Friday, November 25, 2011

Save Some Money With PackIt Lunch Box

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PackIt for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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There are many ways of saving money. The idea  comes in all sizes and shapes. Tips on how to do it amazes me but when it comes to applying it gets a little bit hard. Every penny counts so we do our best to be able to one thing at a time.

Hubby and I like to pack our lunch to save some money. We both prefer bringing our leftover home cook meals to work too. It is just more nutritious and it is a lot more delicious compared to frozen foods most of the time. I put our food in a lunch bag so  its freshness is preserved a little bit longer. Hubby got tired of bringing his bulky lunch bag to work so he just bring it in a shopping bag.  I got excited when I saw this     

   PackIt lunch boxes     which is on BOGO sale for 19.95. We will have one each when I will buy it. They are come in a convenient size 8" x 10" x 5" so it is not really as bulky compared to hubby's old lunch bag. I prepare our lunch the night before so that hubby will just grab it the next day on his way to work. This Packit lunch box will last for ten hours isn't it cool? Check out the  PackIt lunch boxes website to learn more about this fantastic bag that you can use everywhere you go.

 Do you like to bring a pack lunch too?  Tell me.



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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Early Christmas Shopping

Hubby and I talked about buying computers for the kids. They use my computer all the time so we decided to just get one for each them as a Christmas present. Target has notebook computers on sale this week so I secretly shopped one for each of them. It cost 197 each plus tax. I thought they are so lucky to have computers at an early age I had mine when I was 30. Oh well these are useful multimedia for them to use anyways. They are just really lucky. I'm sure they will love our presents for them.

Friday, November 11, 2011

New Baby

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

My wife and I just had our first child. By most peoples’ standards, I guess you could say that we are pretty successful. I have a job on Wall Street and my wife runs an accounting firm. We live in Manhattan and honestly, we have never had to think about the money we spend because we have always had plenty of money. When we got pregnant last year, for the first time we thought about the fact that we would have someone other than ourselves to think about. I started looking into different new york energy rates to make sure we were paying a reasonable rate for energy. I also told my wife that we should probably stick to a budget for the baby’s nursery. So far we have not made that many changes to our lifestyle, but now that the baby is here, my wife is thinking that she will not want to go back to work as soon as she had originally intended. If that is the case, we will definitely have to come up with some other ways to save money.

My First Wilton Class

I attended my first Wilton basic cake decorating class last Wednesday. Boy I was so excited. I went there 3o minutes before the time. No one was there yet so I decided to go around the shopping strip. I went to Old Navy and enjoyed my time there. I ended up spending a hundred bucks and was thirty minutes late in class. Arggh. I enjoyed my first class though. We made stars on top of our cookies. I won't be late next week I promise.

Healthier Way of Cleaning

There are many ways of cleaning a house. Some people are meticulous about it. They clean their every single day. I don't really clean my house everyday since I am working. My priorities are more of feeding my family. I like cooking more than cleaning. Good thing hubby likes to clean up after my mess. He helps me wash the clothes and arrange the house while I made sure we have fresh and delicious meals every single day.
He likes cleaning except the vacuuming part. I do that part most of the time. I used to vacuum the house once every week. I have allergic rhinitis in which dust, extreme heat and extreme cold weather can trigger to my condition. I started to have congested nose a week or two ago so I decided to take a rest from vacuuming for a while. I wondered if vacuuming has also triggered to my allergies. How sure could one be that the vacuum sucked the all the dirt when we can't see the moving air inside it? I could not do anything about the weather because that is a condition that no one can stop but I can sure do something about vacuuming. I don't even have to do it myself. I surf the net and found to help me with the my carpet cleaning needs. I think steam cleaning the carpet is a better and healthier choice of cleaning the house for me. I would like to avail the cheap carpet cleaning services austin. I like the steam cleaning idea. The process of vacuuming the carpet with some water will prevent dust from flying all over the place. They will then steam dry it which is a better process of cleaning. This way scattering the dust and dirt is minimized. A new and freshly steam cleaned carpet smells great too.

Urgent Care

I am experiencing a series of spells of a whooping cough. I can't sleep well because of congested and clogged nose. If I feel cold and tired it make me cough more. It has been almost two weeks since I am having cough and colds. Eating mong bean last night triggered my cough that would not even stop. Hubby was scared listening to my cough so he asked me if I want to go see the doctor right away. I was coughing and coughing so we went to an urgent care clinic. Good thing I know where it is because hubby don't even know the location. The doctor told me that I have an acute sinusitis. I need some antibiotics, warm steam baths and saline solution to cleanse my nose and some mucinex dm for my cough. She told me my lungs is clear from phlegm thank goodness. I thank God now I can breath better.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Way To Save Money

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Believe it or not I prefer reading news and tips on the internet than watching it on television. I read a lot of stuff on the internet and my favorite part is ways to save money. In the downturn of economy, every dime and penny that gets out of your pocket matters a lot.

One way to save money is to use prepaid phones. It cuts your phone bill in half.  Take a look for instance of this Net10 Unlimited. It is offering a great deal with prepaid phones. There are no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. The nice thing about it is it has a nationwide coverage and an excellent reception. In addition it uses trusted brands of manufacturer phones like LG, Nokia and Samsung. I so love this brands since I have used them. You can also switch between  plans to suit your budget without penalties or fees. I am thinking of getting two Net10 phones for my kids. I am going back to work and I just felt like they simply need it in case of emergency. They  are really begging to have one. I'm sure I would save some money. They are excited about the plan.

What Rob has to say

Real NET10 customer

Real NET10 customer

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Household Chores

My kids are learning household chores! A big hurrah to them! They are taking turns on cooking rice, rinsing dishes, making vegetable salad and making tea. After a couple of days doing their chores they started asking me why they have to do it and what about me? I thought it's a funny question that deserves a point blank answer so I told them that we can exchange jobs that they provide food, clothing and shelter for me and then I will do their household chores. And then she complained that she's too young to do something a job like earning money so i told her that's why you do something simple things like household chores.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mama Needs a Caregiver

I was both happy and sad to be able to talk to my mom yesterday. I say happy because I miss her a lot but sad because my sister told me that my mom fell on the ground and bruised herself. They even showed to me my mom's bruises and I felt sad and worried about it. You see she is already 74 years old now. How soon will ones cuts and bruises heal at that age? I wonder where my brother who is supposed to be there for him to take care of her. They claimed that they can take care of my mom but they don't seem to be doing this. My brother and his wife are both living with my mom to take care of her. Are they really helping her or just taking advantage of her?
In the Philippines, it is our culture to take good care of our old people. We love to do that because we think it is an obligation even if nobody told us. We have a high respect and sense of empathy to the elderly. It worries me to think about my mom. I always think I am responsible to what might happen to her. My mom has been a lot of help to me and my kids that's why I will never forget her. She helped me look after my kids. I think the feeling of being loved and taken cared of will always be reciprocated. I am a thousand miles away from her and that makes me sad. I think it's high time to find someone dependable to help my mom. I wish we have in home elder care in the Philippines instead of family and relatives who can't even be trusted at all to help her. I badly need a compassionate person who will be there for my mom. I thought my siblings can do that since they are family but I was wrong. I would love to help my mom enjoy the calming sunset of her days.

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