Monday, July 9, 2012

Finding Solution

In these struggling economy where jobs are hard to find and bills are rocketing a mile higher than usual what is the best solution? When so many homes are foreclosed and politicians are blaming each other on who's who. Where will we find the answers to our problems? We need jobs but employers will hire someone only when his abilities and capabilities will match with what they need it's not just how you look. Education is very important. Unlike before where jobs are abundant nowadays it's a survival of the fittest. Just to graduate high school is no longer a good option. We need to further our education to conquer the world out there that is if you want to be the best among the rest. I have two kids who are still young and I want to make sure I have answers for them when the right time comes. Of course they will question as to how, where and when. There are scholarships available to help the young generation continue their education. Oh well it's not only for the young, it is for everyone who are willing, patient and ambitious enough to be educated well. The higher the education the better chances you will have to fit into the right job.

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