here you can always go there to help somebody. Oh well, in a place where you do it all by yourself, it is important to be able to get in and get out. I was dragging my kids with me just to support my good husband of his fetching my stepson. We waited for a while there since he had to get his luggage.

When we got home he wanted to go to Aldi's to get some groceries. I didn't feel like going so he went there all by himself. I slept for a little while and my kids woke me up for dinner. I have to make dinner of pan fried okra and spinach. It was good with soy sauce. Then we had cheesecake and fruit salad for dessert. James asked for some hot chocolate because it was so cold. Heaven also unexpectedly joined with James food trip.

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