Sunday, August 24, 2008

You are who you are

You can't hide away from me. I can see your real color. Your gestures will always be seen as action speaks louder than words. You are who you are as much as I am who I am. If I stop talking and start listening don't be scared that doensn't really mean I am not supporting you. If there's nothing good to talk about then I am sure it's not worth talking. I am an absorber of some sort that's why I can listen well.

A Place Called Home

We have just purchased a home here in New Jersey. We rented an apartment for almost a year in Wheaton, Illinois. It was nice but the place was really a bit too small for a family of five. I'm so happy that we have finally settled down after a month of looking for a place to live. We live about ten minutes away from my husband's work place. The house is some sort of a townhouse type. It has a community pool and playground for the kids. At first I thought I'm not gonna like New Jersey I didn't like it for more than a couple of reason but at least now I am slowly learning to love this place. I really don't have a lot of friends here yet but I'm glad my husband and kids are always around me so I never really have time to be depressed.

Going to the farmer's market

We went to Berlin farmer's market in South Jersey. The place was not really hard to find. There were a lot of stuff from gently used items, cheap stuff , food, plants and even furnitures. I think if you name they got it there. They said the place existed pretty much long ago. The place is so big that the kids were complaining that they were tired of walking around. Nice thing about it was there was an indoor and outdoor market of your choice. A lot of cheap stuff. Woo. I felt like I was back in the Philippines. We bought some toy binoculars for the kids. We also bought some fruits and vegetables which I found a pretty good price. It was a little bit way down from the house but my oh my still like it there. That was how I spent my Sunday with the family. After that we went to Arby's for dinner. Then went home straight and relaxed.

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