Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Will You Do?

Everyday my schedule in the store is different. I'm not grumpy about it since that's a part of my job but recently I have been forgetful about things. Today I was suppose to go to work but I really did not know that I was suppose to. Waaaa!!! I did not even bother to write it down when hubby kept on asking me when will be my next work. What's wrong with me? I felt so guilty about it. What will I do if things come to worse? These happened twice this week. The last one was last Wednesday. I also thought I did not have work. Why am I so forgetful these days.;-((( I called up the office to ask when will be my next schedule, luckily I'm off tomorrow. I think I need a break from my job.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We're Home From NYC

It's our first time to see New York City. Last Saturday and Sunday it was pouring heavily but it did not stop us from going to our trip. It was our first time to ride a train. It sounds like a lot of first happened that day.;-) The kids were really excited about it. It was raining so hard but we managed to move around since we have booked in the New York City sights uptown and downtown tours. It was a fun filled tour since the guide was funny. The first thing we did was to visit the Madam Tussauds Wax Museum where you can find a lot of prominent people carved into waxes. It was an incredible work of art. They look so real. We also watched the 4D Spongebob. I thought it was funny and very interactive. We had a Circle Line Cruise, Statue of Liberty tickets and Empire State Building Observatory tickets. Too many things to do with too little time.;-) We went up the 86th floor of the Empire State we were on cloud 9 since we can't see nothing but the experience of riding way up high was experience enough for me. I was with my family and my dear friend Tess. We saw the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island the next day. We cruised on a boat with strangely 85% asians on it to view Manhattan. We walked down the Wall street(financial district) I took some pictures that I would like to share with you guys. Hope you'll enjoy them.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Excited!

Yes, I'm excited because in the near future we are going to New York City. We will be on a Hop on Hop Off bus tour. We will tour uptown and downtown New York City and climb up the Empire State Building. How cool is that?;-) Once when I was in the Philippines I dreamed of climbing a very tall building and I never knew that there is really a building as tall as the one I have dreamed of. This is a dream come true for me. The kids are also very excited about the trip. They wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. We will be on a cruise that will tour around the statue which is fine for me. I will be sharing you the pics when I come back. Happy weekend guys!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lovely Day

Today is such a lovely day. Signs of spring is all around the corner. I was able to take a walk and drop off our netflix movies near the Whole Foods market. It was sunny ad the weather is really great. I waited for the kids who had a half day but decided to go ahead and drop the movies off. Since I was already there I went to Whole foods and grabbed some sushi for lunch and some pork barbecue for the kids. When I came home I saw the kids with Madie. They all rushed to me to give me a kiss. When the kids shouted "mommy!" Madie also chorused with them. Her dad was laughing at her little girl calling me her mom. The kids played with her for a little while.
I called up hubby so we can go to the school conference. I'm glad it went fine. When we went back home Brianna fetch Heaven so they can watch Alice in Wonderland. Brianna's mom called us home because she lost her keys in the movie house. We went to fetch them at the mall. Her husband also went to the rescue so we just took Heaven home.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Busy Monday

It was my day off working as cashier but I was called up to be a substitute classroom aide in a sped class today. It has been a while since when I was with the pre school. It was fun and busy day. I love being with younger kids. I waited for my husband to check on the kids before I left to work. I was glad I went to work right on time.
When I went home my cousin finally helped me out in changing this blog to my own domain. She also changed the layout to a simpler one yet I liked it a lot. I got so excited. Thanks again Ivy for the help.
Tomorrow will be another day off for me and I will go to a parents-teacher's conference. Hubby and I will go and see Heaven's teacher to see how she is doing in school. James teacher sent us a note if we need a to talk to her and is already giving us a head's up that he is doing great in school.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beating The Drums With Gusto

I went to pick up Tess in their house last Saturday. I brought along the kids with me because they wanted to see baby Maria. When we arrived there Joey showed his drum sets to kids. He was so nice to let them try. It was the kids first time to touch a real drum set. They were really having a lot fun beating the drums. It was surprising that Heaven did not feel shy and the it was James who acted like he was shy. He was looking for some rhythm somewhere and when he saw the keyboard he wanted to play it. Usually Maria cries when she sees somebody new to her sight but this time she didn't. She allowed me to carry her and she just kept on looking at Heaven and James who were busy trying out the musical instruments. I dragged Tess home for a little while because she wanted to finish the curtains. We went to Target to hunt for some bargains. We went home right away because her sister was on her way to pick her up from our place. They are going to watch a basketball tournament in Princeton University. Joey gave us 2 tickets but we can't go there since we did not actually know where to leave the kids with in promptu. I just hoped Tess had a blast with her sister and brother in-law.'-)))

Friday, March 5, 2010

"You're A Monster"

When someone calls you a monster how do you react? What would do or the least say? Everyday of my life I thought I was doing my best to be called a nice and kind person but I was wrong somebody just called me a monster. My stepson was grounded for letting his gf sleep in the house. Oh well, what do you think should be done when you see your kids trying to reproduce? Praise them? H... no... On his period of being grounded he asked if he can go out and see his gf because she was depressed. I told him I don't care because rules are rules and you are suppose to follow it. He told us that he was just asking us to move the day of his being grounded on a Monday instead of a weekend. Hubby and I talked about and I said no. Then he said, "You're a monster. You have no consideration of other people's feelings." I told him I don't care because she is no one in my life. Painful words were exchanged ad I was trembling of being so mad. Thank goodness you are not my real son because if you were I would have hit your face hard with my hand. Since he had that girl as his gf a lot of things have changed. He acts stupid most of the time. He makes stupid decisions. Can love really make someone like you stupid?
Today was another story. He went out with his friends. When he came back he had his friends in is room with him. God knows what they were doing and oh yes including the gf. Hubby told him that at 11pm his friends should go home. He simply said yes. I was downstairs watching tv and 11:30 came he was still frying some food for the so called friends. I asked him what's going on with the time? He said he forget to set the deep fryer on. I told him remember what time your friends are suppose to go home? Oh but his friends are still eating. I simply told him 11 is 11! Then he told me, when you came here you don't even know what a nickel is! Really??? But do you know how to speak my language? Tell me now who is an idiot between the two of us! Why will your turn the circumstances around? How on earth did it happen that I look like an idiot when you look and you are dumber than me? NO matter how you look at 11 even if you put it up side down it is still 11 stupid!
I don't like this, what should I do now that I am shaking and trembling. I am so mad.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bored At Work?

There were not a lot of people who went to shop today so my day was so dragging. Believe it or not I was bored to death and aside from that I was worried about my brother. He needs help but he is half across the world from me. I celebrated my birthday working hard since my hubby is not a party fanatic. I ended up asking my boss to let me go home with a good excuse of course. I have a very important errand to do so she let me go. I felt bored at work that it made me feel like crying. Oh well, I know not a lot of people have the luxury of going home when they feel bored at work. Work is always a do or die business. Just give me my day, it's my birthday anyway, right?;-) The kids were glad that I was home early. We helped the kids do their Math homework. I made beef with mushroom and onions for dinner. Everyone love it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Check Out My Food Blog...

I can't believe it! My food blog looks so fabulous and delicious! I made it not so long ago but almost forgot about it. Beautylicious cousin, Ivy Sterling inspired me to do something with it and she helped me out with it. Wowowee! I love it Iv's. It's now 3 columns and it's really simply good-looking. I decided to move my food blog to my own domain name. I purchased my own domain at 1and1 at a very reasonable price. I really love it. She has a very good eye for detail and elegance. Muchos gracias nina bonita!;-) Bon appetit everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Long Drive

I was so happy yesterday since I was able to go and visit Tess my friend. It was my first long drive back and forth. The road was bumpy and I did not like it at all but I was excited to go and challenge myself. It took about 30 minutes going to their place and 30 minutes back too. I like the feeling of being able to try something new since this is not usually what I do. Hubby takes me to farther places but I am sure glad that I am learning. I played with baby Maria and we had so much fun together. We ate paksiw(inun unan) for lunch together. Tess boiled something for me. I drank it because she told me it can heal my over fatigue.It tasted bitter but a little sugar did the trick. Thank you Tess for being so nice to me. Then I head home in a happy mood. Boy it was worth the drive.;-)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank You Entrecard Friends

You have made a great difference for dropping by in this site, with that I really thank you so much. It is indeed wonderful to know that another month is here. It is a very special month for me. Wanna ask me why?;-) It is because I will be celebrating my natal day! I'm excited because we will go visit New York City as a birthday treat. Oh well, so much for that. Let me acknowledge my top ten entrecard guests:
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