Monday, March 14, 2011

Upset With Viking

People beware of viking to do the squirrel removal in your house. They pose as bug exterminator and squirrels too. We paid them more than 300 bucks to remove the squirrels in the attic but to my dismay nothing happened so beware of people who cannot handle the job well. They are no good! The worst exterminators I have ever met. If you cant do the job please dont accept the money people. We will report them to the business bureau since they are not doing their job as expected! I will make sure we will get our money back because we need to pay the better exterminators who can do the job.

Spring Cleaning Time

I hear the birds sing early in the morning and the trees are starting to grow their leaves back again. We cannot stop it spring is around the corner. It's spring cleaning time! It's time to set aside the shovels and snow blowers. The furniture covers need to be removed. It's time to breathe fresh air and watch pretty flowers grow.
It's a tiresome job to do the house cleaning all the time. A little cleaning each day would greatly help when a major cleaning time pops around the corner. This way cleaning will not be as tedious as we imagine it. I have to go to work, wash the dishes, do the laundry and feed the kids when I get home. The pressure is on me.
As a busy mom I would need the steam carpet cleaning services austin to help me with my carpet made fresh and look new again. There's an upholstery cleaning tips austin that I find helpful. I tell you it's a good read. My teenage stepson's room has a stinky room that I need to attend to. I am pretty sure natural odor removal austin can help me with this remove the unwanted odor. I'm really looking forward to a lovely fresh and clean spring.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Medical Drama Series That I Love

I always love watching some medical drama series like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. The medical scrubs that the interns and residents wear are so cute. The story is nice too. The life and struggles of people in the medical field is being portrayed and you will really learn from them. One of my other favorite show was Nurse Jackie. Did you remember that show? I find it hilarious and realistic. I watched that series all the time. I hope it will be shown on tv again. I like the nursing uniform she wore in that tv series. Her bestfriend is the lovely doctor who wear a prestine white lab coat with matching heels that really looked good on her.
Some of my friends are nurses and I am glad that they really are giving suggestions on what to do when I become clueless when my kids get sick. I wanted to gift them with these pretty nursing scrubs as a gesture of gratitude. I just hope they will like it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was last March 4th. My friend couple Sean and Gen treated me to dinner with the kids at an Italian restaurant called Two to Tango. I could not thank them enough for such a kind thought. Then invited my friends to Borgata buffet in Atlantic City over the weekend for dinner. Since hubby is not around we planned to have Sean drive us to the venue but he was sick. My oh my poor kid. I went to ask a ride from Ellen which she gladly obliged. Thanks a lot my dear amiga. the funny story of Ellen fetching us at the house because she got lost somewehre then on the way to Borgata we missed the tunnel so we turned around. We ended up going straight to dinner and no shopping at all. Ellen did not just bring us to Ac but even brought us back safely home. Thank you so much Ellen youre a life saver. I treated them to dinner because this don't happen all the time and my friends are really nice people that I hold dear to my heart. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for coming and enjoying the day with me. I am not getting any younger but I am glad I am getting wiser every step of the way!

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