Saturday, January 29, 2011

Knowing You Knowing Me

Not long ago I met an online blogger friend named Gagay. When I changed my blog lay out she was one of the few who noticed and appreciated it. And then she gave me this Stylish Blogger Award. So sweet of you my dear gg... a million thanks!
There are rules that one should follow upon receiving this award so I thought this one's interesting.


•Thank and link back the person who gave you this award.
•Share 7 things about yourself.
•Award 15 great bloggers you know.
•Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Seven Interesting Facts About Me

1. I was once a teacher for 10 years in the Philippines.

2. I love kids and my two kids simply amazes me.

3. I can easily detect a person's character just by hearing them talk.

4. Friends tend to tell me their problems and secrets without asking them.

5. I love Arts specially photography and culinary.

6. I was an editor in chief in our high school paper.

7. I am a light sleeper.

I would like to share this award to:

1. Menmen

2. Demcy

3. Yen

4. Lulu

5. Comely

6. Gladys

7. Rose

8. Lea

9. Adin

10. Mona

11. Yana Koh

12. Cacai

13. Kat

14. Bev

15. Nicquee

Enjoy the weekend stylish bloggers!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preventing Crimes

Misery loves company so they say. When times are hard crimes would always exist anywhere in the most unexpected time. Some people like to get easy money to survive because they think there is no way out. It is always safe to protect yourself and your family ahead of time. It would be great if we can purchase a video surveillance so you can see who come and go. This is not only good for business. It is also good for residences because it can serve as a solid evidence.

Is It Spring Yet?

It snowed last night. When I woke up it looked pretty bad. I don't want to be yacking on people so I started clearning the snow myself. I never thought we would have a bunch of little snow this year. I say little because we had more than what we had last year. We had like 3 major ones last year but this year seemed to be as bad even if it came in small bunches.
When the kids were asleep the school called up that classes will be cancelled the next day due to severe weather conditions. When the kids woke up they got ready for school. Suddenly, I heard James crying and wondered what was going on. I rushed downstairs and saw the two of them looking out in the backyard. The snow can be seen through the sliding door. They were fighting about how many inches the snow is. Heaven said it's ten and James said it's twelve. She was trying to make fun of his idea so she can win. I held him tight in my arms and told him not to cry about it because he is just telling the truth. They were just both estimating it and no one would like to lose like they're betting. Funny. They wondered why the bus never came so I told them teacher said to stay at home so you can help your parents clean up the snow mess. I was just done not long ago with my three hours of shoveling in the snow. My 2 little ones helped me with it. I say little because theyre 9 and 10. What do you expect of kids this age when it comes to snow removal. Amazingly they are really of big help to me. Thanks a bunch kiddos!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Soothing Relief for Babies

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

My kids are babies no more but I do love baby sitting kids especially the younger ones. They are simply lovable and adorable.  I could never get tired taking care of them. At one time I baby sat Maria. She is one smart  adorable baby. She never have any fuss with things. She is very active baby. She keeps moving around the house like a spinning top and we kept on following her. I simply love her. I could never get tired of taking good care of her.

As I have observed babies get easily irritated with diapers. The daily wear of the disposable undies will tend to make their soft skin easily irritated no matter how expensive the disposable diaper is. It is really important to put something to soothe the skin and stop pain and irritation. Baby Maria has very sensitive skin so the pediatrician gave her Boudreaux's Butt Paste which helps her rash heal fast and make her more comfortable every time we change her diaper. This paste comes in a handy travel size so one can easily throw it in the baby bag with the diapers. It has a pleasant scent which I love since I am very sensitive with smells. No wonder this is featured in Ophra Show and People Magazine.

If you are interested to get a free sample simply click the link highlighted above.

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Happy Birthday Andrew

We will be going to the party later and Sean will drop us off. Menmen will bring us home later after the party. I am proud to have such good circle of friends. Few yet they are a treasure to me. The kids are so excited about it. I'm making some bico and fruit salad for the party.
On the otherhand Gen is finally out of the hospital. I'm so happy to hear about the good news.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Personal Wealth

It is inspiring to know that one of my friends is collecting personal wealth. She was able to purchase a nice car out of it. It started when she just arrived here a few years back. As a couple they collected valuable graded coins. It is really inspiring that we started researching about how to buy gold and silver coins. Amazingly the value of both kind of coins is rapidly increasing. Numis Network is pioneering in the sale of the said coins. They help us learn more about gold and silver coins. I think I can lure hubby to start saving these valuable coins. Do you think I will be able to convince him?

Happy Weekend!

Aaahh!! Thank goodness it's Friday. We will be able to take a good rest on the weekend. I am just really busy cleaning the house this past days up to now but I am glad I will be able to take a rest on the weekend. Tomorrow we wiil be attending Andrew's birthday party. Happy weekend everyone!

A New Member of the Family

My daughter is so excited about getting a dog. The thought of getting a new member in the family subtracted her loneliness that she will be away from her friends here. This is one condition that we approved and agreed upon moving to another house. To have a dog is like getting a new member is the family. Our neighbor has a lab. My very close friend Gen has a mixed poodle. We are looking for Labradoodle Breeders here in New jersey or in Maryland where our next house is. I think this mixed breed pet is pretty amazing since they came from two good kind of dogs. They are hypoallergenic, smart and kid-friendly. Now I'm beginning to get excited about the thought of having one too because I'd rather have a dog than a stubborn human.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get Well Soon Gen

I got a text from Gen last night. She told me she's in the hospital for surgery. I thought it was just a joke because she don't usually text me in the middle of the night. We usually exchange good mornings not goodnights but she knows I'm a sleepless blogger, lol. In the middle of our conversation I started to realize this is no prank message. Her gall bladder was removed today. I went to put some flowers in her confinement room while she was in the operating room. I left then went back a couple of hours after her operation just to make sure she's okay. I feel her pain and I told her to be strong since she's away from her family. She's a very close friend almost like a sister to me. People mistake her to be my daughter which is funny and we laugh about it. It's amazing how how she has become so close to me. I call her gang and my kids asked me what gang means. I told them it means dear. They are amazed by what it means. I am lucky by chance God has given me a wonderful friend as you. Gen please get well soon!

Who Loves Free Stuff?

In these depressing economy who doesn't love free stuff? I always love to collect coupons and free stuff to save money. These free stuff always make me happy. A couple of days ago I posted about the freebie I received from the mail. I was so delighted since it is very useful to me. Every now and then I receive something free from the mail. It always bring a smile to my face. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, granoal bars, cereals etc are some of the things I already enjoyed for free. Even thrifty hubby loves to get one too. How about you? Would you love to receive free samples?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting The Job Done

I am busy cleaning the house one day at a time. I cleared out the living room and the dining room last night. Today I will be cleaning three bedrooms upstairs. The open house will be on Sunday. I hope we will get a buyer for this house. Just kept my fingers crossed. Then there will be stepson's room, the family room and the kitchen. Mind you so many parts so little time but why one at a time? Because giving focus to each and every part of the house will make it more easy for me to clean. Aside from that I am the only one cleaning the house. Hubby is working hard somewhere and the kids are in school. I might need to call my good friend Gen whom I can always count on in helping me accomplished task. I am working and blogging in between. Sometimes I need something else to do so I won't feel like dying in what I am doing. We don't have the luxury of hiring househelpers here. Every thing is do it yourself. I wish I can but this is how it is done here and so be it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Buy a monkey a bucket of chicken and have a barrel of fun with it

Monday, January 17, 2011

Back To The Ballgame

Every single step counts. Your success in whatever you do will be based upon your motivation, goals and most importantly how you carry out things to reach your goal. I've been trying to lose weight. I really want to because I am 50 pounds more than my usual weight. I started gaining weight three years ago when I stopped working and resituated my family from the Philippines to the US. One of my motivation in losing weight is looking at my pictures when I was in really good shape even after having my two kids. If I did it before I can always do it now- to get in shape and stay fit and healthy again. I've been doing my Bowflex treadclimber exercise. I am also am very cautious with the food I am consuming now. Way more cautious than before. After two weeks I lost two pounds. I think that is a slow pace but a lot better and healthier than one thinks. I tried to surf online of other ways to lose weight and came across HCG. The healthy way to lose weight is what I need. There is no prescription needed. It is also 100% money back guarantee. I think this is very interesting read. Should I give it a shot? I am excited to show hubby about HCG diet. For now I have to go start my treadclimbing exercise.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Acquiring a Taste for The Lawrence Welk Show

Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins

Call me old fashioned, but I so much enjoy watching the reruns of The Lawrence Welk Show every weekend on PBS. My grandmother loved the show, my mom adored the program, and I, well, I wasn't so crazy about it as a child. With the passage of age and the appreciation of talent, now I love it, too.
Watching on satellite TV from last weekend, the HD telecast really stood out to me. Everything was so defined. It's definitely easy to notice on this variety series because Welk's show was big on colorful, Broadway-like backdrops and costumes.
The show employed a chorus of singers who performed individually, in small pairings, and together as one big group. They often wore very elaborate costumes, some of which came from movie studios. Once they were allowed to use the stunning costumes from the racetrack scene in My Fair Lady. It was marvelous.
The men and women usually wore identical outfits as they performed together, and they frequently moved around, enacting different choreography designed to bring home movement and a sense of liveliness for the viewers.
It just all stood out to me even watching it most recently how much I enjoyed it and how bright the hues were. I realized I was smiling, just from listening to the harmonies and enjoying the presentation.
Maybe I've turned into my mom!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Burlington Coat Factory Sale

Burlington Coat Factory is having a sale. They have a lot of branded items from coats to dresses to shoes. I bought my Calvin Klein wool coat there last year. I love to wear it all the time nowadays. Everytime I wear someone always tells me it's nice. That's why I love it. I got a black and a brown one too. I simply love neutral colors. It is classy and it will never run out of style.
My friend told me Skechers Shape ups are on sale there too for half the price. I just bought one from Famous but I have a 20% coupon given by my friend Jhes. All you need to do is sign up at Burlington Coat Factory and bring a valid id to any Burlington stores. have fun shopping!

Have a Wonderful Birthday!

Today is my niece birthday. She lives in California and she's a little bit far away from me.
Happy Birthday Jonna... you have found a better life this time...may you take good care of it.
Wishing you a wonderful birthday!!!

We love you!!

Thank You Benefiber

I was cleaning up some leftover snow. I have to since we are expecting another ton today and tomorrow. I don't want the snow to pile up in front of the house just because one of the household member is lazy with helping in the house. Thanks for nothing. I made sure the pathway near the mailbox is clean so the postman can put our mail in without difficulty. Then I checked the mail. There I saw a package of Benefiber for me. Wow! I'm lucky to start my diet and exercise regimen to receive this 20 servings of Benefiber from Novartis. When I opened it I also got a $4 coupon. I'm excited. I felt like I'm getting paid to try this lol.;-) Hey it's not a dollar it's 4.;-) This is nice because I can mix it with any kind of food and beverage. Nice and healthy with no disadvantage. Thank you for sending this to me Novartis!!!!;-) I'm sure I'm going to put this to good use.
How about you have you received your own share of Benefiber?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Again

I have a great new year and how was yours? The only thing I am complaining is the hours in the store is cut off pretty badly. Arggh...this is not good but oh well at least i get to stay home this winter. It snowed a few inches yesterday and it's expected to snow again on Tuesday. They forecasted it's gonna be like a blizzard. Without hubby home I'm gonna have a hard time shoveling the snow.:-(Hubby came home twice last month from South Carolina where he is currently working. He will be home again this weekend. It makes me feel better.
I get to work yesterday and I could not call out since it's the only time they have given me for the whole week. It was snowing so I went out to clean the car after 20 minutes I have to clean it up again.Not cool right yes I hate it. I misplaced my scraper so after work I was worried because the scrapers in the store is sold out. I have to wait for the snow to melt from my windshield. Not a great experience but I sure learned from it...not to lose or misplace a scraper on winter time especially in a place where snow is always expected.

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