Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Haircut Issue

When stepson came home he asked me that he needs a haircut. He has a very long hair so I took stepson to the parlor today for the haircut requirement of the navy rotc thing. He called up his mom and yacked about it on the phone while he was in the car that no parent of his will sign him out of rotc so he can do nothing about it. In the first place he sign it himself on his own will and nobody pushed him to do such a thing. His dad asked him if he needs to sign anything just bring anything and sign it. I know he wants to prove to his dad that he can do it himself so went around it by asking me to sign it but I didn't. Sometimes he thinks I'm all yes to him. Now he has short hair and he looks human again. Lol. He sent a pic to his girlfriend to show off his new haircut and she said she looked good with it. His heart bloated. We also went to the dry cleaner to have his pants hemmed up and his patch stick to a shirt. Luckily it was just next to the parlor. Look what I am doing, I am all support yet he thinks we are asshole parents. Sigh...Teens freaks me out. It made me feel so old. Hahaha...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Sister's Motorbike

My sister Sunday has a Kawasaki motorcycle. I think she really loves motorbikes that she decided to buy another one. She lives in Manila and went to Cebu to see my mom on her birthday. Now she is telling me how much she missed Cebu that she decided to stay there a little longer. She wanted to bring one of her motorcycles to Cebu so she can easily cruise around. She likes to customize it according to her taste so I am helping her look for motorcycle parts that would suit her taste. I was lucky to find Cruiser Customizing online. They have various motorcycle parts which is up to 60% off. I think that is really a good deal. No one can beat that. I would buy some of the part and a jacket too. I can't wait to go home and cruise with her.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I had a long chat with my sister last night about my mom's birthday party. Mama truly was surprised about it. I gave her a rocking chair and she was really happy about it. She did not expect that I also gave her a party. They roasted a pig (lechon) for her. There was ice cream, cake, escabeche and noodles for long life. She had a blast and everyone was happy. I will show you the pics later. Thank you friends for making comments and greeting her. For now I got to vacuum my dirty floor.;-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Almost Diamonds.com Review

I love jewelries ranging from simple to genuine ones. I simply can't resist their dazzling sparkle. I believe it enhances the beauty of every woman who wears it. If you take a look of a woman with and without a pair of earrings, you can see a big difference between the two, can't you? A hand no matter how simple it may look once you place a ring on it becomes fairly beautiful. Don't you think so? I have collected a couple of jewelries and sometimes I get tired of wearing them so I searched for some Fake Diamond Engagement Rings for something new to wear. I always find it amusing in wearing something new and much more when it is a jewelry. I searched for something new online and stumbled on almost diamonds.com. Their collection of sterling silver rings have really elegant designs. I could hardly keep my eyes away from them. Who would have thought they were not real? The Fake Diamond Engagement Rings are designed to meet the good taste of every woman who wants them. I can't wait to buy a couple and show it off to my friends. I'm sure hubby will be happy that I am going to buy some fairly priced rings.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Surprise Birthday Bash

My Mama has always been there for me and I want to thank her for being so good to me and to my siblings. She was with me when I gave birth to my own children. She always pick me up when I am down. Today I am giving her a surprise birthday party. I secretly gave certain instructions to my brother and sister on what to do since I could not be there for her. I hope she will like it. Ma, I may be half the world away from you but I love you very much, you know that. Relax, enjoy your day!;-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

LG Contest- Find Your Bliss!

This ugly and old computer monitor has stayed in the house long enough. This was actually owned by the last family who lived here before we purchased the house. I have no idea how long this computer had been sitting here. First it was idly lying down in a nook upstairs and now it is in the dark garage corner. I wish and pray hubby will get rid of it. It looks so ugly and outdated. It belongs to the junk yard and not here. We don't have enough space for junk in the house. Most of all it has no use to us. I will feel at peace losing this. I can't wait to submit this on www.facebook.com/LGBliss.

I wanted to post this ugly photo because I have always been wishing to win a new LG Bliss phone. It is a new lightweight and fashionable touch screen phone. My husband has a simpler LG phone but it really works great. I am sure the LG Bliss phone is even better! The LG Contest: Find Your Bliss runs from 9/11/09 - 10/6/09. One must be 18 years old or older to be able to join. They will be giving away 5 LG Bliss Phones for the grand prize and for secondary winners they will be giving away $50 gift cards to fifty people so they can buy anything they would like. Check out the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page to view the rest of the gallery of ugly things. You will surely enjoy looking and finding the ugliest. Which photos do you think will have a great chance to win the trendy LG Bliss phone?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Official Driver

Last Tuesday stepson asked me to drive him to Walmart so he can get 2 1 1/2 binders required for school. He said he also needed soda because he ran out (it is some sort of his energy drink) so I drove him there since hubby is out of town for work. Then yesterday, Wednesday he called me up and told me he needed a ride from his girlfriend's house. Are you kidding me? He was able to get there and he can't get home? He seemed to be designating me as his official driver. Grr. I told him I have to think about it....I usually don't have courage to drive some place far but oh well for hubby's sake I will have to get stepson. I went to his girlfriend's house then he told me he had to eat dinner and I should get him later. Whaaattt? No way! I called up hubby and ranted. No way I'm gonna go back to fetch him. It's either he ask a ride from them or he walk home. His dad said he should walk home. My oh my I did my duty but he wont go with me. Kids when they are a bit grown up always think they have mind of their own. I went home and did not fetch him. I did my part already.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adjusting Well

I went to work today and I survived. I was not as nervous as I was in the last couple of days. Thank you God for helping me survive. The nice thing about the place where I work is the diversity of the workers and yet everyone is united for a purpose. I met asian women, the pharmacist who happened to be a filipina too and two chinese girls. I managed to do things on my own without calling others. I am amazingly adjusting well. It brings an authentic smile on my face when I say, "Enjoy the rest of the day!".

Monday, September 14, 2009

Why I Love You

Funny how time has flown so fast
I know our love is meant to last

You know what I think and feel
I'm glad you always make things real

There is no need to change me or you
We are comfortable of our love so true

I will be forever grateful
For you are most thoughtful

I find your qualities and traits true
I am sure that's why I love you so.

Hon, Happy Anniversary!!!
I love you so much.

kisses and hugs,

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Eva!

Girly Comments & Graphics

My niece Eva is celebrating her birthday today! Happy birthday Inday I wish I was there to hug you and kiss you. Hope God hears and grants your prayers. May He shower you all the blessings you deserve. We love you a lot.;-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Friday Facts

It's Friday once again. Yeeeha! Look how time flies by. September is really an unforgettable month for me you see, I arrived in the US this month 2 years ago, I got married in September and it is my mom's birthday. I really don't have big celebration for the anniversary of my arrival. I am just always grateful to be united with my hubby. Our wedding anniversary is coming up and I have not bought a present for hubby yet. Hmm , I wonder what I should get for him. I think we will be celebrating it in the weekend since he will go to Maryland for his work on the Monday, just us family no big celebration ever planned. Hubby is not actually mentioning anything about gifts. Lol, so I don't have any idea what he will be giving me. Then my mom's birthday is coming up too, on the 22nd. They keep asking me about it. I wonder why. I think they want to have a shindig with my financial support since I could not be there physically. Man oh man, so much for the rants.;-) Lemme just share with you some random interesting facts today:
Enjoy and Happy Friday!
1. Apples are more effective at keeping people awake in the morning than caffeine.
2. Most lipstick is partially made of fish scales.
3. No US president was an only child.
4. Basketball is a famous American sports invented by a Canadian who was working in YMCA in the US.
5. The average bed is home to 6 million dust mites.
6. Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
7. The man who played the voice of Bugs Bunny was allergic to carrots.
8. Yams have ten times more Vitamin C than sweet potatoes.
9. Every time you lick a stamp you gain 1/10 of a calorie.
10. Maine is the toothpick capital of the world.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Brother's Online Store

My younger brother is a skilled glass and aluminum installer. He wanted to gain more customers so he asked me to give him some suggestions on what other possible ways that he can do aside from calling them on the phone. I told him that he should open an online store so that more people can access him and hire him. This way he will be earning more because he will be selling and installing. I want to help my brother open up his own business. I will assist and support him morally and financially. He knows where to get his supplies in town so we don't have a problem with that.
We are in the process of searching for a dedicated server to host his online store. I suggested that we should look at the web hosting reviews to be able to choose the best web hosting provider. We found Web Hosting Geeks to have the best reviews considering price, space and traffic. A monthly of $10 and below is not bad for an unlimited space and most importantly the traffic. We are really excited about this new business venture. We can't wait to start. We will name his store Apple's Glass and Aluminum. Do you think it would ring a bell and make some noise?

On The Job Training

I just came home from work today. I was called up to be trained on how to hand a cash register. There were two of us who were trained. They gave us a handbook read it for 15 minutes and discussed about it then handled transactions. Since that was my first time I was really nervous. Argh.;-( I was sweating in an air conditioned room. Is it really obvious that I'm nervous? My hands were a little bit shaky. I thought I was acting funny. Oh well, there will always be some kind of first time right? I take it as a learning experience. I will do it better next time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Talking Presario

Hello everyone! I am Mel's laptop. She uses me all the time. I was a gift from her husband a long time ago. He actually visited her in the Philippines for more than a couple of times. He bought me for her when she was in the Philippines so they can continue their everyday communication for the last three to four years. Their consistent communication was basically through me with a cam and a headset. I have flown from the United States to the Philippines and back. How is that for a computer? I am proud to be a part of their beautiful love story and to make the story short they got married and have relocated in the States. She regularly uploads me with so many pictures of them together as they go from one place to another. I tell you she has thousands of them. She is a budding blogger who keeps on clicking me till the wee hours of the morning visiting others blog and learning the art of blogging. She often communicates with her mom and siblings through me too. Pretty much I am her window to the world. Yes, you can call me an extension to her beautiful eyes and ears. I am a silver Compaq Presario R4000. I am a little bit heavy that she sometimes complain but portable enough to be carried. I have graciously aged through the years of usage. I choke in those many many clicks she makes so she starts and restarts me all the time. Yeah, yeah, it's pretty much an obvious sign of my aging I agree.

Right now she is trying to convince her husband to buy her a new HP laptop since they are offering a $30 off on orders of $150 or more at HP home store. All she need to do is use the coupon code SV2132 which is valid up to 10/31. Restrictions and exclusions apply. As a mom who is always on the go she wants to get the thinnest and lightest laptop called the HP Pavillion dv2z series. I'm jealous but I think she has a pretty choice. I have done my fair share of service so I hope her hubby will be convinced soon so I can retire in fantasy land! Good luck Mel!


A Conversation With Kids

I thought this conversation is cute and funny.

Me: Alright kids time to go to sleep. Sleep early so you can wake up early, you have school tomorrow.

Heaven: I hate school. Why do we need to go to school?

James: Yeah! Me too!

Me: You need to go to school so that you will learn things. When you grow up you will be what you want to be. What do you want to be when you grow up Heaven?

Heaven: I want to be a teacher.

Me: How about you James?

James: I want to be a doctor.

Me: You will never be somebody if you don't have education. Doctors, teachers, lawyers never became professionals just by accident.

James: What's a lawyer?

Me: Someone who gives legal advice to clients to represent them in court.

James: Mom, whose the guy that holds a mallet?

Me: He's the judge. He decides in the court of law. Why?

James: I don't want to become a lawyer, I want to be a judge.

Me: That's why you need to study hard and do your best all the time.

Personalized Wedding Postage Stamps

Personalizable Wedding Photo Stamps

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Busy Days...

The kids had their first day in school yesterday Tuesday. I was also called up for an orientation in a part time job I applied for in one store around here. The pay is not much but well in this current times its better to get something than sit on your butt doing nothing. I'm done with getting bored with life. I will be doing this job in between my substitute teaching. I will not be working in the store in some days I felt I will be called to substitute. In the next two weeks I will be in training. I'm excited about it. A little bit of this and that at least will help me augment the family's income. I hope I will do good in this job.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Heaven Wants A New Laptop


From time to time my daughter wanted to get online to play some games for girls but I am always online visiting and reading blogs or updating mine. Now she is whining that she wanted to have a laptop of her own. She said that she would also need it for her school assignments aside from playing games on her spare time as a student. She will be third grade this year and she is very interested with computers. She also loves the Face book application that I am so addicted with. I told her that I will buy her one when we will have the money. I was browsing some opportunities in Social spark and read about the Laptop-a-Day Sweepstakes
promo of Charter. This back to school promo is good for students and businessperson who wants to have portable computers. I showed it to my daughter and she got so excited about it because she is highly qualified to win one. I told her that now we have a chance to get her laptop for free. She cannot wait to read more about the details on how to win the computer. We can read more about Charter on Facebook. A lot of information can also be found about Charter on Twitter. I can't believe that Charter is making some noise again that a lot of kids can benefit. They are giving one laptop everyday from July 15 to September 15, 2009. That's a lot of chance of winning at least one. What about you? Would you like to win a laptop?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can You Play Chess?

I learned how to play chess in high school. One good friend taught me how to play it but I never was able to win one single game playing with him. He practiced chess with the computer all the time so he became better with it every day. I am grateful enough that I know the basics of it as not all women can play this game. When others find this boring I find it interesting and challenging. Hubby and I play chess from time to time. I rarely win but it makes me happy when sometimes I do. The number of chess pieces and varied movements of each piece will make us crazy enough. Men loves the logical thinking of it that is why they are better with this game. I taught my son and my daughter how to play chess. Amazingly I observed that he can play better. I can see that she is not interested with the game. It makes me happy that at 7 my son knows how to arrange them and how to bring them forward and even finish the game. I noticed each time we play he gets better and better. He had won my queen one time without my notice. It takes courage, patience, enough motivation and logical thinking to win this game. Chess is a game that is just like our life. We need to take time to think before we make decisions. I hope one day he will really become good at this.;-)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun At the Carnival

We went to a Singapore Restaurant last night. Food was excellent what can I say. Right after dinner we went to the carnival sponsored by a private school here in our town. The kids had a great time. Hubby felt like its a rip off to be spending 5dollars per ride. I think it is some kind of fund raising. He said we could have enjoyed a whole day ride in Hershey Park or Six Flags at a fairly reasonable price. But hey we were already there and I used my pocket money not his for the kids. This is Heaven's second time to go in this carnival. She went last weekend with Brianna her classmate. I realized that she becomes braver on trying with some things like taking rides without me. Am I overprotective or am I just a scared mom? This is just James first carnival ride. They both went to the tower drop off then to the ferris wheel. He cried when they went to the ferris wheel. Sitting alone across his sister made him feel unprotected. With the wheel whirling so slow he got nervous so we decided to let him down and hubby take over to watch Heaven. I think the drop off triggered his nerves to get scared. All in all he got two rides and Heaven got three. Here are some of the pics I took in the carnival.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Fun Pics

There's something about Friday that makes me happy. Is it because I have endured the week? Or is it because we will be going out to eat and not cook dinner? Omitting such chore makes my day lighter than usual. Lol. I will be devoting my Fridays to fun pics or fun facts whichever will come first.
As September is around the corner that reminds me of our coming wedding anniversary. We will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary and our second year here in the States(me and the kids). Thinking about the wedding anniversary I have found some fun wedding cake topper pics. Hope these brings a smile on your face as it did on mine. Enjoy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wishing for A New Exercise Equipment

We just came home from our one-mile walk. I go with hubby from time to time. Today the two kids went with us. I love taking walks but sometimes I get lazy so hubby has to walk all by himself. Aside from that my allergies with cut grass, pollens and crazy thing in the air is making my nose really itchy again. The wind is getting cooler and in a month or two summer will be over. I thought my malibu pilates will work well with me but I was wrong. I have used it only a couple of times and now it is is laying idle in the corner. This time I wanted to have a treadmill. A cheap one will do but hubby told me he doesn't want something that easily gets broken. He said had tried buying a cheaper one and its use ended too soon than he would have thought. I wonder what kind of treadmill will last longer but I really wish I will have a treadmill soon. I will have to research on the prices and reviews of treadmills.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Term of Use