Sunday, June 28, 2009

Niagara Here We Come!

I love to travel. My husband has finally made our plans to visit Niagara Falls. We will travel by land so we will be able to see the view in New York down to Ontario. We will be in the Canadian side. We have heard that the view is reall aazing fro there. I do think it is very exciting since it's first time to go and see the place. The kids can't wait to ee the place too. We will be on our way there on Thursday. This our first big trip away from home. I'm so excited!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Gift of Time

I consider time as a very essential part of my life. Time may be infinite but the wisdom of man has invented a way of measuring it. I believe that "there is always a time for every thing" because as a mother and as a wife I make sure my time is spent well with my kids and my husband. Life measured according to time truly is very short and we have to make the best out of it. There are so many activities that we make sure we are in constant harmony with time. Day to day activities like cooking, laundry, shopping, exercise and even sleeping may seem so ordinary but time is an essential part of these routines.
As our second wedding anniversary is fast approaching I am looking for a unique gift for me and my husband. A gift that will help us be able to watch the time. It would be really wonderful to synchronize our time and spend it wisely. Browsing on the internet for some quality watches I landed on a website called They are giving away huge discounts as part of their anniversary sale on quality watches. They give a thousand dollar off for every watch purchase which is really a super discount. They will also give a certificate of appraisal, certificate of satisfaction and most of all a three-year warranty certificate. Visit the website and see for yourself to believe it. No other store can give you such warranty and such good price for a very quality watch that will stand through the test of time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recommended Uniforms for Work

Jonna needed some uniforms for work. She needed to wear white, blue or pink shirt, black slacks and black shoes. She saw the label of my son's pink long sleeves shirt was labeled Gap so we went there to grab a pink long sleeve blouse for her but we could not find one. She just opted for the white one. Then we headed to L.L. Bean to get the pink one because she really love pink and she can wear it to work. We were able to buy blue and pink collared shirts for her there. A little bit expensive but really worth it. Then we headed to Famous Footwear to buy her black shoes. My husband recommended Dr. Scholl's since it is very comfortable. I got a nice pair of sandals too. She have to go early to work tomorrow and the designated driver have to sleep early so she can drive her there. Lol. I hope she will be happy at her workplace. Oh well she won't be serving them she will be serving guests. Good luck to your first day of work.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jonna Passed The Interview

I woke up early today even if I slept late last night. I drove my niece to Cracker Barrel for her second and final interview and she passed it with flying colors. The manager told her to come back on Wednesday for the orientation. I'm so happy for her. She is also planning to study CNA while she's working. I hope this is the beginning of a happy life for her. You deserve to be happy my dear. Way to go Jonna!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thanks For The Dinner Men

We had a blast eating, talking and looking at the kids playing in Menmen's place last night. My friend Menmen invited us for dinner in her house. I asked her what the occasion was and she jokingly told me she is going to have her debut. But when we got there I saw a big birthday gift in the living room. I was asking the rest of our friends what really the occasion was and they said it is Roger's birthday. My husband told me to make some food that I can bring but I told him that I will just bring a filipino ice cream since that is what Menmen always love to eat. Heaven's classmate had a playdate with her here at home so we waited for her mom to fetch her before we hit the road. We go lost on the way to the filipino store because I entered the wrong data in the gps. My kids loved the party since they were able to play and have fun with the other kids. Thank you Men for the invitation. Most of all Happy birthday Roger.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Join The Cool Blu Contest!

Have you heard of the newest and the healthiest energy drink called BluFrog? Compared to other energy drinks Blu has real fruit, low calories, low carbs and has lots and lots of vitamins making it the most nutritious drink ever. Reading the blu facts in the Blu webpage I think it is the coolest energy drink ever invented do you? For sure everyone will love this drink. As part of its promotion Blu is launching a contest. You have three chances to win one of the five cool Blu prizes. You can make a blog comment on the blu webpage, spread the word through twitter or write a blog post in your own blog. I wish to win the New Year's Eve trip to New York. New York has one of the world's coolest new year celebration ever. You can check out the rest of the prizes at It's a Blu Don't forget to read the rules found in the same web page. Have fun and good luck!

Dinner at Penang

Penang is a mixed Malaysian and Thai Cuisine Restaurant located at Route 38. I love the ambiance of the restaurant. It is very exotic and authentic. They have a big fish pond in the middle of the restaurant with two fountains and a lot of big kois. My kids loved their fried rice with roast pork. We ordered chow fun and chicken with pineapple. We had some spring rolls for our appetizer. I ordered thai iced tea. I love it. It was an awesome experience.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finding the Best Web Hosting Service

In these hard economic times it is good to try some business to help augment our income. Nowadays what better way to sell your trade is through the internet where hundreds and thousands of people are online everyday to search and research information of a certain thing they really want to buy. In starting out with a new online business it is really important to make sure one has the best web hosting service. Traffic, space, technical support and most of all the right price should be considered in choosing your web host.
My very good friend Mary Ann is thinking of creating an online boutique since she loves to follow fashion trends. She wanted to help her husband augment their income since she is also helping her family in the Philippines. Trying to help her start up her online business I researched online and came upon the web hosting reviews of the web hosting geeks. I was amazed of this site because they give the best source of information about web hosting services. I really like their website because they really give you an honest review and tell you the upfront cost of the web host providers. I will be sharing this to Mary Ann and for sure she will be happy about it.

Working Out

My legs are sore today. We walked for a mile for the last three days with my kids and my niece and then we did some aerobics work out every night using the free comcast exercise tv. I got tired and bored with my exercise equipment so that is why I looked for other exercise variations. I did my aerobics earlier today since my niece went out on a date and it was raining outside so I could not go walk. I hope my sore legs will be better tomorrow so I can continue my aerobics routine. I like to continue doing this since comcast is offering a lot of free on demand exercise that I can choose from. I think this is a good sign that my muscles are working out from the little stress that is good for toning the body. I am a little overweight so I do need to work harder to shred some weight. Exercise is always good for the heart, mind and to be able to live longer. Yes, I do want to live longer for my family especially to mykids.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are Your Kids Ready For The Summer Fun?


Three days left and the kids will be off school. My kids are very excited because finally they will be having a grand vacation. I am sure they will get bored of just sitting around the house playing with their toys. Children would need a lot of social activity involvement to nourish and continue what they have learned in school. I wanted Heaven and James to get involved with academics, athletics and arts. This way they will really have a lot of fun while enjoying the summer. For sure Summer Camps will be a great idea. I have searched online for some great summer ideas for the kids to do. They have summer camps in school sponsored by the Department of Recreation in New Jersey. They also have field trips that the parents and children can opt to go with every week. They will be going to the Statue of Liberty in Ellis Island, New York. They also can go to the safari to see the animals. My kids will really love learning through discovery and exploration with the field trips. It is good that they have a variety of things to do during the summer. Personally I think it is really fun! I would really need them to get involved so I can have time for my self to review for my July teacher's examination.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

What A Busy Day

I can't believe I woke up 12 noon today. Oh well, I slept late so I think that's expected. Lol. When I woke up I made some pancakes and bacon for brunch. Then we went to the library to return some books. James had a 9-dollar fine of the movie he borrowed and was not return in time. We looked for the video all over but could not even find it. We went to Walmart so my niece could buy some shirts. When we placed the things in the trunk we saw the cd there. We saw Menmen's dad in Walmart. We talked for a little while and then we went to H Mart to buy some groceries. My husband made us a taco skillet which turnerd out really good. My son can't stop eating but Heaven didn't lie it. Oh well most of us loved the food. Sunday is usually days of running errands. 'Twas a busy day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Have A Good Weekend!

I can't believe it's Friday. Time flies so fast. I hate going to work today to help a teacher but I have to. Oh well, there's one more week to go. I had a busy day because I sub the same aid yesterday and today. My day in school ended up well. Thank goodness. Mrs. Soboleski's class was the last classroom where I stayed. I was a floater hopping from one class to another. I think it's good that I won't feel sleepy because I was always busy. Thankfully the day is over. Happy weekend guys!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Niece Is Back

My niece is with me right now since she is having problems with her marriage. She is one young and confused girl. I told her to just move on with her life. She should go find some work so can forget all her troubles and worries. Her husband has all the vices in the world. Name it he has it.
We went to Menmen's house last Sunday because I wanted her to advice my niece on what to do. She got a friend who has the same situation like her. We all exchanged ideas. My husband was our designated driver. Menmen served us some bico and some beef. Then we had filipino ice cream for dessert. Thank you men for the nice treat. I noticed that she had a vegetable garden in the backyard. She showed us her tomatoes pepper, squash, ampalaya and a lot others. she has a green thumb because I noticed her plants were really growing well. I think that's why I like her a lot because I love gardening too.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Charter Is Rolling Out Internet Phatband Speed


My stepson Caleb is an online game addict. He goes online and play games every single day. He complained of our current internet connection because it takes a lot of time to download a game. When his friend recommended him about Charter Hi-speed internet he was convinced of how fast it was. It is even number one in the St.Louis market. Multimedia sites can greatly benefit in this very fast internet connection. Charter's Ultra60 service is the first of the Phat band speeds that Charter will be rolling out. It is an amazing next level super-fast tier service necessary for the hardcore gamers. Now virtual lags for gamers can be avoided if not minimized. Read more about Charter's Phat band speeds at Ultra60 Information Page. You can also learn more at Charter’s Twitter Feed. Caleb is very excited of this kind of internet speed. He is looking forward to the roll out as he also wants to experience downloading patches of games in no time.


NJ License and Plates

I felt a lot better now that I have changed my Illinois driver's license to an NJ license. It was a lot harder to get your driver's license here compared to Illinois but thankfully I have pushed my way to getting one and not give up. We went to DMV this morning to have my license plates changed too. The car plates expired last month and it really feel awkward to drive around with it. With so many cop cars running around I think it is but best to follow rules and regulations.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Great Guide To Good Living

Reminiscing my childhood I realized that a lot of my classmates in elementary have already became nurses. Missing home, I have reconnected with my classmates and that's how we have reacquainted with each other. A lot of my classmates and friends are now working as nurses here and in UK. As health care professionals they are responsible for the treatment, safety and recovery of medical patients. They have great dedication with what they do. They are so hardworking that's why I am so happy and proud of their success. Even my best friend Cindy Rose is now a nurse too. She is now working and residing in London with her family.

Speaking of nurses I have read about a great online magazine called Scrubs. I enjoyed reading this mag site for nurses. It is a great nurse's guide to good living. I found Scrubs very interesting, informative and entertaining mag site. I love reading about their beauty tips which I can also apply to myself. The site has a very eclectic discussion about mind, beauty, health, style, work, love, money, news and entertainment. The site offers a lot of helpful hints you would really be grateful of. It is truly an oasis for an overworked health care professional. Oh well I think it's not just for nurses because for now I am really enjoying this great mag site too!


Just Came Home From Friday's

We just came home from dinner at TGI Friday's. It is just a block or two away from the house. It has been raining since this morning but it's okay the restaurant is not that far anyway. MY kids love it there since they saw the balloon guy who blew them balloons into animal shapes. My husband printed a buy one entree get one free coupon. It's a good thing they honored the coupon when we went there unlike the Kentucky Fraud Chicken who didn't. You can grab your Fridays coupon too. Enjoy your dinner!

What Your Hair Says About You!

I remembered when I was in college that I cut my very long hair into bobcat because I felt so sad about a relationship. It's funny that I was not able to think of anything but my hair. I have had my hair always styled simply long and straight. I realized that it simply reflects a lot about who I am. Up until now I still wear the same hairstyle. Now that I have grown a little bit older I have learned how to curl it into big waves. I do notice that women like to style their hair differently every time than men. Yes, I believe what your hair really says so much about you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Paint Your Life

Do you love paintings? A lot of people do love painting as a medium of art. If your family, friends or relatives are avid fan of paintings,check out Paint Your Life!!. They create custom paintings from the photo of your choice into a great work of art. One can choose a picture he/she likes and submit it for painting. It's amazing to see how the artist can turn your photo to canvas. It is a great work of art great for photo gifts to someone really special.

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Lend A Hand

I helped two of my friends make their blogs. I may be new in the blogging world but I also want to share with them what I have learned because I really find blogging fun. I enjoy visiting other blogs and learning from them. Aside from that I have made a lot of friends. Being far away from home blogging has keep me in touch with friends and relatives too. As I thought it was fun something weird happened yesterday. I updated my blog and then all of a sudden has blocked me telling me my blog is spam. Hmmm, I wonder why. I cannot make new post but I contacted them and told them I am not a spam. Good thing I didn't panic. What a relief that I can now write here again.;-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do You Have Dark Eye Circles?

One of my friends before have dark eye circles. I tell you she was really beautiful except it disturbed me to see dark circles around her eyes. I could never imagine how she got it so I asked her about it. She told me she also did not know how she got it. She was a teacher so I presumed that perhaps she sleeps late because she had to make lesson plans. I researched online about it and then learned that one can have it through heredity, lack of sleep, aging and fatigue/stress. Now I understand it better. It is important to take good care of our eyes since they are very essential to our everyday activities.
I realized one day when I started blogging that I have acquired dark circles around my eyes too. I slept so late as I like to surf the net when everyone is asleep. I was so disappointed and shocked looking at myself in the mirror. I became worried about my dark eye circles because my make up concealers can't hide it. I used used hot/cold compressions, slept early and used eye creams that my husband suggested. I was so glad my husband have always given me good suggestions. He told me that he found an online review of the best and worst eye creams sold in the market today. This website gives us very helpful information.

Still Thinking...

Heaven will be celebrating her birthday in July. She will be turning 8 by then. She won't be able to celebrate it with her classmates because school will be over soon. She asked me if I can buy some treats for her classmates so she can celebrate her birthday in school. Of course I will be buying some but I am planning to give her classmates some loot bags that they can take home too. I know school is almost over so I need to get something for her class. I wonder what could I place inside the loot bags for boys and girls her age. Hmmm. I am still thinking about it. Any suggestion guys?;-)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Breastmilk Is Still Best For Babies

The joy of being a mom is priceless and infinite! I gave birth to my second baby through CS operation. It was a lot expensive than what I have thought. The money I reserved was not enough for my operation. I spent double the amount that I saved since I was confined in a private hospital and I really did not expect that I would have a hard time giving birth. I have no choice but to go to my family and friends to borrow some money so I can pay my bills. I had experienced real hardship and have learned to really be frugal. How much would it cost to have a baby? It was a lot more expensive than I could ever imagine! I was a teacher but my pay was not even enough. It was not really easy for me. I was broke. Thankfully both of us were safe and sound. I breastfed my baby to be able to save. I am also glad that I was able to breastfeed him because he grew up very healthy and smart. I would always believe that breast milk is best for babies. Thanks for my very supportive mom, relatives and friends who were there for me to support and teach me about motherhood. When I got back to work so I can pay my bills I bought the Parent's Choice Infant Formula. I have saved a lot by choosing the cheaper brand that has the same content as the expensive ones. See how much you can save using the Parent's Choice website baby formula savings calculator. It is wonderful to become a mother if you are brave enough to face the challenges of motherhood.


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