Thursday, December 29, 2011

Carrying our Family Tradition of Christmas Lights

Guest post written by Hannah Shelton

Ever since I can remember, I'm pretty sure that my family has made a huge deal out of putting up Christmas lights. My dad always spend a whole weekend putting them up and then makes us stand outside and watch him turn it on. he's always so proud of his lights. Well, my husband is just the same way now. But I'm pretty sure that my he comes from a long line of men enthusiastic about outdoor holiday lighting too.

Well, this year we decided to take a little bit of inspiration from pictures of lighting displays that we found online. While I was looking that up, I ran across some info on a Heating System. Ours has been a little tricky lately, so I decided to get our home fitted with one of them.

I think that our lights display is even better this year than it has been in the years past. But then again I guess that we've been a little more low key in the past few years and we really went all out this year. I say that we do it every year, unless we get a rude surprise by the power bill.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Smart Shopper Wannabe

I went to Walgreens to shop today. I do love this store since they have a lot of good deals. Actually been shopping there since the last couple of weeks. Im telling you couponing is so addicting. I bought the following items:

2 Welchs sparkling juice 2/7
Nabisco crackers 2/5
Turtles 3/4
2 Nescafe 7oz on sale for 6.99
Folgers Coffee 11.3oz on sale for 5.49
a gallon of milk for 3.29.
I have coupons for almost each of the item that sum up to 23 dollars that I used to pay (some of these are mfr coupons and register rewards). I paid my balance with my $10Amex gift card I received from shopping at CVS. My balance is 5.01. All these items for 5 dollars? I could dance for joy dragging my basket out of Walgreens. My receipt said I saved 35.70. I think I did very well today!
Thank you once again Krazy Coupon Lady for being so brilliant and sharing your expertise!

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