Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vacation Plans

Time flies so fast. A few more days it would be June which means the kids will have their two months vacation. I am so far enjoying the signs of summer. More fun in the sun. It has been ridiculously hot yesterday yet I manage to make some pork barbecue for dinner. Some grilled corn went well with it and the kids made their homework in the backyard. One of my relatives invited me to see them in upstate new York this summer but I am not sure yet if my family can go. We've spent a fortune in our last NYC vacation and we are still in progress of purchasing another lot so money is a little bit scarce as of the moment. We will see if this vacation will be finalized.
;-)Other thank that I would like to bring the kids to six flags safari which is 30 minutes away from home. I think that is another vacation plan option.

Monday, May 17, 2010


The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.( Allan K. Chalmers )

Sometimes I feel so sad and alone. And then I would wonder why. Searching for temporary happiness will not make anybody happy but then happiness is simply is one's state of mind. Have you tried wanting something expensive? If you have bought that material did it give you lasting happiness? Been there done that yet it didn't make me glad at all.
Today I would prefer to be happy and avoid the thought of being sad. There is so much in life to hope for and love for. For all these I will do something. Then there is really somehing to look forward to.;-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Luck With Your Studies Mark;-)

I will be helping my nephew go to college. He has one more year before he finishes HRM. I will provide him with tuition, books, food and transportation allowance. It won't really be easy because I am not rich yet I want to at least help him. Next month school starts and he will be going to school. I hope and pray God will help me in helping him. Hopefully he will be able to finish school soon. I would not ask anything in return as long as he will do his best to finish his studies. It may not be my obligation to send him to school but when he will finish his studies I am sure I will be happy too. I am doing my best to help him prepare for his near future.

Wondering On Wednesday

It's funny that I woke up early and went back to sleep yesterday morning. I ended up having having a weird dream. I was holding up to a horizontal pole above me as I was riding into something that seem to be travelling up above the air. I looked down and saw waterfalls and a really huge body of water. Is this real? Something was weird because I realized that I was not sitting down comfortably, instead I was at the tip of my toe as I was hloding the ploe above me and moved higher and higher. When I woke up my hands were clasp tight on top of my head. Thank God it was just a dream. I really wonder what it means since I could not really forget it. If I were to interpret my dream I would say it is the product of my longing of home away from home. Perhaps one day I will cross the pond again to see my mom, my brothers and sisters.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Enjoy Your Special Day Mommies!

Girly Comments & Graphics

You are always sweet to your children
You are selfless too.
You are my inspiration
You are always in action
As a role model to us
Such love no one can surpass
I hope and pray everyday
That in this life you will be always happy
I love you so much.
Enjoy you special day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beautiful Wednesday

Yesterday was a fine day and today we have had anothe wonderful day. Ahhh, what a beautiful Wednesday and I am loving it. After the kids left for school, I started my day cleaning the living room, the stairs, the kids bedroom and our bedroom. Good thingit's my day off from work. I ended up so tired and took a nap this afternoon. I checked on my new plants outside when I woke up. The tomatoes looked good except for the other one that seem to be eaten by something an animal or an insect. I think the animals/ insects are attracted to its sweet smell. I also have sone cucumber and pepper and they are grwoing well too. We went to Walmart to get the stakes and another hose for the backyard. I wanted to get a clay pot for the tomato but they run out of it. Hubby promised to get one on the weekend.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Top Entrecard Droppers

Here comes May! We are welcoming May with a big sunny smile. The temperature reached in the 80's today. Feels like summer, we have to turn on the airconditioner to cool down. The kids got their swimsuits and took a shower with the garden hose. I thought that was funny but for the kids it's something really fun.

Before I forget let me thank you entrecard friends for visiting my blog from time to time. Your frequent visit has inspired me to blog more and visit you as well. I have learned so much from you as I read your blog too! Thank you for the visit and keep visiting!!!;-)
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