Friday, October 17, 2008

One of love and life's hindrances is the lack or absence of communication between people. A lot of us women tend to keep the anger and pain inside and not talk about our thoughts because we get scared that the people around us might get affected or misinterpret things. The funny thing about it is that is what is most likely to happen. A lot of people come to me for advice but I would rather listen more than say more. My guidance counselor trained me these things when I was in college. Back when I could remember how inferior I was about people around me. I could say I am not who I really was before- shy, timid, scared and all. As I facilitated my peers in guidance sessions, I gained the strength that would equip me to become a better friend, a better teacher and a better mom for my kids. I came to understand slowly but surely a lot of things in life. However you may call it I call it realization. Funny how it comes naturally that people talk to me openly about their fears and dreams in life. I could even talk to them on telling the truth about their deepestr darkest secrets. I don't hypnotize, I just listen. The secret on how to do this is to build relationship of trust. We open up when we feel the trust.
Women in particular are overly sensitive about things because of a lot of factors may it be inside them or outside them. Especially with filipino girls, I think we always put the gap around us between others when we don't feel safe anymore even to our closest of family and friends. We call that gap "silence". A time out to ourselves. I think it is more of cultural background that we tend to follow the trend of not talking to our spouses and friends when we don't understand them. But in a way how can we understand them in return? Or how can we be understood if we are scared of the encounter? Ahhh. There we are, we are scared that people might not understand how we feel and think. They might find us cruel instead of nice if we say things. If we feel bad inside and just keep it will be like molten lava. One of these days it will still come out. It will still explode. So while we are not in verge of anger it would be better to express how we feel now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I received the letter last Saturday that I passed the interview and they welcome me to the school district. It's a wow for me and I really felt good about it. I finally made a step to help my family. I am just waiting now for the x-ray result. I will be able to start work as substitute teacher soon. In this time of economic crisis we all need to contribute in the family's income to make through the days. There will always be a way in every thing. I thank God so much for his love and enlightenment. My hubby was happy about it so he bought me a bag for my subpack. I got a big brown bag for all the things I need for school. Filling it up for my needed things. Im excited for my first day in school.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank God I am done with my teaching job interview today. I was a little bit nervous because I have to drive myself to the administration building, nevertheless I made it on time. The questions were rather easy for me and I was only there about 10-15 minutes. I felt my voice was so small when I answered her questions but I am glad I was able to respond. Job interviews are always challenging to me as a person. I just hope I was able to answer them to their heart's content. Now I have to wait for the doctor's appointment to write me a script for my x-ray. I hope I will be able to get it on time so I can submit it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I have not been writing here for a while since I was busy preparing a lot of stuff for my job. Getting biometrics, fiding a doctor to write me script for an x-ray, amntoux tb test, and the list seem to go on forever. I am applying for substitute teacher in the public school and there seem to be a lot of papers to prepare but at least I'm almost at the end of it. I will have my interview on the 8th. Gosh, time flies like lightning. I reall wish I could get a job to help my family.

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