Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holly Molly Brown Outs

I was just wondering why there has been recent brown outs in Marlton lately. It happened twice yesterday when everything was calm and nice. Today there it's stormy and one transformer got hit by lightning down by route 73. I even saw and smelled the fire it caused. the cops blocked the road to protect the people from accident. I thought brown outs happen in the Philippines. Oh well I'm sure glad it only lasted for a minute not like the ones in the Philippines that it will last half a day or so.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Apple Picking

Have you tried apple picking before? It's fun and exciting family affair.;-)
We went apple picking last Thursday since the kids were out of school. Johnson's Farm has apples, pumpkins, blueberries, strawberries that is available to be picked at the right season. This time of year is a perfect time of picking apples. The kids had a blast. We picked apples that we have to pay for a 1.49 per lb. I thought that was much cause fresh picked apples were heavier and oh well really fresh. We paid 40plus dollars for the 4 bags and 3.50/head for the haybarn ride. They said we have to pay another 6.50 per kid if we will go to the animal farm and discovery playground sort of thing. Hubby thought it was a rip off cause we were made to pay every time. I told him we do it once in a while so there's no use complaining. As long as the kids are happy I'm happy and we did not let him pay I paid. Lol. It's a learning
experience for the kids knowing that apples grow on trees and not on the ground or anywhere else. They were also able to see some animals and other kinds of vegetation that grow in the farm like popcorn, sweet potato and etc. After that we had some soft serve ice cream. I love it.

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